Solitude summer pampering emotions with monsoons


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Rain Mother of Emotions and Imaginations.. so Pamper your Imagination and Joy of living with Monsoons .. The season of colorful umbrellas, cities are flooded with them, in all colors and sizes..India in the monsoons is a ecstasy, a riot, a river smug with thousand aspiration. The whole country overwhelm when the monsoons arrives; the farmers, businessmen, politicians, and children cheer the downpour.

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Solitude summer pampering emotions with monsoons

  1. 1. Solitude summer pampering emotions with MonsoonsEnjoy ! ! Summer In India India in the monsoons is a rhapsody, a riot, a river conceited withthousand aspirations. The whole country overwhelms when themonsoons arrives; the farmers, businessmen, politicians, and childrencheer the downpour.Nisha Khan6/23/2011
  2. 2. The magic of the Indian MonsoonsIndia in the monsoons is a rhapsody, a riot, a riverconceited with thousand aspirations. The whole countryoverwhelms when the monsoons arrives; the farmers,businessmen, politicians, and children cheer thedownpour.The rain mean that the country will be able to grow thecrops needed to feed its population, politicians can beassured of another term in office, film-makers can beinspired, artists can use the rains as their muse andchildren can slush around the around the rain puddlesand lovers can use it as their aphrodisiac.
  3. 3. Agriculture & Monsoons: The two are inextricablyassociated with rain-fed agriculture accounting forupwards of 60% of the net sown area. To feed itsteeming gazillions, the monsoons have to be normal, andon time for India’s two main seasons: Kharif and Rabi.Luckily this year, the monsoon is above normal.Farmers will be satisfied and so will the IndianGovernment, whose fate are intertwined with thenormalcy of the rains.The Monsoon Economy: India may have beendeveloping at a clip of 8-9 per cent in the past decade,but its economy and GDP growth is nearly relied to aregular monsoon. Citigroup, for instance, estimated thatit expects India’s economy to grow by 8.1% in 2011-12.The other big worry- inflation- hopefully the good news
  4. 4. of better than normal monsoons, will result is relievingthe pressure in food-led inflation that is currentlyhovering at 9.01 per cent.The monsoon can be particularly harsh to the homelesspeople; exposed to the unappeasable rains, with noshelter they must make do with discarded rags forprotection.Monsoon & Flooding: When one hand the whole ofIndia thirstily awaits for the monsoons, it also wreaksmayhem, almost every year due to flooding. In 2010, theBrahmaputra unleashed hell and displaced 50,000people in the North-East. In 2008, it was even worse, theflooding of the river Kosi river struck a million peopledestroying close to 2, 50,000 households. Floods cause
  5. 5. large scale displacement, poverty, child trafficking andlet alone damages to homes, live stock and fodder. Notall floods are fury of nature; some of them are result ofpoor planning and execution.
  6. 6. Monsoons and holidaying: While some might frown atthe thought of a holiday when it’s raining there areothers who wait for this time of the year to book theirholidays.Monsoon holidays in India are especially big hit withthose who want avoid the holiday crowd; andhoneymoon couple. Tour operators offer a variety ofpackages even for the most well heeled traveler. Popularholiday hot spot during the monsoon include Goa,Munnar, Leh, Kashmir and Karwar.Monsoons and festivals: Monsoons in India comesbetween June & September and there are plenty offestivals that co-occur with the season. There’s Teejfestival in Rajasthan that is celebrated to welcome themonsoon, Dussehra in Mysore that is celebrated to
  7. 7. culminate the 9 days Navaratis, then there is harvestfestival of Assam and the Ganesha festival, which iscelebrated across India, but the best experience is inMumbai.
  8. 8. Monsoons and Indian Cities: When we think ofmonsoons in India, Mumbai and Cherrapunji comes tomind. Mumbai rains are notable, both for the happymemories they elicit and the sadness it brings because ofhow the flooding brings the city to a standstill.Cherrapunji, formerly the world’s wettest city, receivesan annual rainfall of 11,777 millimeters.Monsoons and the flora/fauna ecosystem: India is theworld’s most bio-diverse regions and is home to about500 species of mammals, more than 200 species of birdsand about 30,000 species of insects. It is also home to awide range of exotic birds, reptiles, fish and amphibians.But this ecosystem is dependent on the monsoon tosurvive. Any failure in the monsoon puts enormous
  9. 9. pressure on the survival.The season of colorful umbrellas, cities are flooded withthem, in all colors and sizes.
  10. 10. Nisha Khan© Copyright 2011. All rights reserved. Go Heritage India Journeys