Pathological enquiry in the state of poems larkin's poetry


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One of my earlier attempts at literary criticism. Looking at the poetic structure of feeling in Philip Larkin's works.

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Pathological enquiry in the state of poems larkin's poetry

  1. 1. Pathological Enquiry in the state ofpoems:Philip larkin’s PoetryReference for facts: is the dialectical brotherhood of hedonism; hedonistbeing the state of an ebullient emperor.Depressed didactics cannot be authenticated as pragmatism.Pragmatism is a state of enquiry and acceptance of immanentreality as a truth at least in the candle light sense. It does notinvolve a bemoaning ceremonial poetry.Fear of death or any other being and entity is a precursor to afascist genre of affairs. Heidegger and his ontological enquirieslanded him in the premises of National Socialism (Nazism).Heidegger attempted to aggregate all the dilapidated pieces ofan imperial past and to make it a formidable system ofphilosophy against the rising rationality of modernity.Heidegger denounced all rational and empirical investigationsinto the dialectics and divergence in the history of being. Thismethodology of hiding your graveyards by whitewashing wasmade popular by successors from French philosophy. And thusborn is the post-modern state of ontology.So fear and death in the discourse are the brainchild of adiseased mind which is the product of a fragmented nationalconsciousness.This is indeed a post – modern state. And this is the reason forthe popularity of Larkin’s poems. England itself in the post warperiod was ailing with its imperial psychosis.‘It is better to die rather than giving away the crown’
  2. 2. This is the motto of every ailing dynasty / monarchy.This suicidal tendency is a stream of consciousness in post-Worldwar Europe. So Larkin is the elegy to the decline of Britishimperial mindset. As it has lost its economic base, it reverberatesthrough the psycho-sphere of nationhood through poeticimagery.It will show all the tendencies of negating class consciousnessand will be against the promises of Romanism and the so calledexcess of it.The sexual repression of Larkin is objectified in various forms inLarkin’s poems. Either it is explicitly narrated with a sense ofawfulness or with a detached asexuality. This is a state ofpathological mind. When its desire is excess it will not besatisfied. Though Larkin had many sexual affairs he was neversatisfied. It is not because of being denied, but of the pathologicalstate of an imperial mindset which cannot be satisfied at all.This is similar to the exhibitionism of a prostitute. Its happinesslies in consuming it, rather than creating a new life or a newconsciousness.So Larkin fits into the category of his great predecessor fromNazis consciousness in all the presets of racism and historicisms.So Larkin’s poems continue to bring tears to the graves ofplatonic minds and effigies of its racist past.