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Placement Brochure DOMS Anna University 2011 - 2013

  1. 1. department ofmanagement studies Placementanna university chennai Brochure 2012
  2. 2. STRATEGIES FOR INTERNATIONALIZATION Communicate Locally, Succeed Globally. This is the new mantra as Business Firms, SMEs and Multinational Corporations shift their focus to keep with the times. As Cultures, Economies and Politics collide, there is an increasing need to attain improved interconnectivity. As the need to Internationalize has become essential in the current global scene, the role played by the Business firms is immense. International expansion is based on the capability of a Business firm to exploit its local advantages in Global markets. On the contrary, the lack of resources, strategic means, and the uncertainty and complexity of the process makes International expansion a difficult goal to achieve. The idea of Glocalization (a portmanteau of Globalization and Localization) is ideal for firms looking at International expansion. It serves as a means to combine the idea of globalization with that of local considerations. Internationalization in higher education scene is not entirely new. Ever since the development of the market for higher education, universities are actively pursuing Internationalisation strategies. The major change of course, is that the involvement of new key players in higher education (India, China and Brazil) reflect wider geopolitical shifts.
  3. 3. CONTENTSinvitation from the vice chancellor 3solicitation from the dean 4statement from cuic 5message from hod 6staff profiles 9student profiles 11international Mous 25Alumni 26Infrastructure 27student achievements 28campus verve 29contact 30
  4. 4. 1 ANNA UNIVERSITY Anna University DoMS is one of the premier management institutes in the country. Dedicated to producing global management executives of the 21st century, Anna University DoMS has been in existence since 1981. Anna University was formed in September 1978 as a unitary type of University by amalgamating the College of Engineering Guindy (CEG), Alagappa College of Technology, Madras Institute of Technology and a School of Architecture and planning – all Internationally renowned Institutions in Chennai. The MBA programme in Anna University Chennai has travelled quite a distance, since its inception in the year 1981. The Department of Management Studies (DoMS) has produced about 1500 capable, competent and committed professionals. The spirit of pragmatic en- quiry and in-depth analysis of the dynamics of busi- ness has continued to this day. The programmes are designed to bring out and nurture the leadership and organizing skills of the future manager. The MBA Hospitality Course, started in 2010 is one of the best available solutions to serve the hospitality industry with professionalism.
  5. 5. 2DOMSDoMS complements the role that management education plays inmodernizing and professionalizing businesses that are communica-tions-driven. The beautiful campus of DoMS has all the modern fa-cilities and amenities of any institution of International repute. Stu-dents are encouraged to pursue varied interests, both cultural &academic. DoMS as a system has adopted a simple but highly ef-fective method to select the best candidates and provide themwith the best teaching faculty and top-notch facilities.DoMS is contemporary. DoMS believes in facilitating learn-ing and sharing ideas and experience rather than merelyteaching, and encourages experimentation and inno-vation. The single, most important aspect that makesDoMS stand apart from the other management schoolsin the country is the strength and design of its cur-riculum. The emphasis on guidance and counselinghas effectively complemented the regular curricu-lum thereby imparting robust sense of profes-sionalism along with academic proficiency. Theextremely competent faculty elevate DoMS toan enviable level, one to which thousands ofaspirants strive to become part every year.
  6. 6. 3 INVITATION FROM THE VICE CHANCELLOR I feel elated to indite this message and invite you for participating in the placement process of 2012. Department of Management Studies (DoMS) Anna University, Chennai has con- sistently focused on designing practice-oriented learning through a contemporary and contextual curriculum cantilevered by our strong industry interface. Our distinguished faculty members are actively involved in the pursuit of creating and strewing knowl- edge and are constantly making significant contributions to academia, industry and the economy. The 2011-2013 batch of post graduate students in General Management and Hospitality Management from the DoMS, are eager to take up challenges of the corporate world. These Classes comprise some of the brightest minds in the country, hailing from diverse educational backgrounds, selected after an gru- elling selection process, and honed by our brightest faculty members. These students shall be ideally positioned in using their managerial capabilities to serve as change masters and thought leaders in the current dynamic busi- ness environment.   We believe that the two years of value based education in DoMS has made them well rounded individuals with strategic thinking, initiative and achievement orientation.   Besides academics, DoMS also provides opportunities for students to participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities to develop their personality to their fullest potential. The best of talents is here and I invite recruiters to tap it. Dr. P. Kali Raj, Vice Chancellor
  7. 7. 4SOLICITATION FROM THE DEANKnowledge and continuous learning is the mainstay amongst the best organizations of to-day. In keeping with this requirement, we at DoMS have designed programmes that equipthe future managers of tomorrow with learning, competencies and skills that set themapart. Our students, who are completing their Management studies at the end of thisacademic year, are looking forward for challenging opportunities to work in the corpo-rate world. They are hardworking, talented, zealous and are determined to succeed asmanagement professionals.DoMS has maintained an aura of culture and legacy over the decades of innovativegrowth and excellence. Having stamped its class in academic and corporate cir-cles, the alumni of DoMS today don the most challenging and demanding rolesin industry – India and abroad. This is testimony to the trust and belief that theindustry has bestowed in us for years and more importantly is a commitmentfrom DoMS to deliver the best consistently. This journey from darkness tolight for the students would not be possible but for the strong bond thatDoMS shares with the business world.I feel privileged to invite the prestigious recruiters from all the sectorsto visit DoMS for Campus Recruitments. I am confident that with a lit-tle exposure under your guidance and tutelage these students willreceive the necessary pragmatic experience an d prove to be longterm assets to the organizations where they are absorbed.We trust that being positive rather than retroactive , executingrather than just scheduling and striking excellence rather thanjust planning are the hallmarks of an AU DoMS student.Dr. M. SekarDean
  8. 8. 5 STATEMENT FROM THE CUIC DIRECTOR MBA students of Anna University, Chennai entered into our academic portal with high aca- demic marks both in their qualifying degree and through our TANCET examination. From the initial semester to final, they are engaged continuously with academic experts and maintains high level professional dialogues with Industrialists to enhance their aca- demic competency and individual professionalism. Their latent and manifest academic qualities will definitely be an asset to any organi- zation. Everyone of our student will have a unique academic disposition and this gamut is the real contributing factor. With these proven professional qualities it will definitely be a “Placement Para- dise” for any organization intends to visit Anna University. Your professional selection will add value to our students, Faculty Members, Department of Management Studies and to our great Anna University. Professionally yours, Dr. S. Selvam Director, CUIC  
  9. 9. 6MESSAGE FROM THE HEAD OF DEPTAt DoMS, we are constantly ameliorating ourselves to meet the challenges of a fast-chang-ing world and a dynamic business environment. Given the pace of change that we havewitnessed in the recent past, it is a task that keeps us on our toes. We incessantly andcontinually strive to incorporate the best practices of the academic world into all ourprogrammes. This makes DoMS an institution of great repute and an obvious choice forthe brightest young minds in the country. The MBA program at Anna University Chennai is an attempt to address this con-cern in a scientific spirit. 30 golden years have gone past since the inception ofDoMS and in the eve of celebrating its ‘Pearl Anniversary’, DoMS mightily roarswith pride about the thousands of highly successful managers it has unleashedinto the corporate world through the years. The time has come again for us to showcase the best minds we have con-structed and perfected for the outer world that is waiting to test and ab-sorb the best of talent that exceeds par excellence and competence. Ourintercollegiate management symposium, Ethos’12 organized entirelywith innovative events, untiring dedication and prime planning by thestudents has made their education an epitome of excellence. Placements always form an important part of Management stud-ies function. It marks the culmination of the process of mouldinghighly employable and industry ready professionals through atwo year long rigorous academic process. I look forward to forg-ing stronger bonds of co‑operation to traverse uncharteredterritories of excellence. Welcome home to DoMS!Dr. L. SuganthiHead of Department
  10. 10. 7sPECIALIZATIONS Curriculum The curriculum followed here is dynamic and is continuously reviewed & updated throughMARKETING industry feedback. It incorporates learning with the help of theoretical as well as practical modules. Students are required to undergo a Summer Internship which is to be done BRAND Management - RETAIL MANAGEMENT - Advertising & Sales Promotion - Consumer Behaviour - CUSTOMER RE- in an organization for 6-8 weeks so that a student gets an industry feel of work and LATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT - RETAIL MANAGEMENT - EVENT MAR- environment. Core subjects along with Elective Subjects are provided for students to KETING - MARKETING METRICS - ADVANCED DATA ANALYSIS equip themselves for the industry. A Student is given an option to specialize in two branches from the five branches of study.OPERATIONS Advanced Maintenance Management - Logistics Management - Advanced Operation Management - Product Design Services - Operations Management - Robust Design - Supply Chain Manage- ment - Project ManagementFINANCE Security Analysis and Portfolio Management - Merchant Banking & Financial Services - International Trade Finance - Corporate Finance - Derivatives Management - Strategic Investment & Financing Decisions - Risk Management & Insurance - Micro FinanceSYSTEMS Database Management System - E-Commerce Technology & Management - Enterprise Resources Planning - Decision Support System & Intelligent Sys- tems - Software Project & Quality Management - Data Mining & Data Ware- housing - Knowledge Management Systems - Business Intelligence - Business ModellingHUMAN RESOURCE Managerial Behavior & Effectiveness - Entrepreneurship Development - Organiza- tional Theory Design & Development - Industrial Relations & Labour Welfare - La- bour Legislations - Strategic Human Resource Management & Development - Social Psychology - Stress Management
  11. 11. 8Faculty awards & honoursOur formidable faculty team believes ardently in not just nurturing or pruning mindsbut in enlightening them, with not just knowledge but with wisdom, insight, vision Best B-School with industry related curriculumand passion. They are the directors who indulge in cultivating the peculiar bentof genius in each one of AUDoMites. Our esteemed faculty lay the cornerstone Bloomberg UTV Award 2012to our knowledge. The core faculty team consists of experienced & well learntmembers who bring a varied rich experience from their respective fields to Best Teacher for Information Technology Management,enrich the students knowledge base. Bloomberg UTV Award 2012 The department is actively involved in 72 Industrial Projects with vari- ous industries where students and faculty are actively involved in offer- ing innovative suggestions and effective solutions to industrial practices List of Publications in Conference Proceedings | Merger and Acquisition: A report on Introspection of a Success story- 1CABE Conference, SOHAR University, SOHAR SULTANATE OF OMAN | | Energy Conservation and Preservation — A global dimming paradigm — Na- tional Conference on 3E Energy Economic Efficiency. | | National level Award for the Best Paper entitled “An investigation on the role of emotional intelligence on academic achievement among University students” | Journals published by the faculty have appeared in: | International journal of research in commerce | Economics & Management (URCEM) | African journal of Business Management | International Journal of Business Governance & Ethics | Journal of Modelling in Management | Global Journal of Management & Entrepre- neurship | Indian Journal of Commerce and Management | Spanish Journal of Psychology|
  12. 12. 9 Staff Profiles Dr. L. Suganthi B.Tech., M.B.A., Ph.D., Dr. M. V. Supriya Professor & Head, M. Com., M. Phil., Ph.D., Dr. N. Senthil Kumar Teaching Experience of 24 years Associate professor, Dr. R. Mahesh B.E, M.B.A., Ph.D., Areas of Interest: Energy Manage- Dr. G. Rajendaran Teaching Experience of 21 years B.E., M.B.A., Ph.D., Associate professor, ment, Information Systems, Women M.A, M. Phil, Ph.D., (IIT) Areas of Interest: Organisation Be- Associate professor, Teaching Experience of 12 years Studies Professor, haviour, HRM, Behavioural Training Teaching Experience of 13 years Areas of Interest: Marketing, Teaching Experience of 23 years Industry Experience of 5 years Operations Areas of Interest: Finance, Marketing, Areas of Interest: Marketing, Behav- Global Business/ Business Research ioural Science, IPR & Patent ScienceDr. Hansa Lysander Manohar Mrs. E. Thenral Mr. A.K.Sheik Manzoor B.E, PGDBM (IIM B), (Ph.D.)B.Tech., M.B.A.,M.C.A., FDP (IIMA) B.E, M.B.A, Ph.D.,Assistant Professor (AGP), Dr. Jayanth Jacob Assistant Professor, Dr. A.Thiruchelvi Assistant Professor, B.E, M.B.A., Ph.D., Teaching Experience of 7 yearsTeaching Experience of 25 years Teaching Experience of 9 years M.Sc., MBA., Ph.D., Asst Professor (Sr.Gr.), Areas of Interest: Supply ChainAreas of Interest: Operations, Informa- Areas of Interest: Information Assistant Professor, Teaching Experience of 20 years Management, Operations Manage-tion Systems,Technology Mgt. Systems, ERP, Service Marketing Teaching Experience of 8 years Areas of Interest: Market Research, ment, Marketing Areas of Interest: Behavioural Science, Training & Development, Quantitative Work Psychology, Measures & Testing Analysis in Psychological Research
  13. 13. 10 Prof. V.Nageswaran Dr. S. P. Dhanvel M.Tech, FPM (IIM C) B.A, M.A, M.Phil, P.G.C.T.E, Ph.D, P.G.D.H.E Visiting Faculty Professor & Head, Total Experience of more than 40 years Department of English Areas of Interest: Corporate Finance, (Interdepartment Exchange Faculty) Strategic Investment and Financing DecisionsMr. S. Krishna Kumar Ms. Benita .S. Monica Mrs. Hannah Jayaseeli SB.Sc, M.Sc, M.Phil, M.B.A., (Ph.D.) B.E., M.B.A., (Ph.D.) B. Com., M.B.A., (Ph.D.)Assistant Professor, Mr. H. Premraj, Teaching Fellow, Teaching Fellow,Teaching Experience of 10 years, Teaching Experience of 3 yearsIndustry Experience of 15 years, M.Com., M. Phil., M.B.A., M.A[YHE], Areas of Interest: Human Resource Mr. V. Raj Kumar Teaching Experience of 2 years (Ph.D.) B.Sc., M.B.A., (Ph.D.) Areas of Interest: Marketing, HumanAreas of Interest: Entrepreneurship, Visiting Faculty, Management, Finance and Business Teaching Fellow, Resource, Business CommunicationIndustrial Relationship, Labour Mgt Teaching Experience of 14 years Research Teaching Experience of 2 years Industry Experience of 12 years Areas of Interest: Marketing, Areas of Interest: Accounting, Financial Information Systems, Data Mining management, Marketing Department of Management Studies Mrs. P. N. Kayalvizhi Col. S. Chandrashekar B.E., M.A., DBM, M.B.A., PGDHRM, B.Sc., M.B.A., Teaching Fellow, Anna M.Phil, C. Engg., (Ph.D.) Visiting Faculty Teaching Experience of 38 years Mrs. P. Vijayalakshmi M.B.A., M.Phil, (Ph.D.) Total Experience of 4 years Area of Interest: Marketing, Finance and ERP Ms. SUMATHI.G.N. B. Tech., M.B.A., (Ph.D.) University Teaching Fellow, Teaching Fellow, Department Library Incharge, Teaching experience of 2 years, DOMS Anna University Areas of Interest: HRM, Perceived Or- ganizational Support, Public Health
  14. 14. 11 Student Profiles We continually look to equip ourselves with contemporary skills through quality course structure, pedagogy and teaching learning methodology, provided to perfection by the facilities here at the Department of Management Studies, Anna University. We have a diverse mix of students here at DOMS, Anna University. A dynamic and fresh team of individuals, with graduations in Dental Sciences, Engineering, Visual Communication, and Commerce make for an exciting knowledge sharing platform that fosters lateral thinking and free exchange of ideas.
  15. 15. 12
  16. 16. 13STUDENT PROFILE MASTER OF BUSINESS 2011 - 2013 BATCH ADMINISTRATION ratheesh s aishwarya r DOB: 14 MAY 1987 DOB: 09 FEB 1991 UG: B.E (CSE) UG: B.Sc (VisCom) Specialization: Finance & Marketing Specialization: Finance & Marketing Areas of interest: Marketing & Financial Analysis Areas of interest: Marketing, Advertising, Finance Summers: Apollo Tyres, Chennai Summers: Kasturi & Sons Ltd - THE HINDU, Ch Title: Marketing Analysis Title: Measuring Effectiveness of Training Experience: Vansan Systems Ltd (10 months) Programme on Managerial Effectiveness Mail: Mail: Ph: 91 9176681585 Ph: 91 9841410620 aadhityaa a.s anupama s DOB: 04 FEB 1988 DOB: 08 JAN 1990 UG: B.E (MECH) UG: B.Tech (IT) Specialization: Operations & Finance Specialization: HR & Systems Areas of interest: SCM, Operations Management, SAPM Areas of interest: Recruitment, Training, Software Summers: Capital Market Ltd, Chennai Project & Quality Management Title: Attitude Towards Risk & Return Summers: Talentin HCM Services, Chennai Experience: Vedenta (13 months) Title: Analysis of Quality of Worklife Mail: Mail: Ph: 91 7708628538 Ph: 91 7708793899 abhinaya k anusha suresh DOB: 28 JUN 1990 DOB: 05 JUL 1990 UG: B.Com (Corporate Secretaryship) UG: B.Sc (Computer Science) Specialization: Finance & HR Specialization: HR & Systems Areas of interest: Security analysis & Portfolio Management, Areas of interest: Recruitment, Training & Development, Investment Banking, Merchant Banking, HRM Payroll Processing, Software Project and Quality Management Summers: International Institute of Project Summers: Talentin HCM Services, Chennai Management (IIPM), Chennai Title: Job Satisfaction & Employee Turnover Intentions Title: A TV Commercial Project: Appraisal & Selection Mail: Mail: Ph: 91 9941406132 Ph: 91 9629884777 PLACEMENT BROCHURE DOMS - ANNA UNIVERSITY
  17. 17. STUDENT PROFILE MASTER OF BUSINESS 14 2011 - 2013 BATCH ADMINISTRATION aravind kumar k DOB: 23 SEP 1986 arunachalam l UG: B.Tech (Textile technology) DOB: 29 DEC 1988 Specialization: Finance & Marketing UG: B.E (EIE) Areas of interest: Services/Retail Marketing, Specialization: Operations & MarketingBanking, Security Analysis & Portfolio Management Areas of interest: Supply Chain Management,Summers: Vridhi Investment Intermediaries Ltd, Ch Services Marketing, Statistics Title: Study on Investor Behaviour on Summers: Mango DVM, Chennai Various Investment Options Title: Study of Willingness of the Consumers to Experience: Must Garment Corp Ltd (26 months) Buy the Mango DVM Products Mail: Ph: 91 9944129295 Experience: Metrohm India Ltd (10 months) Mail: Ph: 91 9940567765 archna g ashwant vinayak DOB: 14 MAY 1991 DOB: 13 MAR 1991 UG: B.Com UG: B.Com Specialization: Finance & Marketing Specialization: Finance & Marketing Areas of interest: Banking & Financial services, Costing, Areas of interest: Marketing Strategy & Advertisement Security Analysis & Portfolio Management Summers: Times of India, Chennai Summers: Diabetik Foot Care India, Chennai Title: Market Penetration Title: Selling Price Determination for Mail: Ph: 91 9962458005 Indigenous & Imported Products Mail: Ph: 91 9940399800 arockia victoria preethi t avinash k DOB: 17 JUN 1988 DOB: 20 MAY 1987 UG: B.E (ECE) UG: B.Sc (H&HA) Specialization: HR & Marketing Specialization: Finance & Marketing Areas of interest: Human Resource Management, Training Areas of interest: Retail Store Handling, Service Marketing, and Development, Retail Marketing Portfolio Management, Corporate Accounting & Finance, Summers: IRCDS, Chennai Local Store Marketing Title: A Study on Entrepreneurial Success of Rural Summers: Mango DVM, Chennai Women Entrepreneurs Evolved from SHG Title: Study on the Satisfaction of the Existing Mango Experience: Infosys (4 months) DVM Customers Mail: Ph: 91 9444833131 Experience: McDonalds India, KFC Yum India (3 yrs) Mail: Ph: 91 9791030397 PLACEMENT BROCHURE DOMS - ANNA UNIVERSITY
  18. 18. 15STUDENT PROFILE MASTER OF BUSINESS 2011 - 2013 BATCH ADMINISTRATION bhuvanesh kumar r dayal kiran raj m DOB: 04 MAY 1990 DOB: 27 FEB 1989 UG: B.E (CSE) UG: B.E (ICE) Specialization: Operations & Marketing Specialization: Operations & Marketing Areas of interest: Production Management, Areas of interest: Services Marketing, Supply Chain Management, Project Management FMCG Industry Summers: ARIHANT Forging, Chennai Summers: Chennai Port Trust, Chennai Title: Study on Inventory Management Title: A Study on Cargo Handling Mail: Ph: 91 9962524591 Mail: Ph: 91 9677960560 bhuvaneswari m dinesh babu j DOB: 19 MAR 1986 DOB: 22 OCT 1988 UG: B.Sc (Maths) UG: B.Tech (Biotech) Specialization: HR & Finance Specialization: Finance & Marketing Areas of interest: Industrial Relations & Labour Areas of interest: Working Capital Management, Welfare, Selecting, Recuriting, Portfolio Customer Relationship Management, World Politics, Management & Merchant Banking International Economics Summers: Shriram Chits Pvt Ltd, Villupuram Summers: Mango DVM, Chennai Title: Is Chit Funding a Good Investing Option? Title: Price Expectation Survey About Music An Analysis of Chit Finanacing Mail: Ph: 91 9840117504 Mail: Ph: 91 9597788393 davloor harshavardhan divya p k DOB: 01 SEP 1986 DOB: 22 OCT 1989 UG: B.E (ECE) UG: B.Tech (Biotech) Specialization: Operations and Finance Specialization: Finance & HR Areas of interest: Entrepreneurship, Mergers & Areas of interest: Merchant Banking, Financial Acquistions, Financial Analysis, Sports Services, Human Resources Management Summers: Vee care Health Care, Juice and Beyond, Chennai Summers: National Hub for Healthcare & Title: Management trainee Instrumentation Development, Chennai Experience: Gmhsa (UK), Keerthi Enterprises (3 yrs) Title: Indigenous manufacturing Mail: Ph: 91 9840617191 of Medical Instruments Mail: Ph: 91 9789981231 PLACEMENT BROCHURE DOMS - ANNA UNIVERSITY
  19. 19. STUDENT PROFILE MASTER OF BUSINESS 16 2011 - 2013 BATCH ADMINISTRATION DIVYA E DOB: 07 JUL 1989 divya t UG: B.Sc (Computer Science) DOB: 22 FEB 1988 Specialization: HR & Finance UG: B.E (CSE) Areas of interest: Security Analysis & Portfolio Specialization: HR & Finance Management, Merchant Banking, HRM, Areas of interest: Compensation Planning, Investment Banking, Project Management, Portfolio Management Summers: International Institute of Project Summers: L&T Construction, Chennai Management, Chennai Title: Job-Order Costing & Variance Analysis Title: Why Attrition is Higher in IT Industry ? Mail: Experience: CTS (1 yr) Ph: 91 9176217141Mail: Ph: 91 9677216713 Divya K ezra prince jebahar i DOB: 15 AUG 1988 DOB: 11 AUG 1989 UG: B.E (CSE) UG: B.E (E&I) Specialization: Operations & Systems Specialization: Operations & Finance Areas of interest: Object Oriented Modelling, Areas of interest: Security Analysis & Investment Deci- Product Design, Project Management, sions, Supply Chain Management, Product Design E-Commerce, Social Media Marketing Summers: Sundaram Finance, Chennai Summers: Royal Sundaram Alliance Insurance Pvt Ltd, Ch Title: A Study on Credit Appraisal Title: Identification of Opportunities for System of Hire Purchase Business Insurance in Co-operative Societies Experience: Ramco Systems (6 months) Experience: TCS (10 months) Mail: Ph: 91 9789954892 Mail: Ph: 91 9789941838 divya r gayathri b l DOB: 28 DEC 1986 DOB: 11 APR 1990 UG: B.E (CSE) UG: B.Sc (Computer Science) Specialization: HR & Finance Specialization: Operations & Finance Areas of interest: Investment Banking, Merchant Banking, Areas of interest: Security Analysis & Portfolio Risk Management, Security Analysis & Portfolio Management, Supply Chain Management Management, Human Resource Management Summers: TAGA Industries, Chennai Summers: R. R. Donnelley India Outsource Pvt ltd Title: Business Potential of Non-Woven Products Title: A study on the Financial Performance of Mail: Ph: 91 9840897198 R. R. Donnelley India Outsource Pvt Ltd Experience: Wipro Technologies (Trainee - 3 months) Mail: Ph: 91 9884531460 PLACEMENT BROCHURE DOMS - ANNA UNIVERSITY
  20. 20. 17STUDENT PROFILE MASTER OF BUSINESS 2011 - 2013 BATCH ADMINISTRATION gokuL Manoranjan m harish kumar s DOB: 13 APR 1989 DOB: 11 JAN 1990 UG: B.E (ECE) UG: B.Sc (Maths) Specialization: Systems & Marketing Specialization: Finance & Marketing Areas of interest: Advertising & Sales Promotion, Areas of interest: Merchant banking, Graphic Design, E-commerce, ERP. Advertisement & Sales Promotion Summers: Polynova industries, Chennai Summers: BHEL BAP, Ranipet Title: Integrating Business Intelligence with ERP Title: Working Capital Management to Improve Strategic Planning Experience: Swastika Self Improvement Experience: ElementK India pvt ltd (8 months) Centre (1.5 yrs) Mail: Ph: 91 7845588828 Mail: Ph: 91 9790145150 hajira banu s m jai dinesh k DOB: 10 AUG 1987 DOB: 16 JAN 1987 UG: B.E (EEE) UG: B.E (CSE) Specialization: HR & Finance Specialization: HR & Marketing Areas of interest: Human Resource Management, Areas of interest: Industrial relation, Labour Welfare, Security Analysis & Portfolio Employee Relation & Recruitment Management, Merchant Banking Summers: WAVES Clothing Pvt Ltd, Chennai Summers: L&T Construction Infrastructure, Chennai Title: Effectivess of Communication Title: Study on Materials Management Experience: Tamilnad Mercantile Bank (1 yr & 5 months) Experience: CTS (9 months) Mail: Ph: 91 9840460904 Mail: Ph: 91 9445452100 hAppines william jaya chitra k DOB: 14 FEB 1988 DOB: 27 APR 1988 UG: BBA UG: B.E (EEE) Specialization: Finance & Marketing Specialization: HR & Systems Areas of interest: Banking & Financial Services, Areas of interest: Recruitment, Training & Development, Entrepreneurship, Security Analysis & Portfolio Management, Payroll, Project Management Supply Chain Management, Retail Management Summers: Reliance HR services, Nungambakkam Summers: Sea Birds Group Co. Ltd, Chennai Title: Analysis of Various Reasons for Title: Study on Brand Awareness & Customer Expectations Attrition & Finding Possible Solutions Mail: Ph: 91 9962403047 Experience: CTS (6 months) Mail: Ph: 91 8939911295 PLACEMENT BROCHURE DOMS - ANNA UNIVERSITY
  21. 21. STUDENT PROFILE MASTER OF BUSINESS 182011 - 2013 BATCH ADMINISTRATION koteeswari s manjz rekha t r DOB: 23 SEP 1989 DOB: 24 JUL 1990 UG: B.E (ECE) UG: B.Tech (IT) Specialization: HR & Marketing Specialization: HR & Systems Areas of interest: Recruitment, Training & Devel- Areas of interest: Training and Development, opment, Industrial Marketing, EHRM Recruitment, Software Project & Quality Summers: BSNL, Chennai ManagementTitle: Analysis of Customer Satisfaction & Effect of Summers: TANGEDCO, Chennai Customer Satisfaction on Customer Loyalty Title: Effectiveness of Training at TANGEDCO Mail: Mail id: Ph: 91 9488993981 Ph: 91 8056130552 krupa lakshmi narasimhan naidhroven a DOB: 22 JUN 1989 DOB: 15 APR 1990 UG/PG: B.Com UG: B.Com Specialization: Finance & Marketing Specialization: Systems & Marketing Areas of interest: Banking, Insurance Areas of interest: Sales, Game Development, IT Summers: Broadline, Chennai Summers: Department of Management Studies, Title: Inventory Management System Anna University, Chennai Mail: Title: Establishing an Alumni Network Ph: 91 9176337080 Experience: Web Marketing (4 yrs) Mail id: Ph: 91 9884351594 madan mouhan v b nelson joshua i DOB: 24 MAR 1987 DOB: 07 DEC 1988 UG: B.Tech (IT) UG: B.E (EEE) Specialization: HR & Marketing Specialization: Operations & Marketing Areas of interest: Marketing (Sales) Areas of interest: Supply Chain Management, Summers: ABT Maruti Suzuki, Chennai Services Marketing, Advertising & Sales promotion. Title: Customer Satisfaction Study at ABT Maruti Summers: JSW Steels, Chennai Mail: Title: Analysis to Enhance the Sales of JSW Steels Ph: 91 9551051551 Mail: Ph: 91 9944017929 PLACEMENT BROCHURE DOMS - ANNA UNIVERSITY
  22. 22. 19STUDENT PROFILE MASTER OF BUSINESS 2011 - 2013 BATCH ADMINISTRATION Nivedhitha R Preethi G DOB: 18 AUG 1991 DOB: 8 APR 1990 UG: B.Com UG: B.Tech (Biotechnology) Specialization: Finance & Marketing Specialization: Human Resource & Finance Areas of interest: Marketing, Sales Promotion, Areas of interest: Labor Legislation Recruitment Event Management, Fashion Industry & Training, Strategic Human Resource Summers: Chennai Port Trust, Chennai Management, Portfolio Management Title: Port Users Attitude Towards Infrastructure Summers: Indian Overseas Bank, Chennai Provided at Chennai Port Title: Financial Analysis of Indian Overseas Bank Mail: Ph: 91 9840456054 Mail: Ph: 91 9840777422 Ponmalar Rajeswari R Prema K DOB: 3 APR 1989 DOB: 22 MAR 1990 UG: B.Tech ( Biotechnology) UG: B.E (E & I) Specialization: Human Resource & Finance Specialization: Finance & Marketing Areas of interest: Merchant Banking, Security Analysis & Areas of interest: Marketing - Service Marketing, Sales Portfolio Management, Investment Management, Promotion, Banking, Advertising & FMCG Industry Commercial Banking, Finance, Project Management Summers: Chennai Port Trust, Chennai Summers: IIPM, Chennai Title: A Study on Passenger Services & Title: A Study on Corporate Social Responsibility with Cruising at Chennai Port Trust Reference to The New Companies Bill - 2011 Mail: Ph: 91 9952984730 Mail: Ph: 91 9952036670 Pradeesh Chowraa P Ram Kumar M DOB: 7 DEC 1986 DOB: 20 MAY 1989 UG: B.E (EEE) UG: B.E (Aeronautical Engineering) Specialization: Finance & Marketing Specialization: Operations & Marketing Areas of interest: Risk Management, Inventory Areas of interest: Advertising & Sales Promotion, Project Management, Advertising & Sales Promotion, CRM Management, Product Design, Supply Chain Management Summers: GOMI Real IT Ltd. Summers: Edubee Techno School Solutions Title: A Study On The Marketing Communication Mix Title: Study of sales in Smart Class on Implementing Strategies For The Development & Product Bundling with Aeromodelling Promotion of A New Job Portal Experience: Sigma Facade Pvt Ltd (6 months) Mail: Mail: Ph: 91 9843979291 Ph: 91 9962643157/9841162626 PLACEMENT BROCHURE DOMS - ANNA UNIVERSITY
  23. 23. STUDENT PROFILE MASTER OF BUSINESS 202011 - 2013 BATCH ADMINISTRATION Ram Kumar V Remya Shanthi P G DOB: 11 JUL 1989 DOB: 27 SEP 1989 UG: B.E (E & I) UG: B.E (ECE) Specialization: Finance & Marketing Specialization: Operations & Finance Areas of interest: Sales, Risk Management Areas of interest: Product design, Project Summers: GOMI Real IT Ltd. Management Title: A Study on Job Satisfaction Summers: Polynova Industries Ltd. & Relation of Employees Title: An Analysis of Internal Customer Mail: Satisfaction in Polynova Industries Ph: 91 9600401755 Mail: Ph: 91 9489130463 Rathna Deepika K Saipavithra Rani R A DOB: 11 JAN 1989 DOB: 11 MAR 1990 UG: B.E (EEE) UG: BBM Specialization: Human Resource & Marketing Specialization: Human Resource & Marketing Areas of interest: Training & Development, Areas of interest: Recruiting & Training, HRM, HRM, Services Marketing Services Marketing Summers: Vivek’s Pvt Ltd Summers: Polynova Industries Ltd. Title: A Study on the Causes of Attrition Title: A Study on Quality of Work Experience: Cognizant Technology Life at Polynova Industries Solutions (8 months) Mail: Ph: 91 9092755006 Mail: Ph: 91 9840849622 Ravindra Bharathi S Saranya R DOB: 12 MAY 1988 DOB: 28 AUG 1990 UG: B.E (Production engineering) UG: B.Com (Finance) Specialization: Operations & Marketing Specialization: Human Resource & Finance Areas of interest: SCM, Production, Advertisement Areas of interest: Banking, Financial Analyst, & Sales Promotion Merchant Banking, Human Resource Summers: Chennai Port Trust, Chennai Management, Portfolio Management Experience: Neel Industries Pvt Ltd (1 year & 2 months) Summers: Indian Overseas Bank, Chennai Title: Study on the Exports of Cars Title: Credit Appraisal of MSME Loans Mail: Ph: 91 9962760762 Mail id: Ph: 91 9940241474 PLACEMENT BROCHURE DOMS - ANNA UNIVERSITY
  24. 24. 21STUDENT PROFILE MASTER OF BUSINESS 2011 - 2013 BATCH ADMINISTRATION Sathya Narayanan N DOB: 14 JAN 1987 Sibi S UG: B.Tech (Biotechnology) DOB: 7 FEB 1990 Specialization: Human Resource & Finance UG: B.E (ECE) Areas of interest: Banking, Portfolio manage- Specialization: Operations & Finance ment, HRA, Human Resource Planning Areas of interest: Security Analysis & Portfolio Summers: Polaris Financial Technologies Management, Project Management Title: An Analysis on Attrition Summers: Polynova Industries Ltd. Experience: SS Kosmic Aqua Services Pvt Ltd Title: Working Capital Management of Polynova (2 yrs & 2 months) Industries ltd. Mail: Mail: Ph: 91 9790750445 Ph: 91 9789836431 Selvaraj T Sivakumar S DOB: 21 DEC 1988 DOB: 12 FEB 1990 UG: B.Sc (Maths) UG: B.E (ECE) Specialization: Finance & Marketing Specialization: Human Resource & Marketing Areas of interest: Financial Analysis, Areas of interest: International HRM, Labour Legislation, Investment Analysis & Banking Industry Relations, Advertising, Services Marketing Summers: Tamil Nadu Newsprint & Paper Ltd. (TNPL) Summers: National Hub for Healthcare Title: Financial Performance analysis of TNPL Instrumentation Development Mail: Title: A Study on Patient Satisfaction Towards Health- Ph: 91 9962181590 care at Government & Private Hospitals Mail: Ph: 91 9962134889 Shravana Kumar R Sivasubramanian S DOB: 4 AUG 1991 DOB: 27 JUN 1989 UG: B.Com UG: B.E (ECE) Specialization: Finance & Marketing Specialization: Systems & Marketing Areas of interest: Income Tax, Costing, Banking Areas of interest: Branding, Advertising & Sales Promo- Summers: Chennai Port Trust, Chennai tion, Services Marketing, Retail Management, Systems, Title: Financial Performance Analysis E-Commerce, Training & Mentoring, IT of Chennai Port Trust Summers: C2 Workshop Pvt Ltd Mail: Title: A Study on the Attitude of People in Ph: 91 9940048917 Rural India over e-learning Mail: Ph: 91 7708763695 PLACEMENT BROCHURE DOMS - ANNA UNIVERSITY
  25. 25. STUDENT PROFILE MASTER OF BUSINESS 222011 - 2013 BATCH ADMINISTRATION Sneha S B DOB: 8 JUN 1989 Suji M UG: B.E (EEE) DOB: 2 JAN 1989 Specialization: Human Resource & Finance UG: B.E (CSE) Areas of interest: Talent Management, Specialization: Human Resource & Systems Training & Development Areas of interest: Compensation Planning, Summers: The Federal Bank Ltd. Remuneration, Software Quality Analysis Title: Credit Risk Assessment & Summers: E.I.D Parry, Pugalur, Karur Profitability In Federal Bank Title: A Study on Training Benefits Experience: TCS (9 months) Mail: Mail: Ph: 91 9677708573 Ph: 91 9566277770 Sree Cumar P S Theerthaana P DOB: 29 JUN 1987 DOB: 24 JUL 1988 UG: BDS UG: B.E (CSE) Specialization: Finance & Marketing Specialization: Finance & Marketing Areas of interest: Project Management Leadership Areas of interest: Strategic Management, FinancialMan- Dental Implantology agement, Investment decisions, Services Marketing Summers: Arasu Medicals Group, Coimbatore Summers: Indian Overseas Bank, Annanagar, Chennai Title: Reducing Service Time Using Title: Analysis on Credit Concentration Risk Work Study & Sales Frequency & Credit Rating for SME Sector Mail: Ph: 91 9894787297 Experience: HCL Technologies (20 months) Mail: Ph: 91 9840964632 Suhanya Kumar Umadevi K DOB: 26 SEP 1979 DOB: 18 MAR 1990 UG: B.E (GeoInformatics) UG: B.E (EIE) Specialization: Operations & Marketing Specialization: Human Resource & Finance Areas of interest: Industrial Marketing, Sales & Promotion Areas of interest: Industrial Relations & Labour welfare, Summers: Vishnu Travels Strategic Human Resource Management, Security Title: Development of a MIS for Vishnu Travels Analysis & Portfolio Management Experience: Infosys (10 yrs) Summers: Manidhaneyam Instituition, Chennai Mail: Ph: 91 9840992291 Title: Analysis of Service Quality of a Non-Profit Institution Mail: Ph: 91 9952716455 PLACEMENT BROCHURE DOMS - ANNA UNIVERSITY
  26. 26. 23STUDENT PROFILE MASTER OF BUSINESS 2011 - 2013 BATCH ADMINISTRATION Veeraswamy G Vikas P V DOB: 3 JUL 1991 DOB: 15 JUN 1988 UG: B.B.A UG: B.Tech (IT) Specialization: Finance & Marketing Specialization: Operations & Marketing Areas of interest: Services Marketing, Areas of interest: Manufacturing & Marketing CRM, Retail Management Summers: MANGO DVM Summers: Ashok Leyland Title: Consumer spending Title: Employees Retention Pattern on songs & videos Mail: Mail: Ph: 91 9884718389 Ph: 91 9094932405 Vengatalakshmi S S Vinoth Kumar B DOB: 31 JUL 1990 DOB: 13 AUG 1988 UG: B.Sc (VisCom) UG: B.E (EEE) Specialization: Operations & Marketing Specialization: Finance & Operations Areas of interest: Marketing, Advertisement, Photogra- Areas of interest: Portfolio Management phy, Copyrighting, Promotion, Event Management Summers: Vishal Precision Products (Pvt) Ltd. Summers: Continental Fabrics & Garments Title: Analysing the Causes of Rework & Title: Effectiveness of Social Network Marketing Rejection in Machining Process Mail: Mail: Ph: 91 9790971720 Ph : 91 9600707381 Vijeta Jayachander DOB: 5 APR 1990 UG: B.E (EEE) Specialization: Human Resource & Marketing Areas of interest: Industry Relation, Labour Welfare, Employ- ee Relation & Recruitment Summers: National Hub for Healthcare & Instrumentation Development Title: Indigenous Manufacturing of Medical Instruments Mail: Ph: 91 9176494966 PLACEMENT BROCHURE DOMS - ANNA UNIVERSITY
  27. 27. 24Recruiting PartnersSome of our consistent recruiters over the past few years
  28. 28. 25 International MOUs The Department of Management Studies has consistently stretched its academic wings across global educational Institutes. With a desire to excel in a multicultural and multinational environment, it has signed international MoUs with acclaimed colleges overseas. The goals of these collaborations are to facilitate the advancement of knowledge continually. The MOU Calls for a strategic partnership and an exchange of faculty and students in order to promote innovations in eduacation and development. The aim of the partership is to engage in jointly sponsored research, workshops and conferences and to enable mutual sharing of resources.Bern University of Applied Sciences Switzerland North Dakota State University USA University of Central Florida, USABirmingham City University UK Osaka City University Japan University of Malaya MalaysiaBrunel University West London UK Royal Institute of Technology Sweden University of Nebraska-Lincoln USACypress Semiconductor Corporation USA Technical University of Liberec Czech Republic University of South Australia AustraliaEcole Centrale De Lille France The Rovira I Virgil University Spain University of Technology Berlin GermanyHiroshima University Japan The University of ANGERS France University of Technology, Business GermanyMaastricht University Netherlands The University of Findlay USA University of Technology, Sydney AustraliaNagoya Institute of Technology Japan The University of Francois France University of Wuppertal GermanyNational Chai Tung University Taiwan The University of Nottingham UK Uppsala University SwedenNational Tsing Hua University Taiwan The University of Sydney Australia Yonsei University Korea
  29. 29. 26AlumniAny institutions success is dependent on the alumni relationship it maintains. Lifelong friendships, thecollaborative community, and common connections with other alumni are among the most powerfulbenefits of an MBA degree. The relationships you build give you the power to move ahead in your job,change your career, and even relocate around the globe. With over 1,000 graduates, including leaders incorporate, nonprofit, and government organizations, a large alumni network will help wherever you arein the world, enabling you to always call for concrete help, advice, and support.Some of our prominent alumni in the corporate worldAmbily S Prabhu Lakshmi Kanthan Shanjieve NSenior Recruiter, Oracle India Pvt Ltd Pricing Analyst, Emirates Airline Sr Recuitment Consultant, Kutir TechnologiesBharthi Bhaskar Praweesh Kumar Shanmuganath MuthupandianVice President, Citi Bank Co-Founder and Director, Covenant Consultants Dy General Manager, DOW ChemicalsGuhan Thirumurthy Ravi Kumar Parimi Lakshminarasimhan HarichandranAssistant Vice President, DBS Bank Associate Operations Account Manager, RR Donnelley Divisional Manager – CRM, Ashok LeylandKarthik Raju M Z Rehman Muruga GaneshAssociate Director, Nielson CMD, TFS Group India Southern Region VP, New York Life InsurancePrabhu Antony Saravana Kumar S Navneetha Krishnan BSr. Vice President, Sett & Lucas Business Development Director, Arch Chemicals Sr Corp Business Manager, Saxon Infotech IncOur distinguished alumni occupy coveted positions both in India and abroad and are a source of pride and inspiration to us. The Alumni Committee is com-mitted to strengthening the alumni connect. It has taken swift strides in this direction. The current network is still being strengthened with more than 30years of students with the healthy participation of more than 500 graduates.
  30. 30. 27 Infrastructure The Department of Manage- ment Studies houses a quality Extensive in-house Library, Sufficient Bulletin Boards and Classrooms ecosystem for Students and Professors to freely exchange Spacious classrooms enabled with Airconditioned classroom Discussion Forums for Students knowledge, thereby facilitat- Projectors, OHPS, and PC with equipped with Internet, Projec- ing learning and develop- multimedia playback support. tors, Digital Board, and LCD Tv. ment in a relaxed setup. Well planned Infrastructure here at DOMS, provides a conductive environment for students to actively involve in presentations, classroom dis- cussions and Group activities. The facilities are sufficient to handle the breadth of ex- perience and multitude of perspectives within the class- room. Fully equipped Computer lab with 24/7 high bandwidth internet, and Print, Scan & Copy facilities computer lab Spacious, in-house auditorium with large seating capacity. Well-lit and fully equipped Auditorium with modern facilities. The Department Library and Internet facility serve the needs of the faculty, Research Scholars, Students and Mem- bers with easy access to the best of business and manage- ment related digital resources.
  31. 31. 28Student AchievementsThe dynamic mix of students,with varied skills, are a greatasset here, at the Department amet university Gayathri, Dayal Kiran Raj and Voyage 2012 Ponmalar Rajeshwari and Ravin- dra Bharathi, First place in Posterof Management Studies, Anna Sneha, First place in Best man- Subramani, First place in Finance Design, Voyage 2012, AMET Winners of Overall Championship,University. ager event, Voyage 2012, AMET Manager, Voyage 2012, AMET University. Voyage 2012, AMET University. University. University.Our Students have participat-ed at the state and nationallevel symposiums. They havewon several accolodates on aregular basis, at competitionsheld at management schools.The Centre for University In- Nissan Sunny marketing ramakrishna missiondustry Collaboration (CUIC) is challenge vivekananda collegeconstantly involved in bring-ing together the student com- Preethi G, the First Place in Nis- san Sunny Marketing Challenge, Arvind Kumar, Second place in Ni- Newance 11-12 Nivedhitha R, First place in paper presentation, International confer-munity with the corporate held at Department of Manage- ssan Sunny Marketing Challenge Dr. Sree Cumar and Sneha, First ence on challenges and issues ofluminaries. The main focus is ment Studies, with her cash place in Bplan, Newance 11-12, emerging encourage students in the prize for presenting innovative Measi Institute of Managementdevelopment of skills through marketing ideas.participation and develop-ment programmes, both with-in and outside the university.
  32. 32. 29 Campus Verve Students, are encouraged to conduct Worshops and Seminars, apart from the ardent focus on academics. The academic calendar is abuzz with conferences, seminars, guest lectures, workshops and the like, to bring corporate happenings within the reach of the students. Students get a chance to interact with Enteprenuers and eminent professionals from time to time. ETHOS’12 – An Inter college annual management fest conducted by the The Institution offers its students an DOMS, Anna University was held on the 24th of April, 2012. ETHOS is an extrodinary array of artistic and cultural event conducted every year to award the best future managers in the oppurtunities. Students recently various domain areas in management. The theme for this year’s event was celebrated Teachers day by falicitating Corporate Social Responsibility. Dr.A.V Anoop, MD, AVA Cholayil Health and entertaining them with a host of Care Private Limited, and Mr.Nirmal M.B, Founder of Exnora International activities. graced the occasion. The ETHOS’12 team meticulously envisaged the sketch of a strategy that intricately sowed together management ideologies Students, conducting a into a pattern of activities that commit workshop on Activity based to being both significantly edifying and Learning, as part of academic astounding enough to challenge and evoke assignments, for school the managerial aptitude in all, thus making children. it a grand success. 2012 Strategic Trends on Innovation & Creativity in Management Practices (STICMA 2012) was conducted by DOMS, Anna University, with active involvement of the student fraternity.
  33. 33. 30Contact Dr. S. SELVAM Director Centre for University Industry Collaboration Anna University Chennai  Sardar Patel Road  Chennai 600 025 Phone: 22200599, 22358989 e-mail:
  34. 34. Anna UniversityChennai