Closing the Loop - Information Management Tools for Auckland Motorways


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RIMS Forum - 20 March 2013
Andrew Litchfield - Auckland Motorways

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  • Thanks for intro…The focus of my talk is on the tools and technology at the AMA
  • Thanks for intro…The focus of my talk is on the tools and technology at the AMA
  • Talk about an alliance of specialistsMention two tunnels, ahbVolume of 982,000 vehicles using the network each day so ~ 300 million trips + per year. 10% of nations traffic.Mention TBSCustomersKpi’s, deliverables, one networkMention chairman's savings to get us into the information side;
  • 10 year contract;* We must have our data electronic* Put the hard work in up front* InterfacesSo;Kill the spreadsheets! SSOTT sqlUpdate datawarehouse on a regular basis
  • Different tools for uses/disciplines; inventory, location condition and job managementGIS, HIS audit tool, naked dataGIS examples next page
  • ViewerCentreline has to be rightEditingThe next stepAnalysisSCRIM – building spatial detioration evolution of road surfacing for predictive analysisAWVMS for new COPTM specification, enabled us to determine the cost of changes
  • Change is toughJDI – sometimes with another letterDoing the right thing, not hiding flaws improves all of the data quality upstreamUse maps – bring data to life! Everything has a locationUsing RAMM moreImprovement, Plan, Do, Monitor, Review … continuously(GPS good enough)(If RAMM can’t hold everything then we need a preferably SharePoint master list and everyone needs to understand the process)
  • Always room for improvementThe lean project analyses business processes and operations to implement optimisations, removing not value addManage all activities by asset id numberWant to share more with AC/ATUpgrade to ESRI 10.1( if asked; Lean required as TOC2 budget requires management of more assets for the same budget )
  • We’ve looked at AMAPresentFutureShared Lessons learntLooked at examplesBig thing for me is closing the loop, identify, expose, use and continuously update your dataMy observation is that we are now using RAMM more than ever.
  • Oh I mentioned a free giftWeb application you can use on nearly every smartphone around new zealand
  • Do we need spatialStore data local or central, do we know ?
  • Closing the Loop - Information Management Tools for Auckland Motorways

    1. 1. RIMS Forum20th March 2013Closing the LoopTechnologies and tools at the AMA
    2. 2. OutlineToday we will look at; • Intro • Systems • Tools • What we’re doing • Lessons learnt • Going forward • Free gift
    3. 3. The AMA, a few facts• Maintain 850 lane km• NZ’s busiest network• 300 structures, tens of thousands of assets
    4. 4. Key SystemsRAMMCustomer Relation Management • Compass, Microsoft Dynamics CRMRoad Closure Management • AmaDeusJob Management • AmaTrac • Level of ServiceProject Management • PrimaVera • Maximise common closuresDocument Management • ADC AMA Document CentreStorage • SQL Server Data warehouse • SharePoint
    5. 5. ToolsDesktop• RAMM• Internal websites • GIS - AMA Map Viewer • Sharepoint – AMATrac, ADC• External websites • AMA Map Viewer • Highway Information SheetsMobile• GIS data collection & verification• HTML5 • Linear location • network inspections, incident response and structures cyclic inspections• User innovation
    6. 6. GIS examplesViewer • State Highway Centreline • Everything in data warehouse, assets, CRM etc…Editing • Environmental • Mowing • Network ControlsAnalysis • SCRIM • Retro reflectivity • AWVMS
    7. 7. • JDI• SSOTT• Data source and owners• Use maps• Be device agnostic• Continuous improvement
    8. 8. Going Forward• Lean projects• Pocket RAMM• NZTA GIS• Sharing
    9. 9. Summary
    10. 10. m.aucklandmotorways .com
    11. 11. Questions