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Basics of list building

Basics of list building






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    Basics of list building Basics of list building Document Transcript

    • Module - IBasics Of List Building
    • Disclaimer & legal noticesThe information presented herein represents the views of the author as of thedate of publication. Because of the rate with which conditions change, theauthor reserves the right to alter and update their opinions based on the newconditions.This report is for informational purposes only and the author does not acceptany responsibility for any liability resulting from the use of this information.While every attempt has been made to verify the information provided here,the author and their resellers and affiliates cannot assume any responsibilityfor errors, inaccuracies, or omissions. Any slights of people or organizationsare unintentional.
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    • Why you should build an email list?Email marketing is most effective marketing method because trillion ofpeople use emails. In few online forms, you are asked for an email addressso that the information is sent to you almost instantly.Email marketing is also known as permission based marketing, because youcan’t send emails to everyone. It’s illegal in most of the places. Asking forpermission to send emails is not new in the field of email marketing.If you are able to collect thousands of email subscribers who are interestedin your products then it will give you a very high return on your investment.
    • Widely used methods to build email lists!1. Websites are the mostly used tool for building email lists. Websiteowners use opt-in forms to capture email addresses and putting subscribersto their lists.2. To get more traffic, webmasters also take help of newspaper, onlineadvertisements, TV and radio. They also offer rewards to those who bringpeople to their websites (affiliate marketing).3. Giving away free stuff is the most common way of getting subscribers.You can offer free reports, ebooks, videos, tutorials, music and plugins toget people on your list.4. Offering freebies is a double-edged sword. If the people don’t like yourstuff, they will immediately opt out of your list and won’t see back. But ifthey like your stuff, then you will be able to win immediate trust of them.5. People generally swap lists. It means you ask your subscribers to opt-into your partners list and he also do the same. It is useful when both of you’veonly a small number of subscribers.
    • Opt-in mailing lists are terrific!Email marketing is spreading really fast. They are replacing postal mail. Youwon’t have to put long physical addresses, you won’t have to pay postagecharges and the best thing is that the message is delieverd within seconds.Promotional emails are being used to deliver the contents. In the worldwhere people avoid to print the things, emails are also playing a role to savepaper and environment.Opt-in marketing is a surefire way to send your message only to the targetedpeople who are interested in your product. Yes! You save a lot of money byavoiding advertising to those who don’t bother about your product.
    • Creating opt-in list fast!To create your email list fast, you must have a website. Creating a website isreally simple. For just $10/month you can have your website running 24/7.Some websites are just the work of cut and paste. If you search on the netthen there are thousands of FREE templates out there which can be used tomake professional websites.Thousands of companies are there who are ready to give you free hostingand autoresponding services. Having your own website, you can ask yourvisitor to register with your website and enter its email address to beupdated.Make your opt-in procedure hassle free for the subscribers. Some of thewebmasters make it too difficult to subscribe by putting unnecessarypresells. If you seems too pushy to the subscribers then they won’t subscribeto your list.If you can find a partner to create opt-in lists with you then it will be great!An experienced internet marketer can help you a lot with its experience.
    • Recent trends in permission based marketing!As the trend of online marketing is increasing so the internet markteres areexpected to have skills and knowledge using which they can grow theirshare of market. Getting subscribers has bcome a more challenging tasknow.The demand for free tutorials, reports and e-books have increased too much.A lot of companies are there who are providing their subscribers the requiredstuff free of cost. Big companies providing great products free of cost hasharden the marketing task for the small internet marketers.Big companies subscribers are getting emails on daily basis. These emailsinclude: - Updates in the company. - News about the new products. - Changing policies. - New features in the existing products. - Promotion & marketing. - Appointment of affiliates. - Awards won.
    • Being expert email marketer!To be successful in your area, you need to be an expert email marketer.Whether you are an expert or not will be estimated from your contents.Before you write about anything, do a proper research about that topic.Write as many articles as possible. Take the help of forums to gain moreknowledge about the topic.Don’t write anything you don’t know about just to send your subscribers.Stick with your niche and the needs of your subscribers.To show that you are an expert, join forums and give peoplerecommendations using the knowledge you’ve about the topic. When youfeel that people trust you and you are getting reputation then ask people tojoin your list to gain more.Don’t hesitate in asking help from other marketers. Because experiencedmarketers will tell you, what to do and what not to do in different phases ofyour marketing.
    • Keeping your subscribers…Keeping your subscribers on your list is a difficult task. To write interestingemails, providing valuable contents and keeping your subscribers happy is adifficult task. People can unsubscribe from your list if they find that you’renot offering anything valuable.I recommend using PLR stuff to keep subscribers busy and happy all thetime. Creating your own product is always great, but PLR is also a good wayto go. Using PLR you can: - Save your time and efforts - Put more value to your subscribers. - Get your work completed in short time.Some PLR are free and some are paid. I never mind paying for somethingwhich is valuable and is with PLR rights. Just imagine sending email to yoursubscriber every week with something new which is great! You can writeyour own contents every week, so it can be done with the help of PLR only.These were just the basics of email marketing.Don’t forget reading Module – II – Advanced Techniques of List Building.