RIMS Update Nov 2011


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Update on the (New Zealand) Roading Information & Asset Management Steering Group to the NZIHT / NZTA Conference (Nov 2011)

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  • RIMS Stands for …..But (click)Next Slide: Purpose
  • Next Slide: Committee
  • Next Slide: Committee Members
  • Diverse range of people…Some involved from the start of RAMM while some of us were still running around a school at the time.Good mix of backgrounds and interests to cover all aspects of RIMS objectives.Next Slide: 2011/12 Objectives
  • Next Slide: Partnership Opportunities
  • RIMS aims to work with other roading and asset management agencies such as:As per slide…..Work closely with;NAMS Ltd for asset managementIDS Ltd for dTIMSIn addition… there is also LGNZ, LGIM and other industry groups that also have a role in roading assets and information management.Next Slide: RIMS History
  • 2011 – Flowing from the Forum in February it has become clear that RIMS can longer focus on one partocular software product or vendor.RIMS is now focused on developing information that any vendor can utilise to help meet the needs of the roading industry.This provides a more competitive environment which will hopefully lead to some significant software improvements that we can utilise in the near future.Next Slide: RIMS Forum
  • Predominantly workshop driven to help RIMS get a better understanding of the roading asset information management industry’s needs and expectations.While this started out focused on the needs of the systems, in the end it actually revealed more about what the industry needed from a group like RIMS.Next Slide: 2010/11 Projects
  • Next Slide: New Projects
  • Next Slide: New Industry Engagement
  • Who here is a member of LinkenIn?If have time left then can talk of a couple of challenges for RIMS.MoneyResoucesMany Industry Representative GroupsThank youNext Slide: The End (Questions)
  • RIMS Update Nov 2011

    1. 1. RIMS UpdateNZIHT /NZTA Conference – November 2011
    2. 2. What is RIMS?Road Information & AssetManagement Steering Group
    3. 3. PurposeTo provide leadership and strategic advice to theNew Zealand road management industry on bestpractice, asset management systems and tools forroads.
    4. 4. CommitteeRIMS is a Committee ofMembers from INGENIUM • Local Government (6) • NZTA (3)
    5. 5. Current MembersGordon Hart NZTA (Chair)Peter Scott Auckland TransportJim McQueen Dunedin City CouncilPeter Thomson Tasman District CouncilMatthew Rodwell Hastings District CouncilNeil Beckett NZTAVaughan McEwen Wellington City CouncilSimon Gough Whangarei District CouncilTony Lange NZTA
    6. 6. 2011/12 Key Objectives• Identify and develop projects that will be beneficial to the roading industry.• Prioritise and undertake projects and deliver outcomes to the roading industry.• Facilitate a national approach to Roading Asset Management issues.• Maximise dissemination of information on roading matters to the roading industry.• Disseminate information on completed projects.
    7. 7. Partnership Opportunities NZTA IDS NAMS RCA Ltd Ltd Forum
    8. 8. A Little bit of RIMS History 1990’s Development of RAMM 1999-2008 Development of dTIMS A new focus on asset and 2008 information management 2011 Move to a system agnostic approach
    9. 9. RIMS ForumTopics Covered:• Connecting with each other and software providers – user groups• Asset Information to Asset Knowledge – collecting the right data• Location Referencing – advances in spatial data• Promoting and facilitating innovation• Quality and confidence – quality data• Sharing information
    10. 10. 2010/11 Projects•High Speed Data Collection Guideline•Risk Management for Roading Activities•Maintenance Cost Framework•Data Collection and Monitoring Strategies for Asset Management of NZ Road Bridges (NZTA Research Report)
    11. 11. New Projects•Traffic Counting and Management•Road Asset Management Information Systems – Good Practice Guide•Best Practice Guide for Roading Asset Management•Best Practice Guidelines for Data Collection and Monitoring of Road Bridges•Guidelines for Pavement Strength Testing
    12. 12. New Industry Engagement• Annual 1 Day Forum• Improved Website www.rims.org.nz• LinkedIn Group• RIM BoK
    13. 13. Questions?More Information?www.rims.org.nzSimon Goughsimong@wdc.govt.nz