Beneficial tips on Seo Web Design


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This presentation is about the tips of SEO Web Designing which can help you make a perfect website. For more details visit

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Beneficial tips on Seo Web Design

  1. 1. Tips on SEO Web Design By:
  2. 2. Designing a website is a very important partonline business. Unless the website has agood search engine ranking it wont be easilyvisible. For your website to work efficientlyyou need to follow few SEO and good contentdevelopment strategies. Here are few tips forSEO friendly Web Design.
  3. 3. 1.Search Engines Feed on ContentWhile you design a website the most important thing is a well versedcontent as content is the main part of all website. For example, don’t useimages for text until you use CSS-image-replacement technique.2.Site should be Search Engine FriendlyA site should be such, that search engines can crawl. Websites that useFlash for navigation should also know how to get accessed for the searchengine as it becomes difficult for them to crawl.
  4. 4. 3.Content of A Website should be easily accessedHTML document is the way search engines view a website. JavaScript andCSS should be externalized to avoid adding of lines to your HTMLdocument. This addition is placed before the content and results in slowcrawling.4.Search Engine Friendly UrlSearch engine friendly Url consists of the keywords that explains thecontent of the website.
  5. 5. 5.Use of Meta TagsUse of meta tags should be carefully done. The titles, body and thekeywords should be used differently. Each page should have a meta dataas this is the only way search engines judge a website’s structure.6. Restriction of few Pages from Search EnginesAll pages does not require search engines to crawl. Pages like server-sidescripts should be blocked as they add no value to your content. Thesepages should not be exposed to the web robots. To avoid these kind ofpages to be indexed robots.txt file should be used.
  6. 6. Requirements for SEO Web Design
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