Responsive Design for Complex Websites (IXDA Munich)
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Responsive Design for Complex Websites (IXDA Munich)



This is a presentation I held at the IXDA Munich meeting on 08 April 2013.

This is a presentation I held at the IXDA Munich meeting on 08 April 2013.



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Responsive Design for Complex Websites (IXDA Munich) Responsive Design for Complex Websites (IXDA Munich) Presentation Transcript

  • Responsive Design for Complex WebsitesReality check – How does it really changethe design process?IXDA Munich Meeting08 April 2013Sabine Berghaus  
  • Lots of websites have taken aresponsive approach*…… but our challenge was a little bigger….*h$p://­‐;es-­‐and-­‐responsive-­‐ecommerce/?utm_source=Responsive+Design+Weekly&utm_campaign=18bf5a122f-­‐RWD_interview_6&utm_medium=email  
  • Complete relaunch | “Flagship Store” Configuration & Checkout Self-Care Area / Customer Center Help Center Brand experience Product description News & Specials Media Center (Video Content) Magazine
  • Project Setup Team •  7 Information Architects •  5 Visual Designers •  100 Client StakeholdersTimeline: July – December 2012 Discover   Define   Deliver  •  Workshops •  Define vision •  Design Specification•  Stakeholder Interviews •  Basic concept •  Batch Process •  Design direction •  User Testing •  User Testing
  • Reality Common “Rules” Check and our approachLimitations
  • Rule #1 No more Photoshop!h$p://­‐why-­‐we-­‐skip-­‐photoshop   h$p://  
  • Challenge #1How would you create aprototype for a template– module system?
  • Challenge #2 7 IA working at the same time
  • Create a standard specification for allviewports?
  • Trial & ErrorViewport L Viewport M Viewport SWe started with a pilot – detailed specification for thefirst workpackage …
  • Still you might want to keep thespecification as small as possible
  • Solution #1The “responsive guide” holds all rulesfor responsive design.
  • Solution #2InDesign allowed us to work on the samespecification at the same time.
  • Solution #3Keep a module list for overview and alignment.
  • Summary: Specification setup Module Basic rules specificationOverview andalignment
  • Rule #2 Mobile First
  • Challenge #3:What if your client “thinks desktop”?
  • How do you create responsive designwhen you work “mobile second”?
  • Solution #4: Floorplanning
  • Solution #5: Responsive PatternsList with images Text list Carousel Expandable list
  • Summary:You can design mobile second, if…… you keep yourcontent structured –Content First! … your define your layout with basic responsive patterns in mind.
  • Rule #3No morewaterfall! Developer Designer IA
  • Challenge #4Separate budgetsfor concept anddevelopment!
  • Also in a waterfall process you can makeuse of “connected thinking”
  • Solution #6: Proof of concept
  • Summary:Get tech and creative connected as soonas possible – even if the track has notofficially started.Challenge and review creativeconcepts.
  • Rule #4 F!?% the pagefold!
  • Challenge #5“But the price is still above thefold, right?”
  • Communicate. Explain.
  • Solution #7Set “golden rules”for responsivedesign – togetherwith your client.(or other topics e.g.personalization)
  • Solution #8:Use devices for presentation
  • Summary:Get hands-on with your client.Team work!
  • Limitations What did not work so well?Limitations
  • Challenge #6:One size does not fit all…
  • Open issue:Responsive layout does not mean“optimized for all use cases”.Some aspects require separate solutionsor progressive enhancement.
  • Challenge #7:Responsive Advertising
  • Open issue:Good solutions for responsive advertisingare still missing.
  • Learnings In a nutshellLimitations
  • 1. Clean specification setup2. Content first3. Connected thinking4. Hands-on with client
  • Thank you!Get in touchSabine BerghausE-Mail: sberghaus@sapient.comTwitter: @stadtnomadinWebsite:
  • Image referencesPages 4, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 19, 20, 30, 36: Own images Page 25: 3: by: Genista King Chung Huang Page 27:Page 8: by: NheliaBundesarchiv_Bild_183-61419-0001,_VEB_Th%C3%BCringer_Bekleidungswerk_Erfurt,_Brigade.jpg Page 28:by: Hecker by: weinstockPage 12: Page 31:By: tetue File:IPad_2_Smart_Cover_at_unveiling.jpgPage 17: by: Robert Scoble Matthieu Riegler Page 34: 16: by: Silvar William Hook Page 40: 22: by: walknbostonAssembly Line 23: 401(K) 2013