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Guide to Successful SMS marketing

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A simple and Real Guide toward successful SMS Marketing Campaigns. Every SMS need to compel Customer to respond to the campaigns.

A simple and Real Guide toward successful SMS Marketing Campaigns. Every SMS need to compel Customer to respond to the campaigns.

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  • 1. Mobile Marketing Complete Guide ToSuccessful SMS Marketing-I Page 1 of 9
  • 3. Today’s Market (Facts and Figures)We are one of them. All sort of technology and management skills are being developed everyday for oursegregation according to our taste and requirement (of course location and time based necessities).Yet everytime a new SMS from unknown number or random Sender is recd. on our mobile, we getirritated. May be we just do not need Bulk SMSing Application but much more. The ground is alwaysopen, Mobile Marketing needs to be done in a complete form which includes integration with socialMedia, Delivering mobile content, Location based etc.The Mobile Marketers are using the basic facts for promoting/marketing their product with the mostpersonal and Omnipresent medium (So omnipresent that its in your pocket while you are going throughthis) of communication. Some of the interesting facts are as: o 97% of SMS are opened. (They are opened of course bt only 50-70% gets the eye scroll and further if we talk about reading the SMS, the % comes down to 30-40%.) o Smartphones will grow by about one third to 43% of mobile users by 2015 according to eMarketer. (of course smart choice) o Blackberry’s desirability pales compared to iPhone and Android for next operating system choice among smartphone owners however it is still popular among corporate users and teens. (Its fruity name has always attracted me) o Women are more likely to get an iPhone while men are more likely to get an Android according to The Nielsen Company.(Now thats so obvious isn’t it? What if iphone where pink) o Three out ten consumers are planning to get 3G service in the next twelve months. (Now where they are going to use smartphones then?) o Voice usage dominates work hours and apps dominate after work hours according to Zokem via ReadWriteWeb. (Mobile is omnipresent devil, it kills your time everywhere ☺ ) o The biggest categories of non-data usage for mobile phones are photographs and text messages according to Pew Research. ( why in the world Sony Idou has come up with 12MP mobile ?) o Social media usage on mobile devices continues to grow with 49.4million users in 2011; a 27% increase from 2010. o Women send more text messages per month (716) than men do (555) based onThe Nielsen Company tracking. (Is this a fact?) o The U.S. is the second largest mobile advertising spending market globally after Japan, according to Smaato. ( Come On India Dikhado.., ) Page 3 of 9
  • 4. SMS Marketing Step by StepStep 1:Create A Promotional Subscription ProgramYou create a promotional subscription program for your customers, such as “Mobile Banking Club”, that customers,offers banking UNAVAILABLE to the general consumer.Step 2:Recruit SubscribersSeveral methods can be used for opting in: • In-store signage, explaining the program and directing the consumer to text a keyword to a cell store phone short code, or to a website. The customer opt in happens immediately with the short code method. • One can place the call-to-action on bags/packaging, register receipts, bag stuffers...etc., basically action on any medium that a customer takes away from your store. • A mobile program can also be advertised on billboards and radio/TV advertising. • If the business has a website, an opt form can be inserted, where one can also request opt-in demographic data that can subsequently be used for targeting promotions. • Whatever method you utilize to advertise your mobile program, you should provide an incentive for consumers to text in. That incentive will depend on the nature of your business. For depend example, a restaurant might offer its patrons 5% off that day’s bill for signing up.Step 3:Create Promotional SMS CampaignsCampaigns can be created to satisfy specific business objectives, suchas filling in low traffic times, clearing overstock items, featuring newproduct, Content delivery, Plain Branding , Branding…etc.Step 4:Select A Subscriber Base For Your Campaign Select from your subscriber base the population that bestsuits your campaign. For example, a shoe reretailer may chooseto send a promotion for a specific brand of athletic shoe to only males between certainages. Remember that, if you use a website for your opt in, subscriber demographics can be captured.Step 5:Create Your SMS Message For Your Campaign Page 4 of 9
  • 5. Create the message that you want to broadcast to the target market identified in Step 4. It isrecommended that some sort of Promotion Code be included in order to track results.Step 6:Set Your Campaign To Broadcast Stage the campaign for broadcast. You can specify the day and time of day that you want your messagesent. When that time arrives, your promotion will be sent to the cell phones of your targetedsubscribers as a text message.Step 7:Measure the Campaigns for various data.Measuring a campaign can give you the basic insights on customers likings, disliking, Behaviour etc. Theanalysis of this data is very important for further campaigns, it help you give your customers what theywant.SMS Marketing TipsWhen we talk about SMS marketing, basically it’s just more than simple Bulk pushed Texts. SMSMarketing is emerging as one of most ubiquitous media to reach the customers. SMS Marketing givesyou some basic reason to go with: • Ubiquitous • Two way Communication • Personalized • Cheap • One click processThe coin has always two sides, above reasons are too compelling for Marketers, but again leaves a lot ofside effect for consumers to deal with. Mobile Spamming comes into play here.There are a lot of online programs and platform that allow you to run one such campaign. There aresome basic tips that every Marketers need to follow to make their customers comfortable and morereceptive about their campaigns • Adding Greeting and Name in the Mobile Marketing Text increase the chances of readability. • Content Is King, Keep the text small and effective • Too much information in one text often causes loss of core context. • Delivering Content Based on Mobile Handset increase the touch and feel of any content. • Location Based Content in Local Language adds Honey on the Butter. Goldie says Taste Matters a Lot. Page 5 of 9
  • 6. • Instead of Pushing Information to Consumers, Providing a Content Pull option increase the value of your product and content. • Adding Multimedia Links to text and driving Consumers on Web page gives Graphical touch to ur content. • Timing is great factor to increase Responses. Message Sent at right time produce better and more responses. • Targeting Specific Demographics for Marketing Campaign makes sense. Targeting Specific Context makes bigger sense. • Keeping Language free from jargon in any Mobile Marketing Campaign explains the power of Your Product. • Wishing Customers and extending special discount on Birthdays increase Customer Loyalty. • Using Senders ID as your Co. name add one more branding Medium to your Arsenal. • Regularity pays, Mobile Marketing campaigns done over an interval of time increase Brand recall. • Two way communication helps you build closer bond with Customers. Listen to ur customers view. • You don’t need to always commercialize the text. Simple Greetings now and then speaks for the brand in longer run. • Giving away Tips about product for free regularly to Customers help them understand your product better. • Adding quizzes and polls on Text about your product and broadcasting winner/result on Other Media adds fun to any Marketing campaign. • Doodling with your style of Text cuts the Monotony in the campaign. • Scheduling Message one at a time helps you include latest updates in new campaigns. • With Great Power Comes Greater Responsibilities. It’s your responsibility to fight Mobile Spamming. You can Be Spiderman and Batman of Mobile Marketing • Now and Then Sending News on urgent issues wins you customer’s appreciation. • Minimizing the Mobile Keys hits increase the chances of conversions. Longer the Process, More Tired I feel to Register. • Creating Buzz over all the Media simultaneously in Sync creates greater awareness in customers. • Using Text as Notification and Alert media changes the Text Value at all. It’s welcomed.Hope these tips helps you launch your campaign and touch your customers in most unique way.For more help and tips drop me an email on gold@screen-magic.com Page 6 of 9
  • 7. Measuring SMS Marketing CampaignsEffective and timely reporting on any advertising campaign is the make or break of its effectiveness.Even more important is knowing exactly what to measure and what actions to take whenmeasurements are not up to expectations.Some of the Variables that should be well measured while in Mobile Marketing campaign: • No of SMS sent and Response Received. • Timing • Occasions • Trends etc.Further the data is guiding light in itself. You can use the data to analyze the Customer Behavior andprogram your various campaigns around it.Measurements may be passive or interactive.Say you are baking a holiday turkey. You canactively measure the doneness of the bird bytaking the internal temperature regularly oryou can just wait 4 hours and take it out of theoven and only discover if it’s done when youget it to the table. This is passive measurementand sometimes your bird will be underdone oroverdone. And the only actions you can takeis put it back in the oven or be satisfied with adry and tasteless bird and eat it.Offline advertising is inherently passive. Youpay your money and hope it gets the desiredresults. The meager measurements you getare often fuzzy and in most forms ofadvertising, after the end of the campaign.So you decide to try a mobile ad campaign and the common advice is go SMS (text messaging). But youhave to go back to offline advertising to get the message out. And the metrics you get from the SMSvendor are just as passive and fuzzy as offline.Procuring a simple state of art SMS Campaign Manager with A simple User Interface and intuitive modelcan provide you with the Matrices to understand Market Trend and define your campaign according toit.Screen Magic Provide one such Campaign Manager. For more information please get in touch with me@ gold@screen-magic.com Page 7 of 9
  • 8. Market Segregation and SMS CampaignsWhy do we need Market Segregation? Well, I (as a male) would of course not like to receivepromotional SMS of Lipsticks, Skirts etc repetitively. That’s where the Market segregation comes in. Onthe contrary, Mass marketing refers to treatment of the market as a homogenous group and offeringthe same marketing mix to all customers. Mass marketing allows economies of scale to be realizedthrough mass production, massdistribution, and mass communication. Theonly drawback of mass marketing is thatcustomer needs and preferences differ andthe same offering is unlikely to be viewedas optimal by all customers. That is,absence of Human Touch.Target marketing on the other handrecognizes the diversity of customers anddoes not try to please all of them with thesame offering. The first step in targetmarketing is to identify different marketsegments and their needs.SMS Campaigns can be very intrusive if segmentation is not taken care of. Some of the generalsegmentation that should be used while running any campaign are as below: • GeographicThe following are some examples of geographic variables often used in segmentation. • Region: by continent, country, state, or even neighborhood • Size of metropolitan area: segmented according to size of population • Population density: often classified as urban, suburban, or rural • Climate: according to weather patterns common to certain geographic regions • DemographicSome demographic segmentation variables include: ( Of course these will help a lot) • Age • Gender • Family size • Family lifecycle • Generation: baby-boomers, Generation X, etc. • Income • Occupation • Education • Ethnicity Page 8 of 9
  • 9. • Nationality • Religion • Social class • PsychographicPsychographic segmentation groups customers according to their lifestyle. Activities, interests, andopinions, SMS is one of the best tools that can be used for surveys. Some psychographic variablesinclude: • Activities • Interests • Opinions • Attitudes • Values • BehavioralisticBehavioral segmentation is based on actual customer behavior toward products. Some behavioralisticvariables include: • Benefits sought • Usage rate • Brand loyalty • User status: potential, first-time, regular, etc. • Readiness to buy • Occasions: holidays and events that stimulate purchasesBehavioral segmentation has the advantage of using variables that are closely related to the productitself. It is a fairly direct starting point for market segmentation.A successful SMS Marketing not only invokes interest of customers in Brand but also creates a Happyand Loyal Customer.Till then Happy SMS Campaigning… ☺Incase of any Doubt or questions Do drop me an email at gold@screen-magic.com Page 9 of 9