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The liquid to be extracted is poured into an extraction vessel. Solvent is boiled in
a reboiler vessel and condensed in an overhead condenser, the condensed liquid
collecting in a reflux divider and passing through pipework to the extraction
vessel. The pipework incorporates valves in order that the solvent can enter the
extraction vessel at either the base of the top, depending on the relative
densities of the solvent and liquid to be extracted. The solvent and the extracted
liquid pass back to the reboiler and the process is repeated until the extraction is
complete. The extraction vessel is then drained and the solvent evaporated from
the reboiler vessel and collected in the extraction vessel enabling the two liquids
to be drained from their respective vessels.

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standard units | multi purpose unit | falling film absorber

  1. 1. R45Unit Reactor Bath Vapour Extraction Condenser2Cat.Ref. Capacity KW Line Vessel MLLU10 10 L 3.00 40mmx1m 10 L 0.35LLU20 20 L 4.50 50mmx1m 20 L 0.50LLU50 50 L 6.00 80mmx1m 50 L 1.50Liquid extraction, sometimes called solvent extraction, is the separation ofconstituents of a liquid solution by contact with another insoluble liquid. Theunitdescribedhereisforasemi-batchoperation.The liquid to be extracted is poured into an extraction vessel. Solvent is boiled inareboilervesselandcondensedinanoverheadcondenser,thecondensedliquidcollecting in a reflux divider and passing through pipework to the extractionvessel. The pipework incorporates valves in order that the solvent can enter theextraction vessel at either the base of the top, depending on the relativedensities of the solvent and liquid to be extracted. The solvent and the extractedliquid pass back to the reboiler and the process is repeated until the extraction iscomplete.Theextractionvesselisthendrainedandthesolventevaporatedfromthereboilervesselandcollectedintheextractionvesselenablingthetwoliquidstobedrainedfromtheirrespectivevessels.The units are available in vessel sizes of 10, 20 & 50L and is suitable for operationunderatmosphericpressure.LIQUID-LIQUID EXTRACTION UNITUnit Reactor Bath Vapour Extraction Condenser2Cat.Ref. Capacity KW Line Vessel MSLU10 10 L 3.00 40mmx1m 10 L 0.35SLU20 20 L 4.50 50mmx1m 20 L 0.50SLU50 50 L 6.00 80mmx1m 50 L 1.50This operation involves preferential solublising of one or more solubleconstituents (solutes) of a solid mixture by a liquid solvent. The unit describedhereisforasemi-batchoperation.Thesolidtobeextractedisputinsideaglassfiberbagandplacedinanextractionvessel. Solvent from the reboiler is continuously evaporated, condensed andcirculatedthrougharefluxdividerbymeansofpipingnetworkandvalves.Whendesired/ steady concentration of solute is achieved in the solution the operationisdiscontinued.Thesolutionisdrainedoffandcollectedforfurtheruse.After charging fresh solid in fiber bag and solvent in reboiler, the cycle can berestartedagain.Theunitsareavailableinvesselsizesof 10,20&50Landissuitableforoperationunderatmosphericpressure.SOLID-LIQUID EXTRACTION UNITSTANDARD UNITSVENTOVER HEADCONDENSERREFLUX DIVIDERVALVEEXTRACTIONVESSELDRAIN VALVEDRAIN VALVEBATHVESSELVAPOURPIPELINEVENTOVER HEADCONDENSERREFLUX DIVIDERDRAIN VALVEBATHVESSELVAPOURPIPELINEVALVEEXTRACTIONVESSELCONTAININGFIBRE BAGDRAIN VALVE
  2. 2. R34STANDARD UNITSGlass Lined Reactors are used instead of glass reactors specially when scale ofoperation is large and relatively high pressure steam is to be used as heatingmedia.Quite often assemblieslike SimpleDistillation Unit, Reaction DistillationUnit,FractionalDistillationUnitetc.areinstalledaboveglasslinedreactors.Thebasic features of these assemblies remain the same but glass shell and tubeheat exchanger is preferred due to large scale of operation. A typical fractionaldistillationunittypeassemblyoverGLRisshowninadjacentfigure.Cat.Ref. DN Actual CapacityVZR 25/12 300 25 LtrVZR 50/16 400 54 LtrVZR 100/18 450 101 LtrVZR 200/24 600 198 LtrFLANGED REACTORSSize :ASSEMBLIES OVER GLASS LINED REACTORDesigned for use in research & development or in pilot plant operations. Ourstandard Flanged Reactors are provided with cylindrical vessel with widediameter. Glass Cover with Vapour Nozzle & Feed tube, Flush Bottom Valve,Extra Heating sensors for better heating, PTFE Battery, Flame-proof ElectricalHeating Bath/Mantle, Glass Turbine Stirrer, Epoxy coated coupling & PTFEGaskets.All wetted parts are made of borosilicate glass or PTFE for optimumcompatibilityofreactants.SHELL & TUBE HEAT EXCHANGERPHASE SEPARATORPRODUCT COOLERRECEIVERREACTORFLAME PROOF GEARED MOTORFREQUENCY DIGITAL REGULATORMECHANICAL SEALVAPOUR NOZZLEVAPOUR COVERLIQUID ADDITION PIPEGLASS VESSELPTFE BEFFLES 4 NOS.TURBINE STIRRERCOOLING COILTWO EXTRA SENSORSDIGITAL TEMP.CONTROLLER
  3. 3. R45Vacuum Catch PotSIDE VIEWMULTI PURPOSE UNITGGoelOffermultipurposepilotplantforchemicalandpharmaceuticalindustriesforprocessdevelopment,scale-up,processsimulationandkilo-scalecGMPproductioninbatchandsemi-batchoperation.Thepilotplantusedforchemicalprocessingincludessolidcharging,liquidcharging,reaction,heating/cooling,rectification,auto/manualrefluxarrangement,layerseparation,productcooler,vacuumcatchpot,vacuumheaderetc.GThemultipurposepilotplantdesignedinsuchawaythatwecanmodifythesameeasilyasperprocessrequirement.AvailablewithGJacketedfullglassreactor/CylindricalfullglassreactorwithOilheatingcoolingbath/SphericalfullglassreactorwithOilheatingcoolingbathGMultipurposeglassdistillationoverheadGStainlesssteel/MSepoxycoated/MSpaintedframesupportingGFlameproof/Nonflameproof/cGMP/nonGMPmodelsavailableGExcellentcorrosionresistant.GTemp.Controller.GGaspurging,solidcharging/multiliquidaddition.GVacuum/exhaustpipingGAdditionalfeeders/receiversGSolidfeedingUnit Reaction Bath KW Addition Vapour Condenser Cooler ReceiverCat. Ref. Capacity Vessel Line HTA m2 HTA m2 SizeMPU 20 20 L 4.5 2 L 80 DN 0.35 0.10 2L, 5LMPU 50 50 L 6.0 5 L 100 DN 0.50 0.20 5L, 10LMPU 100 100 L 9.0 10 L 150 DN 1.50 0.35 10L, 20LMPU 200 200 L 12.0 20 L 150 DN 1.50 0.35 10L, 20LMPU 300 300 L 16.0 20 L 225 DN 2.50 0.50 20L, 20L
  4. 4. R34STANDARD UNITSAbove systems are available with different options, depending upon their size &their utility. Our Technical Department will glad to assist you in finding a suitablesolutionforyourprocessrequirement.1. Stirrer Drive: Non-Flameproof or Flameproof Motor, 192 RPM with speedregulator.2. Stirrermaterialofconstruction:GlassorPTFELined.3. Stirrer shape: Glass Impeller Stirrer with PTFE Blades, Vortex Stirrer,propellerstirrer&anchorstirrer.4. Stirring Assembly: Stirring Assembly with bellow seal or with mechanicalseal.5. SupportingStructure:CarbonSteel,EpoxycoatedCarbonSteel, S ta i n l e s sSteel304&StainlessSteel316.AllstructureareavailableinTrolleymountedform.6. ClosingValve:DrainValveorFlushBottomOutletValve.MOBILEMIXING SYSTEMCat.Ref. Vessel Ref. Nominal Cap.(I)CGR 20 VSL 20/9 20CGR 50 VSL 50/12 50CGR 100 VSL 100/18 100CGR 150 VSL 100/18 150CGR 200 VSL 200/18 200CGR 300 VSL 300/24 300Cylindrical Mixing ReactorFor Graduation on reactor kindly add G to the Cat. Ref. that means SGR 20will be marked as SGR 20/G.Glass Reactors are ideally used for wide applications in laboratory, pilot plant &for small-scale production. They reduce the need for investment in permanentinstallations & also reduce the pressure & temperature losses resulting frompipelineinstallation.These reactors are available with spherical shape & in cylindrical shape. Thesereactorsarealsoavailableincylindricaljacketedform.Cat.Ref. Vessel Ref. Nominal Cap.(I)JGR 5 VZD 5/6 5JGR 10 VZD 10/9 10JGR 20 VZD 20/12 20JGR 30 VZD 30/12 30JGR 50 VZD 50/12 50Jacketed Mixing ReactorMOTORSTIRRERPTFE BELLOWLINE VALVECLOSUREVESSELCOVERJACKETED VESSELVESSEL HOLDERDRAIN VALVEMOTORSTIRRERPTFE BELLOWLINE VALVECLOSUREVESSELCOVERJACKETED VESSELVESSEL HOLDERBOTTOM OUTLETVALVE
  5. 5. R45Efficient gas absorption depends on the following :ThisisachievedinaFallingFilmAbsorberwhichisessentiallyashell&tubeheatexchanger in which both gas to be absorbed and absorbing liquid flow co-currently downward with extraction of heat by circulation of coolant in theshell.Theabsorbingliquidiscirculatedthroughatanktilldesiredconcentrationis achieved. The liquid flows at such a rate that the tubes do not flow full of theliquid but instead, descends by gravity along the inner walls of the tubes as athinfilm.Obviously,thisproducesamuchgreaterlinearvelocityforagivenrateflowthancouldbeobtainedifthetubeflowedfull.The equipment works as a number of water cooled wetted-wall columns inparallel and each tube is provided with distribution system on top to effectuniform distribution of both liquid and gas and also formation of a thin liquidfilmontheinnersurfaceofthetube.1. Intimatecontact. 2. EfficientHeatTransfer.INTRODUCTION1. The heat of absorption is continuously removed. This ensures betterabsorption and product concentration as compared with conventionalpacked tower.2. Low residence time and operating temperature ideally suited to heatsensitive materials.3. Borosilicate glass and PTFE contact parts ensure corrosion/contamination free operation.4. Both standard and custom built units are available.5. Capable of operating from zero to maximum gas flow rate.6. Ease of installation due to light weight.7. Trouble free and consistent performance with minimal attention.8. Wide application e.g. HCl, HBr, NH , SO , H S, Br etc.3 2 2 29. Less cost.10. Negligible pressure drop compared to conventional columns.11. Compact design Sleek and slender.12. Both heat and mass transfer operations are incorporated in a singleequipment.13. Very high heat transfer coefficient as the liquid falls instead of flowing.14. Scaling of process fluid is minimal due to high velocity and ease ofcleaning by simple acid circulation.15. Hot conditions are eliminated at all stages namely pipe, tanks andpumps etc.SALIENT FEATURESFALLING FILM ABSORBERLIMITATIONS1. Not recommended for gases containing high proportion of inert (insoluble).2. Not applicable if the gases are not highly soluble.SPECIFICATIONSNominal Absorber No.of Tubes/ Max.Gas Absorption Max.Acid Prod.Sr. Size Area Tube OD Rate (Pure HCl) * Rate (As 30 % HeightNo. (mm) (m2) (mm) (kg/hr) HCl) (kg/hr) * (m)1. 80 1.00 4/ 20 30 100 44002. 100 1.76 7/ 20 60 200 45003. 150 4.80 19/ 20 150 500 46004. 225 7.80 31/ 20 250 833 49205. 300 15.30 61/ 20 500 1667 50506. 400 36.00 143/ 20 1175 3917 53007. 450 47.00 187/ 20 1500 5000 57008. 600 84.00 333/ 20 2700 9000 5800LIQUIDGASCOOLANTVENTDRAINCOOLANTAVENTCW INGASLIQUIDCW OUTTANKDETAIL - ADISTRIBUTORTUBE SHEETPACKINGTUBE
  6. 6. R34INTRODUCTIONCommercial Hydrochloric Acid is available in the market as 30% aqueoussolution. But for certain applications e.g. bulk drug and pharmaceuticals, HClis required in anhydrous state for critical reactions where moisture cannot betolerated. Such users generate anhydrous HCl from commercial grade fortheir captiveconsumption.ANHYDROUS HCL GASGENERATORMETHODSeveral methods have been adopted by industries. But generation by SulphuricAcidRouteandBoilingRoutearecommonlypracticed.WeofferCalciumChlorideRoutealso.Route Sulphuric Acid Route Boiling RouteIndicativeRaw-material& Utilities for20 kg/hr HClWorkingPrincipleProcessOutlineSalientFeaturesHydrochloric acid is highly soluble in water but the solubilitydiminishes in presence of H2SO4 and at 70 to 75% H2SO4concentration its solubility is negligible. Thus by adding (98%)commercialSulphuricacidtocommercialhydrochloricacid(30%)inproper ratio the entire HCl can be liberated in gaseous form leaving75%H2SO4asspentacid.Meteredquantitiesofcommercialsulphuricacidhydrochloricacidsare fed to the unit where they mix in the Mixing Zone. The gasgenerated forms a froth and enters the Generation Zone wherewhile traveling through a bed gas is released which travels upwardsthrough the Drying Zone. Here the gas comes in intimate contactwith downward flow of 98% H2SO4. The dry gas leaving the unitpasses through a rotameter. The spent liquor containing 70-75%H2SO4passesthroughtheCoolingZonebeforebeingdischarged.- Operational reliability the unit can be started/ stopped inseconds.- Available in wide range of capacities from 5 to 200 kg/hrof dry HCl.- Except cooling water no other utility e.g. steam chilledwater etc. required.- Anhydrous gas.- Capable of operating from 25 to 120%.- Ease of installation.- Negligible pressure drop.- High efficiency 99%.Aqueous hydrochloric acid forms a maximum boiling pointoazeotrope at 110 C containing 20.24% HCl at atmosphericpressure. Thus by distilling commercial hydrochloric acid(30%) pure HCl gas can be generated and spent acid willcontainover20.24%HCl.- Operational reliability.- Available in wide range capacities from 5 kg/hrto 200 kg/hr of dry HCl.- Except commercial hydrochloric acid, no otherraw-material is required.- Anhydrous gas.- Capable of operating from 25-100%.- Ease of installation.- Negligible pressure drop.30% HCl - 70 kg/hr98% H2SO4 - 170 kg/hr3Cooling Water - 2 m /hr30% HCl - 200 Kg/hrSaturated Steam - 50 kg/hr3Cooling Water - 3.5 m /hr3Chilled Brine - 4 m /hrMetered quantity of commercial hydrochloric acid ispreheatedinapreheaterbysteamandfedtoafractionatingcolumn with steam as heating media in the reboiler. Thevapours leaving the column are condensed with coolant ascooling water and chilled brine in stages.The relatively drygas passes through a mist eliminator and then through arotameter. The spent acid containing 22% HCl is cooledthroughacoolerandthendischarged.HCL GAS98% H2SO4DRYINGZONE30%HCLMIXINGZONEGENERATIONZONESPENT ACIDCWSULPHURIC ACIDROUTEHCL GASDEMISTERCONDENSERCONDENSERCHWCWCOLUMNPREHEATERS30% HCLS COOLERCWREBOILER20-22%HCLBOILING ROUTE
  7. 7. R45
  8. 8. R34ROTARY FILM EVAPORATOR2 TO 50 LITERSINTRODUCTIONRotary Film Evaporator is essentially a thin film evaporator. The rotatingflask continuously covers a large surface area with a thin film which is idealfor rapid heat transfer. Fortuitously, the thin film also ensures uniform heatdistribution without local heating. The facility to work the unit under fullvacuum further facilitates evaporation at as low temperature as possible.That is to say, both boiling point and residence time are significantlyreduced. These features combined, renders rotary film evaporator to beideallysuited for evaporation of heat sensitive material. It is equally successful forevaporation of suspension in crystallization processes, drying of powder/granulesetc.Rota Evaporator finds wide use from small scale laboratory set-ups toindustrial operation. Goel Rotary Film Evaporator (GRFE) is preferred byboth research and production facilities and has been used by laboratoryandchemical,pharmaceuticalandbiotechnologicalindustries.
  9. 9. R451. Universal corrosion resistance.2. Auto controlled digital display of rotational speed and bath temperature.3. Digital display of process time.4. Automatic bath lifting.5. Automatic bath lowering in case of power failure.6. RS-232 Interface (Optional).7. Withstands full vacuum.8. Ideally suited for heat sensitive material.9. Maintenance free working - Operational reliability.10. Available in large sizes upto 400 Litre.SALIENT FEATURESTechnical informations related to various models arefurnished below :PERFORMANCE DATACONSTRUCTIONROTARY FILM EVAPORATOR2 TO 50 LITERSGoel Rotary Film Evaporators are completely self contained units consistingmainly of:GAnelectricallyheated SS heatingbathwithfacilityforraisingandloweringtheheight.GRotating flask of corrosion resistant borosilicate glass which is connected to drive by acoupling.GThe drive is a hollow glass shaft which also acts as vapour off-take pipe. The drive shaftis sealed on condenser/receiver with teflon seal. Power is transmitted to the shaft by amotordrivengearwithprovisionforvaryingspeed.GCondenser/receiverarrangementsareofstandard designdependingonthemodel/size.The performance of rota-evaporator depends on various parameters such as temperaturedifferential between bath and contents of flask, RPM, flask capacity and working pressure. Anindicativecomparisionof boil-upofCCl ratesfor20L,50Land100Lisgiveninadjacentfigure.4GOEL brand is associated with quality & reliability and as a company is trend-setter in this business in India.2046810 20 30 40 50 (r.p.m.)0GRFE 50 Bath temp. 90 C0GRFE 20 Bath temp. 90 CFlask rotation speedI/hEvaporationratesforcarbontetrachloride(CCI4)at760mm.Hg0GRFE 100 Bath temp. 90 CModel Rotating Rotating Electric Condenser Receiver Power BathFlask Speed Motor Cooling Flask Supply RatingCap. (Ltrs.) (rpm) Rating Area Cap. (Ltrs.) (Volt/Hz)GRFE 2 2 0-80 40 Watt 0.15 1 230 V, 50 Hz 2GRFE 3 3 0-80 40 Watt 0.15 1 230 V, 50 Hz 2GRFE 5 5 0-80 40 Watt 0.15 2 230 V, 50 Hz 2GRFE 10 10 0-80 0.25 HP 0.20 5 230 V, 50 Hz 4GRFE 20 20 0-80 0.25 HP 0.30 10 230 V, 50 Hz 4GRFE 50 50 0-80 0.25 HP 0.50 20 230 V, 50 Hz 6
  10. 10. R34ROTARY FILM EVAPORATOR2 TO 50 LITERSSalient Features :* Attractive Vertical Orientation* Digital RPM indicator & VFD based speed control* Digital Temperature Indicator & Controller* Digital Process Time Indication* Digital vapor temperature indicator* Motorized VFD based UP & down of bath* S.S. bath with Jacket & electrical heaters with overflow nozzle & drain valves* Durable S.S. gearbox, with motor encased into the Mechanical Assembly* Complete glass assembly as per the specs in the table* Anti splashing hood* PU coated* The whole unit is mounted on lockable wheels.* Dimensions : 1100 x 600 x 1500 approx (with glass assembly)* Fully tested & ready to use !!Optional :* UPS back up for auto lowering bath* Chiller unit* Vacuum pump with setup10, 20, 50 Ltrs.Salient Features* Attractive Vertical Orientation for Industrial & Robust Use* 2 Ltr Pear Shaped evaporation flask, 1 Ltr receiver* Glass Coil Condensor with 0.10 sq. mtr HTA* Digital RPM indicator & VFD based speed control, 0.25 Hp Motor, 0-80 RPM* Digital Temperature Indicator & controller* Digital vapor temperature indicator* Manual UP & Down of Bath* Jacketed Bath with electrical heaters, 2 KW with Overflow nozzle & drain valves* Durable gearbox, with Motor Encased into the mechanical Assembly* Fully PU Coated* The whole unit is base mounted.* Fully tested & ready to use !!Optional* Chiller Unit* Vacuum Pump with Setup2, 3, 5 Ltrs.
  11. 11. RROTARY FILM EVAPORATORJUMBO RANGE100 TO 800 LITERSThe Largest Size In The World !!
  12. 12. R34ROTARY FILM EVAPORATORJUMBO RANGE 100 TO 800 LITERSA brief Introduction of evolution of CYLINDRICAL SHAPED Rotary FilmEvaporator made of Borosilicate Glass!! - ALL NEW Innovation from GOEL,INDIA.Rotary Film Evaporator is a very regular usage product in the R & D ofchemical & pharmaceutical industry. It is also being used nowadays formanufacturing purpose for high value pharmaceutical & specialty chemicalproducts. The existing rotary film evaporators, which are used, are withspherical evaporating flasks. What happens is when the requirement ofvolume for process increases it is practically very difficult to handle the sizesbeyond50Liters.Chemical reactors are cylindrical in shape with a particular L/D ratio ingeneral, which are given for a particular reaction surface area. Thecylindrical vessel has a higher surface area than spherical vessel. Thisprompted us to think in the direction; why only spherical vessel is usedwhen we can exploit the advantage of cylindrical shape evaporation flask inarotaryfilmevaporator.Thus the innovation for a better rotary film evaporator with betterefficiency in terms of rate of evaporation was done. The results showedthat the rate of evaporation was enhanced to 20 % as compared toconventional spherical shaped rotary film evaporator. Also the mechanicalstability was far superior to spherical vessel, inclined drive rotary filmevaporator.Then we designed the largest Rotary Film Evaporator Jumbo Rotary,capacity 400 Ltrs made from Borosilicate Glass 3.3 CylindricalINTRODUCTIONEvaporation flask. In spherical flask rotary film evaporator the drive isinclined and the flask is held from its neck only. Thus a inclined cantilevertype of loading happens on the rotating assembly. This is highly unstablemechanically as for the same neck size of flask, higher stresses develop inthe flask neck compared to a horizontal drive simply supported flask as inthe case of cylindrical rotary film evaporator. The cylindrical flask of thejumbo rotary evaporator is also held by the neck, but the drive centerline isnotinclined,insteaditishorizontal.The rotating flask is also supported axially at two cross-sectionalcircumference over its whole length, thus making the loading effectively asimplysupportedoneandnotacantilevertype.Thisreducesthestressesonthe neck of the flask and is the only safer solution for making higher sizerotaryfilmevaporator.Anotheradvantageofthecylindricalflaskisitslowerdiameter compared to a spherical flask for a particular volume, which is averycriticalfactorforglassMOCasthepressureratinggoesdowndrasticallywith the increase in diameter. Also material removal & cleaning becomeseasier from the cylindrical rotary film evaporator. It is simply opening thequickreleasecouplingfromoneend.Thematerialcanbeeasilyscoopedoutwhere as in spherical rotary film evaporator the whole flask is to beseparated out & spherical flasks becomes too bulky and handling becomesverydifficultforsizesabove100Ltrs.This development has overcome the constraint of the size in Rotary FilmEvaporators from laboratory scale applications to industrial applicationsforsizesabove100Liters i.e.Up to 800 Liters with a diameter of 800 mm !!TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONSITEM MODEL : GRFE 100 J MODEL : GRFE 200 J MODEL : GRFE 400 JCylindrical Flask 100 Ltr. 200 Ltr. 400 Ltr.Heating Bath SS 304 SS 304 SS 3045 Kw x 3 = 15 Kw 6 Kw x 3 = 18 Kw 9 Kw x 3 = 27 KwFlameproof Flameproof FlameproofCanopy Polycarbonate Canopy Polycarbonate Canopy Polycarbonate CanopyDrive Motor 2 HP (Flame proof), 3 HP (Flame proof), 5 HP (Flame proof),50 Hz 415 V, 3 phase motor 50 Hz 415 V, 3 phase motor 50 Hz 415 V, 3 phase motorRPM : 2-50 RPM, Variable, VFD Based RPM : 2-50 RPM, Variable, VFD Based RPM : 2-50 RPM, Variable, VFD BasedGlass All contact Parts are made of All contact Parts are made of All contact Parts are made ofSpecification Borosilicate - 3.3 glass / PTFE Borosilicate - 3.3 glass / PTFE Borosilicate - 3.3 glass / PTFEHeat Exchanger - 1.5 m2 x 1 Nos. Heat Exchanger - 1.5 m2 x 2 Nos. Heat Exchanger - 2.5 m2 x 2 Nos.Heat Transfer, 6 Small Diameter Heat Transfer, 6 Small Diameter Heat Transfer, 6 Small DiameterReceivers 20 Ltrs with Drain, Receivers 20 Ltrs with Drain, Receivers 20 Ltrs with Drain,Vacuum & Vacuum Release Valve Vacuum & Vacuum Release Valve Vacuum & Vacuum Release ValveSeals & Gasket PTFE & GFT Seals & Gasket PTFE & GFT Seals & Gasket PTFE & GFTTubular Structure & Structure Tubular Structure & Structure Tubular Structure & StructureParts SS 304 Parts SS 304 Parts SS 304Dimension 2000(L) x 1000(W) x 2000(H) mm 2500(L) x 1200(W) x 2200(H) mm 3600(L) x 1500(W) x2500(H) mm(Approx)
  14. 14. R34Besides the manufacturing of our standard glass components, wespecialize in producing borosilicate glassware as per customerrequirement.Foranycomponents,whicharenotinourrangeofstandardproduction, we can fabricate the same as per required drawing orsample.Our experienced glass blower team can assist you in designing of anycomponentsasperclientrequirement.As a part of our super speciality - The one of the Indigenous segment thatisCUSTOMIZEDGLASSWARE.CUSTOM GLASSWARE
  16. 16. R34R
  17. 17. R45R