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Draft sactaf presentation pp v3(1)

Draft sactaf presentation pp v3(1)






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  • Thanks for opportunity to <br /> present the residents&apos; view of the problem <br /> explore the issues and options <br /> present the case for action <br />
  • Large, high capacity vehicles <br /> Unregulated increase in bus traffic over the years as the School has expanded <br /> High volume, now over 60 bus movements a day <br />
  • Bus routes converge on Cathedral conservation area <br /> Densest flows in the narrowest streets <br /> Ironic that Verulam Road was opened in 1826 to reduce the danger and congestion caused by coaches in the Cathedral quarter <br /> Another constraint on already limited resident parking <br />
  • Pedestrians include children on the way to Abbey Primary <br /> Damage to parked cars and congestion leads to altercations with bus drivers <br /> Intransigent and arrogant stance of the School has led to a stand-off with the local community <br />
  • A majority of residents opposed the scheme citing clear evidence of dangers <br /> APRA formed, 120 members in 6 months <br /> The Safety Audit supported these views <br /> 96% of residents responding to the SACTAF Survey reiterated the concern <br />
  • But there we can make some interesting inferences from some of the detailed conclusions <br /> Note that Romeland is 4.5m wide but Romeland Hill is even narrower at 3.5m <br /> Solution still urgently needed <br /> It did not look at the safety of Romeland Hill as a School bus stand, so let&apos;s do that briefly ... <br />
  • Pictures taken last week in Spring sunshine <br /> Tight squeeze with no pavement <br /> Single file access only <br /> Imagine the difficulty with 2 to 4 buses to pass <br /> With any sort of obstruction students will walk between buses and into the road ... <br />
  • Buses are too big for bay even when parked up against wall - even with a tight squeeze for students half the bus extends into road way <br /> The bay is 2.4m wide, the buses at least 2.5m. <br /> With space for passenger access half the bus extends into the roadway reducing the available road width from 3.3m to to 2.1m <br /> This is not enough for commercial vehicles, buses or emergency services which require 3.3 m. The Safety Audit stated that 5.6m is the minimum for two-way traffic with buses <br /> Romeland Hill is not fit for purpose as a bus stand – it is not a solution, it&apos;s an accident waiting to happen <br />
  • Features: <br /> Dilutes and distribute bus flows outside the Cathedral quarter, and preferably the City Centre <br /> Provide a better bus stand for the School because Romeland Hill is not fit for purpose <br /> Are within a safe and reasonable walking distance of the School, ie sustainable <br /> … preferably with modest costs attached <br /> 5 locations identified <br /> Holywell Hill was a 6th but disregarded as HCC policy is not to allow main roads to be used – although the School use it – one of many oddities <br />
  • Romeland Hill used a baseline for comparison <br /> Unsurprisingly, buses designed for mass transit and motorways have difficulty negotiating mediaeval streets <br /> Romeland Hill is not suitable as a bus stand, either for the buses or passengers – it is too dangerous <br /> The dual-use bays are 2.4 m wide, the buses 2.5m and with space for passengers to enter /exit they restrict the narrow roadway even more <br /> Clear and present dangers exist – as reported by residents and as the Safety Audit confirmed <br />
  • The two most likely options keep buses out of Cathedral quarter with direct access from main road PSV routes <br /> Remove over 60 bus movements/day - a bonus, especially given the Council&apos;s concerns with pollution in the City Centre <br /> There is space for buses and passengers, but may need more <br /> Easy walking routes, which may need some improvement <br /> The School have started raising funds for new science facilities which may offer Section 106 opportunities to fund improvements to the bus service <br />
  • The walk to School might take 10 – 15 min but with the time saved on the bus journey by avoiding the City Centre and Cathedral quarter traffic this could be easily reduced by 5 or 10 min <br /> It could be reduced still further with a new bridge and Park entrance to the School <br /> Or, with a new entrance and access through Council owned land at the bottom of Abbey Mill Lane opposite the Fighting Cocks <br /> Both would provide safe and sustainable travel to School and keep buses out of the Cathedral quarter and students away from roads <br />
  • … the School&apos;s threat to axe the bus service if required to move from Romeland is irresponsible and should be treated as such <br />
  • Clear statement from the School that role numbers are at a maximum and will not be increased unless sustainable travel options are introduced <br /> While getting started on a solution that dilutes and distributes bus traffic we&apos;d like to see progress Romeland Hill and the Abbey Gateway <br /> Although the prospect of a dialogue with the School is a welcome change of tune, “actions speak louder than words” so residents expect action or token gestures as part of a PR exercise <br />
  • Despite the HCC view, the Dept for Transport Road Signs Manual has a ready solution to the problem <br /> It looks like it was drafted with us in mind <br /> It allows for limited ad hoc exceptions too <br />
  • Actions speak louder than words <br /> We look forward to working with the School and Council to provide the solutions so urgently needed <br />

Draft sactaf presentation pp v3(1) Draft sactaf presentation pp v3(1) Presentation Transcript