World Of Content - May 1st Edition


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The Market Research on ECM Industry

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World Of Content - May 1st Edition

  1. 1. M A R K E T R E S E A R C H O N E N T E R P R I S E C O N T E N T M A N A G E M E N T ( E C M ) M A Y 1 E D I T I O N World of Content
  2. 2. Table of Contents Definitions Ideations Daily Notes • Understanding ECM • Mobile ECM • BYOD challenges • Industry News • Research & Analysis
  3. 3. Understanding ECM ECM is the strategies, methods and tools used to capture, manage, store, preserve and deliver content and documents related to organizational processes. [AIIM] Strategies • Content governance • Uniform experience • Uniform workflows • Web accessible databases • Hybrid models • Archival strategy Methods • Content repurposing • Role based access • Functional classifications • Workflow state modelling • Network attached storage Tools • Rich Text Editors • Workflow modelers • AJAX • Web accessible databases
  4. 4. Ideations
  5. 5. The Vendor landscape of mobile content management Enterprise mobility management vendors • MobileIron • AirWatch • FiberLink • Good Technology • Tangoe • Apperian • Soti • Blackberry Secure file transfer vendors • Accellion • Biscom • Citrix Sharefile • Druva • Egnyte • Ipswitch • Mimecast • Onehub • SugarSync • Syncplicity • Workshare • Yousendit ECM vendors • Microsoft Sharepoint, Yammer • OpenText • EMC • IBM • Oracle • SAP Content cloud vendors • Box • Dropbox • Microsoft Skydrive • EMC Syncsplicity • Egnyte
  6. 6. Addressing BYOD challenges with a comprehensive Mobile ECM strategy  More than 80 percent of the employees use cloud applications without the knowledge or the support of corporate IT.  92 percent of the top 500 Android apps have a security or privacy risk.  Good technology is a leader in containerization with end to end secure mobility solutions portfolio.
  7. 7. D A I L Y I N S I G H T S ECM Diary
  8. 8. ECM Market Insights – May 1st 2014 Data is money! • The global ECM market for the healthcare industry will double in terms of earned revenue over the next few years — from $318m in 2013 to $715m in 2019, according to Frost & Sullivan. Demand is likely to be steady in Europe and the US, but the Asia Pacific region is primed for significant growth, especially in Australia and the Asian mainland. • Forrester found that information strategy—for structured data—was mostly managed either by an enterprise architecture (EA) or information architecture (IA) team. In contrast, content management technology decisions were scattered across multiple teams, with governance of systems overwhelmingly assumed to be handled by “other” teams. • In the Forrester 2013 survey of ECM decision-makers, 47 percent of respondents used a centralized approach to their ECM governance and 23 percent used a decentralized approach. Twenty-nine percent used a federated approach, which means that while some core policy decisions were made centrally, execution and priority setting were done by business units or regional offices.
  9. 9. ECM in News – May 1st 2014 OpenText has introduced Discovery Suite, which integrates, enriches and manages big content within the enterprise to reduce risk and cost as well as improve productivity, collaboration and engagement. OpenText says with the Discovery Suite, organizations can: • eliminate information silos by embedding search and discovery directly into line-of- business applications to expose information at the right time and place to improve productivity and information reuse; • employ content analytics to bring structure to the overwhelming volume of unstructured data in the enterprise. It extracts semantic information from content and applies it as structured metadata; and • launch applications to manage specific big content problems to help solve organizational content issues including auto-classification of content, collection and early case assessment for e-discovery, remediation and migration to control the life cycle of content.
  10. 10. ECM in News – May 1st 2014 Top Imaging Systems (TIS) has got industry attention as an emerging player in Mobile Imaging Platform (MIP) space. OpenText announces a new public sector engagement with Dorsey County council in the area of electronic document and record management. They offer instant retrieval and faster query handling of electronic invoices. The promise of multi function devices.
  11. 11. Findings from market research Idea • Record management includes managing design and supply documents. • Mainframe output management can also be considered as record management • Content analytics is key to the ECM document classification process Proof • Automotive Industry in Europe • Unstructured content is growing at double the rate compared to structured content. Theory • With the rapid flow of information in digital form, the control is becoming difficult