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Using Data to Improve Customer Service
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Using Data to Improve Customer Service


Published on

RIMS Forum - 20 March 2013 …

RIMS Forum - 20 March 2013
Simon Gough - Whangarei District Council

Published in: Technology

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  • One of my main roles in for WDC is resolving customer issues related to Roading Why talk about it? It is a task that I sometimes struggle with (Click)
  • * No way of relating all of this information together
  • XPL View (Click)Google Maps (including Street View)(Click)Various spreadsheets and word documents from contractors and the roading team(Click)Phone people to find out information (Click)As you can see I have been all over the place[Next Slide] – Then along came RAMM GIS (Click)
  • It has mapsIntuitive fast searching(Click)And Street View
  • And Google aerials available from within RAMM GIS
  • Cesspits / Culverts detail on mouse over Same for signs and other assets All assets can be displayed this way – Wish list – Not just Roading Assets.
  • Forward works – Detail of type and dates
  • Raised dispatches, completed and not completed by asset type. These now include the CRM number if there is oneDispatches are raised jobs – either from CRM, Contractor or Roading inspector – John Pattinson who drives our roads looking for faults. I can relate directly to a customer call back with regard to the CRM status – Dispatched or completed.
  • That brings me back to the real world
  • The black dots show maintenance dispatches completed.Also checked raised dispatches – not complete. John Pattinson - raising dispatches all the timeFrom the number displayed there is obviously a problemIf I ran the mouse over I would see that some have CRM numbers(Click)
  • Mouse over and we can see what we know about this.“Informed caller that resurfacing is planned for this summer.”
  • “Can you come and fix it!!!”* CRM request to clear a culvert in Beasley Road blocked with metal. Firstly the contractor sent to site to investigate Contractor couldn’t find it as it was buried with metal. Location details from a CRM can be quite vague or inaccurate. Can see that there is a 300mm culvertSo What is the problem? Called customer to ask what the problem really is. While on phone identified the asset record in RAMM GIS.Click[Next Page] – Also used Street View (with customer)
  • Also confirmed location using Street View in liaison with customerRaised new job with contractor to fix appropriately.
  • • Had a big wet back in early August Called customer – Stormwater issue from a road culvert.• Flooding causing sewage from private system to overflow all over the property. View aerial – See green grass showing natural water flow.* View road culvert. 375mm
  • Street view – With discussion on phone found that it has been privately piped from the other side of the fence. Explained private 200mm storm water pipe too small. Their responsibility to upgrade. [Click] - CRM closed no further action
  • Checked Dispatches –Gray line and Dot – Unsealed roads. Informed customer – Re-metal and grade completed 31st July. Mouse over the gray dot shows that it was also re-graded on the 27th August
  • Simple sign replacement process used – job raised for contractor to replace sign that used to be there. A new sign request is more involved so there is a saving here
  • Called Customer to discuss their problemWhile your road looks similar, you live beyond the Maintenance End. (Click)Position identified using street viewIdentified Asset Data error – Council road shows up as going beyond the Maintenance End Sign (Add animation)
  • Over the next 1 to 2 yearsLINZ Data: for example contour data topographical maps local featuresWDC - Corridor Access Requests (Trifecta) WDC Aerial Photography (3 waters, parks etc)Some Parks Assets and Contract boundariesData available to customer services.Marit on the team to help with RAMM and Data with god input and encouragement from Scott Verevis and Simon Gough.
  • * Resolving issues from the desktop (reducing field work)* Resolving issues quicker with better information at hand* Improving the quality of the customer interactions* Overall that means better quality and efficiency
  • Transcript

    • 1. Using Data to ImproveCustomer Service Resolution using RAMM GISPresented by Simon Gough (Roading Asset Manager) Acknowledgements to my co-writer: Hilton Ward (Roading Engineering Assistant)
    • 2. Roading Operations Excellence Customer Service Decision Making Knowledge Retention &Quality Management Sharing Data & Analysis Supported Team Technology & Systems
    • 3. What Did We Use?
    • 4. Street View and Aerials
    • 5. Roading AssetsCulverts, Cesspits Signs Traffic Signals
    • 6. Forward Works Programme
    • 7. Maintenance Contract Dispatches
    • 8. Contract Areas
    • 9. Improving CRM ResolutionREAL CRM EXAMPLES
    • 10. “Kamo Rd is the worst in town. It’s full of potholes between Mains Ave and King St”• Checked Maintenance History• Checked work programmed to be done
    • 11. Checked the Forward Works Programme for Major Works Informed caller that resurfacing is planned for this summer.
    • 12. “Your culvert is blocked and causing mydriveway to scour”Identified the culvert in RAMM GIS while on the phone
    • 13. Unable to see as it was completely covered with metal. Resent to CRM to contractor to remedy accompanied with a picture from Street View.
    • 14. “The water coming from your road iscausing sewage to flood over my lawn”
    • 15. Use Street View to Understand the Customer
    • 16. “It is ages since the contractors gradedand repaired the potholes!”
    • 17. “Can WDC install a new Give Way sign at Ted Erceg Rd? There never has been one.”RAMM Shows thatwe should have onethere. So did StreetView
    • 18. “Why is the Council not maintainingmy road?”Roading to move asset Iconin RAMM to correct position
    • 19. Make more Data AvailableImprove the Use of the ToolHelp Customer Services
    • 20. The Benefits Improved Quality Improved Efficiency
    • 21. Thank You