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Published in: Technology, Sports

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  • 1. Wikipedia Peter Godwin University of Bedfordshire
  • 2. Tara Brabazon said…
    • “ Wikipedia is like a digital circus where the clowns are in charge of feeding the lions.”
  • 3. Wikipedia
    • A general encyclopedia, not original research…
    • Funded by small donations
    • No adverts
    • 14 th most popular site in Iran in late 2007
  • 4. Tara Brabazon said…
    • “ What I call “the Google effect” constructs a culture of equivalence, where all Klingons and Romans are equal but only Wikipedian Lord Jimmy Wales is more equal than others.”
  • 5. Spoof sites
  • 6. Tara Brabazon said…
    • “ The entry for Franz Ferdinand the band is longer than the entry for Franz Ferdinand, the man whose assassination started the First World War.”
  • 7. Mark Heyne said…
    • "Encyclopedia Britannica is beginning to look a little bit like the typewriter to a lot of younger people today. Professor Brabazon seems not be quite on board with this new medium..."
  • 8. Wikipedia v Britannica
    • Britannica developments will allow “expert contributors” and users to put in content.
    • Britannica will be “hub of a new online community”
    • “ Contributors will have a reward system and a rich online home that will enable them to promote themselves, their work, and their services”.
    • (Britannica blog 26/06/08)
  • 9. Tara Brabazon said…
    • “ The entry on Elvis Presley is longer than the entry on Karl Marx.”
  • 10. Using Wikipedia in IL
    • Everyone has something to offer
    • Show the power of editing
    • Compare with other sources
    • Don’t ban it use it
  • 11. Using Wikipedia to Reenvision the Term Paper ( A.Brockhaus and M.Groom University of Washington Bothell)
    • The structure of the traditional term paper can limit its educational value. To make the assignment more meaningful, students published their papers in Wikipedia.
    • The session examined how publishing for a large online community motivated students to do better work and deal with issues of voice, knowledge, and community.
  • 12. Tara Brabazon
    • “ The Wikipedian pretence for “neutrality” of approach not only blocks originality from scholarship and research but features a high proportion of journalistic articles as references.”
  • 13. Improve your searching
  • 14.  
  • 15.  
  • 16. WikiMindMap
  • 17. WikiMindMap
  • 18. Tara Brabazon
    • “ What I call “the Google effect” constructs a culture of equivalence, where all Klingons and Romans are equal but only Wikipedian Lord Jimmy Wales is more equal than others.” /
  • 19. We can help…
    • “ I fear the professor is blaming the messenger rather than the message. It is not the uneven quality of facts found on the internet that is to blame for uninquiring minds, it is the way they have been taught to think - and the way their written work is marked.”
    • (Magnus Linklater, Times, 16 Jan 2008)
  • 20. Librarians go wild /