Aam Aadmi Party, The 18 issues.


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Letter to Bhartiya Janta Party and Indian National Congress chiefs by Aam Aadmi Party, The 18 issues are mentioned below:

Lets critically analyze these issues, If these issues are realistic? If at all Aam Aadmi Party manages to get unconditional support, will they be able to resolve and change Delhi.

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Aam Aadmi Party, The 18 issues.

  1. 1. Letter to Bhartiya Janta Party and Indian National Congress chiefs by Aam Aadmi Party, The 18 issues are mentioned below: Lets critically analyze these issues, If these issues are realistic? If at all Aam Aadmi Party manages to get unconditional support, will they be able to resolve and change Delhi. What do you think? 1. The VIP culture should be stopped in Delhi. No MLA, minister or Delhi official will use a red beacon on their cars. Neither will they live in big bungalows nor take any special security. My View: Our elected leaders, will not give up this luxury. It would be very difficult and in fact impossible to implement this. If at all it is implemented, it would take years to change peoples mindset which has been existed for more than 60 years. 2. Passing of the Janlokpal Bill, the same version for which Anna Hazare held fasts. My View: All of us are aware, What is means to pass the Anna Hazare’s version? I don’t think all the points will be included in the new bill. 3. People will take decision directly in 'mohalla sabhas', which will be held in every locality and colony. My View: There will be selfish interests and local politicians who would try to dominate. As we all know, People participation is the biggest issue. 4. The AAP demanded complete statehood status for Delhi. Central government's hold on DDA and Police should end.
  2. 2. My View: It’s not that easy as it seems, as whoever control’s Central Government would like to have control on Delhi irrespective of who controls Delhi government. 5. The party also demanded a special audit of all electricity companies in the national capital from the time these were privatised. The companies that refuse to participate, their licenses should be cancelled. My View: Would it be so easy to get the original balance sheets and the account books? On, What grounds will they cancel the licenses, What are the plans AAP they cancel the licences 6. Electricity meters should be checked. My View: How fair will be the monitoring? What steps will they take to ensure that the meters are not tampered in the future? 7. There is 220 litres of water available for every person daily. Where is it? My View: Its obvious the water mafia takes everything away? What will they do to break the mafia? However who gives water to this mafia? 8. AAP wants unauthorised colonies should be regularised. Thirty percent of Delhi's population lives in such colonies and these should be regularised. My View: Is this Vote Bank politics? AAP was blaming BJP and Congress? Don’t you think this is a populist measure? Are they really thinking about common man the Aam Aadmi? 9. The party demanded to know if the Congress and the BJP will support its decision to give clean and affordable 'pakka houses' (built up houses) to those living in slums. My View: Who is taking advantage of this? Is Aam Aadmi building their Vote Bank?
  3. 3. 10. It also sought their support to give regular jobs to those working on contractual basis. My View: How will they do this? Will the corporate agree this? Who will bear the cost? 11. It wants to give infrastructural facilities like roads, electricity, water and basic facilities to the ordinary trader. My View: What will they do to ensure they are fair and the best practices are followed to build them? 12. AAP said it is against FDI in retail. My View: Why are they against? Can they clarify? Who are they trying to protect? 13. The party wants to provide facilities and subsidies to farmers in the villages in the national capital. My View: Facilities is fine, But subsidy? Again we are trying to please a particular section of society? Will the subsidies reach the needy? 14. The party also demanded to know the Congress and BJP's stand on opening 500 government schools, stopping donations in private schools and making the fee system transparent. My View: 500? Is this a realistic figure? Is there land available? If there is what will be the cost and when would it be developed? Don’t tell me 2030? 15. The party said it wanted to open new government hospitals with better facilities. My View: Again, We want to open new hospitals? Why are they not talking of upgrading and improving the facilities? The poor are still denied best of treatment.
  4. 4. 16. It also wants to have special security units for women and wants all harassment cases to be tackled within three months. My View: Very Novel Idea, Where will these cases be heard? Do we have the judiciary machinery in place? Where will the security units be deployed? The problem doesn’t lie that we don’t have a special security unit for women? But what will you do to educate those men who still doesn’t respect women? 17. It wanted to set up enough courts and appoint judges so that all cases are dealt with within six months. My View: Seriously, Is this possible? What about the millions of cases which are pending since years? Is the judiciary competent enough to take care of all the cases? Do we have the machinery in place? More important who has the will to do it? Government? Police? Judiciary? 18. The AAP wanted to know whether the municipal corporations of Delhi will support them on these issues. My View: What is they don’t support? Because these people don’t survive of the salary but there are other sources of income? Why will they support Aam Aadmi Party. Why should you support Aam Aadmi Party, Congress or BJP? Are these demands realistic? I don’t think so? There are too many problems to be discussed, debated and resolved. Please Mr Kejriwal, Think Again! We want to support you, But don’t get stuck or these people will not allow you to function. Share your opinion about this article on https://www.facebook.com/pages/Aam-Aadmi-Rocks/406274976141587
  5. 5. and https://www.facebook.com/TroikaManagementServices