Common mistakes in list building
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Common mistakes in list building






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    Common mistakes in list building Common mistakes in list building Document Transcript

    • Module - IIICommon Mistakes In List Building
    • Disclaimer & legal noticesThe information presented herein represents the views of the author as of thedate of publication. Because of the rate with which conditions change, theauthor reserves the right to alter and update their opinions based on the newconditions.This report is for informational purposes only and the author does not acceptany responsibility for any liability resulting from the use of this information.While every attempt has been made to verify the information provided here,the author and their resellers and affiliates cannot assume any responsibilityfor errors, inaccuracies, or omissions. Any slights of people or organizationsare unintentional.
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    • Hello, you enjoyed some advanced techniques of list building in Module II– Advanced Techniques Of List Building. Here are some most commonmistakes you should avoid while building your list.Wrong Selection Of AutoResponderThe most important thing is how you choose your autoresponder. There arethe different reasons why you should go for a third party autoresponderservice: - Your cost is decreased. - No need to hire coder. - Reliable to use at a low cost. - Present yourself as a professional.You never need to spend any time in crafting your own autoresponders untilyou’ve a large base of subscribers and the cost of a third party autoresponderis too high to bear.If you choose a wrong autoresponder then you will have to take risk ofhaving your emails hitting spam box instead of Inbox. Low qualityautoresponder and blacklisted servers will have a terrible deliver-abilityrates.Having a good quality autoresponder will also provide you a preview ofyour emails before you send them out. In that case, if you see that the spamrate is high then you can easily edit the email before sending it out.While choosing an autoresponder you must select the best one, because itsvery difficult to shift to another autoresponder after you’ve substantialamount of subscribers.
    • Dirty Squeeze PageIf you are serious about email marketing then you must have a well-constructed squeeze page. It is a ‘doorway’ of your email marketing lists. Itconverts your visitors into the subscribers.Your squeeze page should be very clean and too simple. It should look verycatchy which induce the visitor to enter its email address into it.When your visitor visits on your squeeze page then he should not bedistracted by any large number of graphics. All pictures and mostimportantly your opt-in form should load very quickly and should’ve aspecial appearance. Your opt-in form should stand out of the page.Visitor should’ve a clear idea of benefits he can get by subscribing to yourlist. Some of the marketers are not able to make their visitor understand thebenefit of subscribing to their list.
    • Not being able to induce visitorIf you don’t induce the visitor, you can’t get him on your list. Marketersoffer a lot of things to their visitors to get them on the list.You can offer: Free Report Free Ebooks Free Designs or Templates Free Graphic Packages Free e-Courses, Newsletter, Magazine
    • Creating No Brand AwarenessPresent yourself as a brand. Make your subscribers aware that they’veselected the best marketer to learn from and they will definitely be getting alot of things from you. The more your subscribers trust you, the easier it willbe to sell them.Your messages should be very professional, neat and well written. Showyourself as an authority. Your subscribers must have a clear understandingwhat you are and what they can expect from you.Create awareness and spread knowledge about YOU. Make some blogs,where your subscribers can reach you and learn more about you. It willcreate more trust for you amongst them.
    • Irrelevant products recommendationsMany marketers start sending recommendations of those products which arenot related to their niche. Suppose, your niche is related to the internetmarketing, then you shouldn’t send them an email to buy a kitchen set. Youcan’t even recommend it. It will create your image just as a ‘pusher’ whowants to push the products to its subscribers.Behave like choosy. Only those products about which you’ve properknowledge should be recommended to your subscribers. You must have acomplete knowledge about the product you are going to recommend to yoursubscribers so that you can answer to each and every question of yoursubscribers.If you start recommending every product on the earth, just to earncommission then soon your subscribers will start leaving your list.If you want to work in a different niche, then you should create a new list forthat particular niche and should send only relevant emails.
    • Unable to build relationshipNo one subscribe to your list just to see recommendations. Your subscriberswant to learn from you or want to get something which is valuable for them.If you send only promotional emails then you are going to kill yourself.You must build a great relationship with your list first of all, let them trustyou, first of all.Offer only the quality products. Don’t offer just ANYTHING you find onClickbank which is giving good commission. If you recommend a cheapproduct to earn commission and the product is crap, your list will lose truston you.So, create relationship first and then think about making money from yourlist.
    • Dead subject linesSome of the marketers are too lazy that they don’t think about the creativesubject lines for their emails.Try to create curiosity amongst your list and induce them to open youremail. Unimpressive subject lines will get your emails deleted before theyare opened. If the emails are not opened, you can nowhere get chance tomake money from your list.Followings are the examples of dead or unimpressive subject lines:“Hello… read it now!”“WOW! Open it!”“Make XXX in X days”“Download this free plugin”Some of the creative subject lines can be like this:“You can do it before Monday!”“This is how I made $$ doing nothing”“You are going to hate me, if you read this”
    • Being Failed To Monetize The ListThe marketers who gets fail to monetize their lists don’t stay longer in thisbusiness. There are a lot of ways you can monetize your list with. Promote other marketers product and earn commission every time your subscribers buy a product. You can offer ads in your emails. These are called ‘Solo Ads’. A lot of people are ready to pay you for solo ads, if you’ve a good subscriber base. Keep every details about the demographic, country and age of your subscribers so that you can provide them the things according to their needs. Use PLR to cater needs of your email lists. You can collect PLR material and can send it to your list to keep them engaged. You can give them great ideas to do with PLR.
    • Ignoring Subscribers’ NeedsNow you’ve a direct access with your subscribers, you know which kind ofproducts or services they want. It will help you in creating productsaccording to their taste.If you don’t know what your subscribers want, then you can simply askthem by completing a simple survey. You can use the websites to create free surveys.You may create another squeeze page to create a list of subscribers who areinterested in particular stuff. You can intimate them about the new productcreation, its growth and when its launched.Happy Email Marketing!