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Advanced techniques of list building

Advanced techniques of list building






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    Advanced techniques of list building Advanced techniques of list building Document Transcript

    • Module - IIAdvanced Techniques Of List Building
    • Disclaimer & legal noticesThe information presented herein represents the views of the author as of thedate of publication. Because of the rate with which conditions change, theauthor reserves the right to alter and update their opinions based on the newconditions.This report is for informational purposes only and the author does not acceptany responsibility for any liability resulting from the use of this information.While every attempt has been made to verify the information provided here,the author and their resellers and affiliates cannot assume any responsibilityfor errors, inaccuracies, or omissions. Any slights of people or organizationsare unintentional.
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    • Hello, you’ve learnt basic things about list building in Module I – Basics Of ListBuilding. Here are some advanced techniques of list building for your reference.Technique – 1Create as many free ebooks and reports as you can. Giving away freebies isalways a great idea. People love reading free material. Generally, this is the mostcommon technique used by the internet marketers today.Make sure writing this report in that way which goes viral. Give people someincentive to share report with others. There should be an offer at the end of thereport and link to your squeeze page in case you want subscribers after they likeyour contents.PDF files can be made free of cost using Open Office by Microsoft.You can use some paid classified ads like olx.com, ebay.com or USFreeAds.comto give momentum to your free reports.
    • Technique – 2If you want to get a lot of subscribers then viral marketing is the way to go.Provide your users those things which they can share with others to get personalbenefits. Give them PLR rights, so that they can put your name and give them toothers.If your contents are great then the stuff will go viral easily. Don’t try to put toomany affiliate links or URLs in your report. That kind of stuff is treated as crap.If you are not good on writing then you can hire someone to write for you. Youcan easily get e-books (10 pages) written for just $30-$50.Please note that writing free reports and e-books is not a joke. If you want to dobusiness then quality should be there. Your motive while writing e-booksshouldn’t be to make money but to get subscribers.You can do interviews of established internet marketers and provide them free ofcost to others to get subscribers.
    • Technique – 3More than one opt-in box does magic. Yes, if you put your opt-in box on almostevery page of the website, then there are more chances to get subscribers.If you’ve a small website, then you can put opt-in box on beginning and end of thepage. You can also use different colors to make your opt-in box more visible.If you’ve an article directory then you can add your opt-in box before the articlestarts and at the end of the article. Those who will read the article will also noticeyour opt-in box.If you’ve great contents on your website, then there should no problem at all ingetting subscribers.So the main idea to get subscribers is: - having good contents - using outstanding colors for your opt-in box - using more than one opt-in boxes on your website.
    • Technique – 4Use exit pop up windows to get people subscribe to your list when they areleaving. Pop up windows are always effective if used properly.There are a lot of pop up windows which can be used even free of cost. But again,if you are serious about your business then you should go for more options using apaid pop up windows.The pop up windows which appear on exit are also called exit pop up windows.When someone is about to leave your website, that will be asked to subscribe toyour website. In that case, people who’ve not subscribed on your website willsubscribe at this stage. It will definitely add more number of subscribers to yourlist.Good pop up windows keep records of IP addresses of visitors and won’t showagain in case the visitor come back to your site again after closing pop-upwindows.
    • Technique – 5Free courses are better than free reports and ebooks. People want to learn that’swhy they use internet to search for information.If you give them a free report then they may unsubscribe right after getting theirfree report but if you are offering e-course then they will stick with you until thecourse is completed.There are a lot of great autoresponders are there which can be used for this worklike Aweber, GetResponse and Constant Contact etc.Don’t try to copy and paste someone other’s work on your courses. People visit alot of sites. If they find that you’ve just copied the articles from a website, thenyou will lose your credibility.The clever way to doing this is writing articles and letting readers know thatcourses are available on that website (i.e. your website). If you tell it’s yourwebsite then you will lose a lot of subscribers because people don’t trust if you arerecommending your own products.
    • Technique – 6Try to join as many forums as you can which are related to your niche. Startcontributing there and try to win the trust of other people. Gain reputation quicklyby providing great suggestions and recommendations.After you’ve built up your name then you can be seen as an expert and you canask others to join your newsletter to know more about the topics.You can put information about your newsletter into your signature and can keepposting in the forum. People who will read your posts will also try to subscribe toyour newsletter.Here are some really simple steps: Find forums in your niche Read the rules of the forums. Start posting informative posts and include your little newsletter byline in your signature.You can find the forums easily but the problem is that you need to post goodcontents only. Don’t spam forums otherwise you will be thrown out.
    • Technique – 7Swapping lists is a great idea. It means you are asking your subscribers tosubscribe to another internet marketer list and other marketer is asking itssubscribers to subscribe to your list. This is great for both of you.This is a bit risky too. You don’t know the nature, expectations and the past of theother marketer’s subscribers. You don’t know which kinds of products were sentto them lately.You may have to manage both lists in the totally different ways. You may have tocreate different kind of products for both of the lists.Some of the people BUY email lists, this is a worst idea. Never do that. A lot ofscams are going on in buying and selling of email lists. Its just a waste of time,money and efforts.The best way to get subscribers is just getting your OWN subscribers.Don’t send emails about the thing you don’t know about and never buy bulk emaillists.You just read some of the advanced tricks which will definitely help you to buildyour subscribers list very fast! Now don’t forget reading Module – III – Commonmistakes in list building.