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Diana's Solar System Brochure

Diana's Solar System Brochure






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    Diana's Solar System Brochure Diana's Solar System Brochure Document Transcript

    • Tour of the SolarSystem!By:Diana Ortiz
    • Sun First of all the sun is a star like stars in the sky at night. The sun was like formed about 5 billion yearsago!!! Let me tell you how the sun formed first a gas of cloud began spinning after it turned into a sphere andit got smaller when it got smaller it got so hotter then light and heat started then a star was born.The sun ismostly of helium and hydrogen. The sun is really,really hot. The sun is about 15,000,000 *C hot.Another namefor the sun is sol that is why the planets are called the solar system. The solar system is named for ruling thestar. The reason why is because the sun is so big and the sun has 99.8%of the total mass of the solar system!!!Those are some facts that are from the sun.
    • MercuryDid you now that Mercury is so close to thesun! Also Mercury is smaller than earth.Italso doesn’t have a satellite(moon)The sidemercury is towards the sun is very hot andthe other side is cold.It has nowater.Mercury looks a lot like themoon .That is some facts about mercury.
    • VenusVenus is the second planet from thesounded you Know that venus is thesame size as earth!At venus it is veryhot and all the time.It is one of thehottest places on the solarsystem.There is no water invenus.Did you know that venus isdry,cracked,and covered withvolcanoes.
    • Earth Dear Aliens, You should come to Earth because you should see how life is on are planet. Let me start telling you aboutEarth. First of all earth is the third planet from the sun and it is 150 million kilometers away,also earth has anatmosphere of nitrogen and oxygen, also earth has liquid water. All the time earth has a moderatetemperature. Earth is like the only planet that so far has life . The moon is the earth’s one large satellite. Alsothe moon orbits the earth once a month . Here is another fact that the moon is responsible for the tides inearth’s oceans. Here is one more fact that earth provides the right amount of energy for life. Now that youknow more about Earth I hope you can come.