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Your first subscriber Document Transcript

  • 1. “Your First Subscriber: 7 Ways To Quickly Build An Opt-in List From Scratch!” by Dave LovelaceHow To Make More Money In 24 Hours Than Most People Make All Month...
  • 2. Congratulations! FREE! You Now Own Resell And Giveaway Rights To This Report By owning resell and giveaway rights, you may freely distribute this report to anyone you wish, resell it for any price and keep 100% of the profits, or use it as incentive to build your mailing list. The choice is yours. The only restriction is that you cannot modify this document in any way without permission from the author. Enjoy! Click Here To Share This Free Report With Your Twitter FollowersHot Tip: If you would like to learn how to make this report your 24/7“Digital Sales Machine” then be sure to read the last page for full details. How To Make More Money In 24 Hours Than Most People Make All Month...
  • 3. About Dave Lovelace After failing his first year online, Dave discovered that the key to realsuccess is to “dedicate 100% laser focus to one (and only one) money-makingmethod. By choosing one that others have already proven to work anddedicating time and energy to that method, without distraction, you will seeresults!” That kind of focus and dedication led Dave to generate more moneyonline in 7 days, than most people make all year, in September of 2007. Hesbeen earning a full time living online since. He specializes in email and list marketing, product development,affiliate marketing, joint ventures, voice-overs, content video production, andmore, and enjoys helping entrepreneurs (and “budding entrepreneurs” alike)build and expand their businesses. A few of his best-selling products and services: Internet Marketing Blog When away from the office, he enjoys spending time with his daughter,playing music, and photography. How To Make More Money In 24 Hours Than Most People Make All Month...
  • 4. Table of Contents Method 1: Forums Page 6 Method 2: Giveaway Events Page 8 Method 3: Ad Swaps Page 9 Method 4: Buying Ads Page 10 Method 5: Joint Ventures/Affiliates Page 12 Method 6: FREE Short Reports/Ebooks Page 13 Method 7: BONUS: Pass It On! Page 14 Make Money: Turn This Report Into Cash! Page 16How To Make More Money In 24 Hours Than Most People Make All Month...
  • 5. IntroductionThis is a proven plan for building an opt-in email list from scratch. This is not theory. Thisworks! All that’s required on your part is to take action on the steps in this report.Tools you’ll need to start: 1. Offer - free report, video, e-course, audio, etc (something of value to the market) You either create this yourself or obtain content that others have written and allow you to use. Resources: for ready-made PLR reports or and search products by Giveaway Rights 2. Squeeze page - lead generation page that offers your free content in exchange for email address. You can either create this yourself or save time and obtain high quality Premium Squeeze Page Templates 3. Autoresponder - for automating the opt-in signup process and managing your subscriber list. This is a must-have tool, no exceptions! You will need a reliable service that has developed relationships with the major ISP’s to ensure a high rate of deliverability for your emails. I recommend (get started for $1). 4. Hosting - to host your opt-in “squeeze page” online Choose a reliable hosting company with 24/7 support, room to grow, and includes cPanel. I recommend HostGator (use new customer coupon code: hgc25 to get your first month for 0.01 cent!) 5. Domain – to advertise your lead-generation offer While there are many registrars for securing domains, in my experience, the best resource is (click here for the latest discount coupon)If you don’t have an autoresponder, hosting, and domain, read this blog post to find out howto get all 3 for under $10!Once you have everything in place, let’s get started! How To Make More Money In 24 Hours Than Most People Make All Month...
  • 6. Method 1If you’re on a $0 dollar budget, the absolute best and most targeted way to get subscribers isto actively and frequently participate in forums. It doesn’t get more targeted unless you’repaying for traffic.Your action plan is to visit several targeted forums per day and spend a little time posting ineach. Find the hottest topics first and do your best to contribute valuable posts.You simply create a "signature" from within your account profile which serves as a 1-5 line ad,seen at the bottom of every post you make, that entices people to click over to get yourreport!Example signature ad: How To Build A Massive List and Make Your First $1000 Online! Click Here To Claim Your FREE Video Webinar Recording Now...*Notice that I hyper-linked the text beginning with “Click Here To”. This is intentional as it’s acall to action.Here is a list of the most popular Internet Marketing forums: can search for more in Google by typing in "internet marketing forum" or to search for aforum in another niche, add the word forum to your niche keyword)Bonus Tip:At the Warrior Forum, you can post in the Warrior Special Offer (WSO) section and give awayyour report. It cost $20 to post/advertise in this section.This needs to be a unique report (that no one else has) and one that has a wide appeal. Youcan use quality PLR reports to help you create your report if you don’t want to write it yourself.Just be sure to send people to your squeeze page to request access to it!This alone can get you 50-100 subscribers in 1 day! How To Make More Money In 24 Hours Than Most People Make All Month...
  • 7. To make it more appealing and a higher perceived value, have a professional e-cover graphicmade for your report.Here are a couple of graphic designers who will create quality covers for as low as $ ($19) ($27)If your report is not unique, meaning others have the same report or you have rights to it, thenyou can advertise it in the Classified Ad Section. This also cost $20, but products advertisedin this section do not have to be unique. You can advertise affiliate products and products withresell rights in this section.Summary:The key to making this work and building your list ASAP is to make a schedule for forumposting. I would suggest spending 30 minutes to 1 hour a day posting at these forums formaximum results.If you are unable to spend time each day, that’s fine. As long as you make a plan to spenddedicated time each week on a consistent basis, then you’ll see progress. Even a couple ofhours per week is progress. So make a plan and work it. How To Make More Money In 24 Hours Than Most People Make All Month...
  • 8. Method 2Participate in Giveaway events. This is where marketers contribute a freebie to an eventand everyone sends traffic to the event so that all can build their lists. Those who are referredwill see the list of products and choose to opt-in to those that look interesting.You can find listings for these events at these sites: of these events operate on a credit system, meaning if you refer so many people, youget # no. of credits (among other things). Youll need number of credits to get your giveawayreport listed, etc.For this report, I’ll assume you dont already have subscribers, so you wont be able to sendtraffic. So you will have to buy your way in (which can average $27 and up depending on theevent). This “buy in” option is typically seen as a One Time Offer after you signup at adiscount rate.Buying credits is the easiest way sometimes. Plus your gift gets higher placement, amongother benefits (including the ability to advertise several gifts), which means the ad for your giftgets seen by more people which equates to more subscribers than everyone else.Participation in a couple of these events could dump another 100 or more subscribers ontoyour list!TIP: Use this very report to giveaway at these events. You have giveaway rights!! How To Make More Money In 24 Hours Than Most People Make All Month...
  • 9. Method 3Start setting up Ad Swaps with other list owners.By now, you could easily have 200 subscribers on your list. This gives you leverage to takeyour list building to the next level.You can now start doing Ad Swaps with other list owners who have lists the same size asyours. Here’s where things really begin to take off!Here’s how it works:You make an arrangement with another marketer to swap email ads. You send his copy-n-paste email to your list for free. He/she does the same for you. You both decide on a dateand time to do this and mark it on the calendar.The agreement should include a promise to send X number of clicks, not opt-ins. You can’tcontrol the opt-ins. But to understand how many clicks one can expect from their list, youhave to understand some metrics.There are two factors that you’re working with; open rates and click-through rates.A good rule of thumb is 50% open rate and 25% click-through rate for responsive lists. Sobased on these numbers (and a 200 list size), each of you could reasonably expect aminimum of 25 clicks.Side note: you don’t have to get exactly the same number of clicks. If you both agree on 50clicks, and you send 47 and your ad swap partner sends 51, that’s close enough and a fairexchange.With that said, if you have a decent squeeze page, your (visitor to opt-in) conversions shouldbe a minimum of 25%. That means for every 100 visitors, 25 should opt-in to your list! Yourgoal is to tweak your opt-in page to hit the 40-50% mark or better.Here are sites where you can find others who want to exchange ad swaps: How To Make More Money In 24 Hours Than Most People Make All Month...
  • 10. Method 4Buy Ads. I’m going to share with you two effective options for buying ads for generatingtargeted traffic to your opt-in page.Option #1 - Advertise on for as little as $10.This site allows you to buy ad space on targeted blogs through the use of banners.I like to create text banners for this purpose. They get more attention and higher click-throughconversions. Most people have flash banners which get overlooked because ‘everyone andhis brother’ uses them. People are immune to them.Here’s an example of a standard 468x60 text banner ad:Here’s an example of a 200x200 text banner ad:You can create these ads in Microsoft Word then use a screen capture tool such as SnagIt tosave it as an image. To make the text “Click Here” appear as a hyperlink, just color the textblue and underline it. You can size the image and create those cool arrows and the curvedunderline in SnagIt’s image editor!You can download a free trial here so it will cost you nothing to create a few of these textbanners to get you started. How To Make More Money In 24 Hours Than Most People Make All Month...
  • 11. Of course, you can put these banners on your own sites, blogs, Squidoo lenses, Hub Pages,or other Web 2.0 sites to advertise your squeeze page!You can also use these text image/banners in the Google Adwords content placementnetwork (now known as Display Network) and on the network of sites too.This is done by searching for top websites that have Adsense on their site. Look on their sitefor a page where content is targeted and keyword-rich for the information you’re advertising.You copy the website URL from your browser of the exact page where you want to place yourad and paste that URL into the form when setting up your content network ad.Option #2 - Search for "solo mailings" in the warrior forum “warrior joint venture section” andpurchase an email ad that’s sent to someone elses list. Prices vary. Look for posts fromothers who have previously paid for ads. If they received positive results, then you may wantto move forward.To protect yourself, it’s ‘good practice’ to find out how the list owner (who’s selling solo ads)got their subscribers. Some people may say they have 20,000 subscribers, but if most ofthem came from questionable sources, you’re setting yourself up for spam complaints andheadaches you don’t want.You only want quality, targeted subscribers, which brings me to the next method - gettingBUYERS on your list! How To Make More Money In 24 Hours Than Most People Make All Month...
  • 12. Method 5Joint Ventures / AffiliatesThis advanced method is the most powerful because it is designed to get buyers on your list.Obviously, your goal is to make money and the best (and fastest) way is to have a list ofsubscribers who are proven to buy!Here’s the action plan:Create a valuable freebie (or buy one that comes with giveaway rights) and set it up on a“squeeze page”. After the subscriber opts in, send them to a special offer and set it up on anaffiliate program paying a minimum of 50% commission.The special offer can be a discount on a product or service that you own or have rights to. Orit can be a ready-made One Time Offer package. There have been many sold online that youcan edit with your order link and upload as-is to your website for an instant offer.Once you have everything in place, contact marketers with existing lists about promoting it foryou. Give them a copy of the report so they can see first-hand that it’s valuable info thatreflects positively on them so they can feel comfortable about sending it out to their list.Setting this up in an affiliate program is super easy to do.If you’re just starting out, go You can get started for free (with your firstproduct) and set instant PayPal commissions up to 100%. It’s basically a more user-friendlyversion of PayDotCom.comThe first product is free. But if you want the ability to list unlimited products in theirmarketplace, there is a small one-time fee. This is the option I went with.I also use Surefire Profit System to manage my catalog of products, affiliates, affiliatepromotional tools, tracking, support, etc. You can pay affiliates up to 100% instant PayPalcommissions. This resource requires a monthly fee, but you can get started with a 14 daytrial. How To Make More Money In 24 Hours Than Most People Make All Month...
  • 13. Method 6Create short PDF reports and get them listed on FREE e-book directories! Have an ad foryour “squeeze page” inside!!Remember, you do NOT have to create these reports yourself. You can save time by gettingpre-written high quality special reports with PLR (private label rights).Additionally, you can also take 4 to 5 articles on a given subject and compile them into aspecial report. List the article titles in the table of contents. Easy peezy!You can have these written for you (minimum 250 words each), purchase PLR articles, orwrite them yourself.Here’s a list of e-book directories you can submit your reports to: How To Make More Money In 24 Hours Than Most People Make All Month...
  • 14. Method 7Give away THIS Report!Im going to make this super easy! As a Surprise BONUS, Im going to give readers of thisspecial report a ready-made professional opt-in page that you can use to give away thisreport to your visitors in exchange for their email address so you can start collecting leadsand subscribers ASAP!Heres a preview of the opt-in page youll receive: Click Here To Claim Your FREE Bonus Opt-in Page... (then continue reading...) How To Make More Money In 24 Hours Than Most People Make All Month...
  • 15. ConclusionThis is a simple plan for building your opt-in list from scratch. Don’t complicate it.Get your “ducks in a row” and put your list building funnel in place. At a minimum, you need avaluable free offer (content to give away) such as a PDF ebook/report, e-course, audio, video,etc), an opt-in “squeeze” page and a download page.Once your system is in place, your one and only task is to focus on getting people to yoursqueeze page! Work on this every single day. Use the steps in this report to get startedASAP.Once you start getting subscribers, it’s all about building a relationship with your subscribersby applying proven email marketing strategies for generating maximum cash from your list.The more time you dedicate to working this plan, the faster you’ll see results.Good luck with your list building! Scroll Down To Learn How To Turn This Report Into Your Own 24/7 Cash Machine... How To Make More Money In 24 Hours Than Most People Make All Month...
  • 16. How To Make This Report Your 24/7 “Digital Sales Machine!” I hope you enjoyed this free report and picked up your copy of ListMarketing Formula thats responsible for putting $2,412.63 in my pocket in lessthan 24 hours! Before you rush off to share this report with your Facebook friendsand Twitter followers, let me ask you a question... Would you like to get paid a commission when the people you share thisreport with also buy List Marketing Formula (or Infoproduct Creation Formula,Marketing Your Business 101, or Maximum Email Cash)? If so, then all you have to do is rebrand this special report with youraffiliate ID before sharing it with others. Thats it. You can then post it toyour blog, share it on Facebook and Twitter, or even use it to build your list. And heres the best part... Your readers will also receive “giveaway rights” to this report. Whichmeans, if they give it away without rebranding it ( and many will ) youll getpaid commissions on ALL of their referred sales as well. Example: Lets say“Stephanie” downloads your report, but does not rebrand it with her ID. Shethen shares YOUR branded version with Bill who buys one of my products ―guess what? YOU just got paid... Cha-ching! BONUS: For a limited time, youll ALSO earn $9.99 for every personwho downloads your copy of this report and also purchases brandingrights! But you must secure your branding rights now.. Get excited! Because youre about to unleash your own “digital salesmachine” that cranks out commissions for you 24/7 ( even while you sleep! ) Heres what to do next... (see next page) How To Make More Money In 24 Hours Than Most People Make All Month...
  • 17. Step 1: Order Branding Rights from this link Step 2: After you place your order, just fill out a short form and you will receive an email with a link to your branding kit. Step 3: Start sharing your new report with others and GET PAID!How To Make More Money In 24 Hours Than Most People Make All Month...