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World Of Content- Week19


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The Compilation of market insights and enterprise technology in the ECM space

The Compilation of market insights and enterprise technology in the ECM space

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  • 1. B U S I N E S S A N D E C O N O M Y A R O U N D C O N T E N T R I C H S Y S T E M S . W E E K 1 9 , E D I T I O N . World of Content
  • 2. Table of Contents Definitions Thought Leadership Ideations Daily Notes • Categories of metadata • Predictions around ECM • CMIS compatible ECM products. • Correspondence management. • Industry News • Research & Analysis
  • 3. Categories of Metadata* Descriptive Metadata Describes the intellectual content of a resource and used for the indexing, discovery and identification. Administrative Metadata Includes management information about the digital resource, such as ownership and rights management. Structural Metadata To display and navigate digital resources and describes relationships between multiple digital files. Technical Metadata Describes the features of the digital file, such as resolution, pixel dimension and hardware. Preservation Metadata Information needed to archive and preserve a resource.
  • 4. Predictions around ECM  Large enterprises will start to use the cloud as their primary ECM platform, not necessary organization wide deployments, but departmental delivery.  Mid tier businesses are struggling in their cloud journey. They understood the benefits but can’t move their so easily due to various factors and risks.
  • 5. C O L L E C T I O N S O F I D E A S A R O U N D E C M Ideations
  • 6. CMIS compatible ECM products CMIS Content Manager EE FileNet Content Manager Content Manager On Demand Content Navigator • As Wikipedia says, CMIS is an open standard that allows different content management systems to inter-operate over internet. • It defines an abstract ion layer for controlling diverse document management systems and repositories using web protocols. • CMIS is governed by the OASIS consortium.
  • 7. Products offering Correspondence Management Adobe LiveCycle ES3 Assentis Aia Software Cincom systems EMC HP / Exastream ISIS Papyrus Metavante IBM OpenText Oracle Skywire Pitney StreamServe Xerox
  • 8. Strategies in correspondence management Increasing automation Ease multichannel delivery Process improvement Optimizing distribution Optimizing content production Vendor consolidation
  • 9. M A R K E T T R E N D S , M A R K E T I N S I G H T S A N D R E S E A R C H ECM Diary
  • 10. ECM Market Insights – Week 19, 2014 Content clouds are happening place again. CloudFuze today announced that it is working with Citrix to provide Citrix ShareFile customers with access to ECM platforms such as Alfresco, SharePoint and ECM Documentum. * Lexmark international a US corporate manufacturing laser printers is making waves through their acquisition bid in the ECM space. After acquiring Perceptive software, they have striked a deal with Sweden based ReadSoft, which has capabilities in the account payable automation majorly in the SAP market. **
  • 11. ECM in News – Week 19, 2014 Alfresco & WeWebU Announce Technology Partnership to deepen their expertise in transactional content management. Both of them offers extensive support to the CMIS. WeWebU OpenWorkdesk is the best way of realizing content centric business applications. Top Image Systems which have vivid offerings around ECM – BPM – MIP space announced that they have won a major deal to digitize citizen IDs for public institution in Romania. Altogether 90 million paper identification images are to be captured and processed within a challenging six- month deadline. * Repstor software company has won an ECM deal with the Premier Oil company. Repstor focuses on offering that provide seamless integration with Microsoft content rich platforms such as Outlook, SharePoint.**
  • 12. Research & Analysis –Week 19, 2014 Idea • A record is a finalised version of a document that cannot be modified. • One of the simplest Use Cases is Correspondence Management • Data visibility, not volume, is the problem that needs to be solved Proof: • Case management whether adaptive, dynamic, or production takes knowledge and process management to the next level. Theory • It's inherently impossible to design a great user experience for bad content.