Camp Mary Orton Capital Campaign 2011
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Camp Mary Orton Capital Campaign 2011

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See why Camp Mary Orton needs your help!

See why Camp Mary Orton needs your help!

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  • 1. Camp Mary Orton
    Lodge Improvements
    Executive Summary
    “Minutes from Columbus… But a World Away!”
  • 2. Camp Mary Orton Lodge Improvements
    Camp Summary
    Camp Mary Orton’s Mission:
    To strengthen families and communities by providing opportunities for personal growth, be a place to experience
    nature and respite, and be a resource that contributes to the mission of Godman Guild.
    Overview:For over 100 years, Camp Mary Orton (CMO) has provided character building outdoor adventure and summer camp programs for Columbus inner city northside youth at virtually no cost to campers. Combined with camp’s other services, including youth leadership development, educational and recreational programs and team building, over 100,000 Central Ohio residents have benefited from CMO services since 2000 alone. CMO has 167 acres of beautiful fields, creeks and ravines in a unique location just north of I-270 in Columbus. Our goal is for CMO to become self-sustaining in order to continue to expand these valuable community services. To this end, CMO offers several revenue-generating services and partners with United Way community care programs.
    Situation:Presently, CMO’s main facility for all aspects of its programming and revenue generation is the lodge, built in 1938. While the lodge itself is in remarkable condition, the restroom area, rear terrace and stairway are now closed due to age and safety considerations. Maintaining safe buildings and grounds is critical for campers and, coupled with the fact that the lodge has original windows and no heat and can only be used for a portion of the year, both the overall camping experience and revenue generating potential of our main building are highly limited. For example, the average camper spends an estimated one hour per day traveling to and from the current restroom facilityat an adjacent building which reduces programming time and impacts our curriculum.
    Need: CMO is seeking $600,000 for the renovation of its main lodge and energy improvements that will increase our capacity to provide year round programs. We project that these improvements will increase our annual revenues by 67% and allow us to serve 3,000 – 5,000 additional area residentseach year with our valuable programs and services, as well as increase our ability to accommodate additional volunteers. We have initiated our project with 10% already funded, and are planning to begin construction no later than spring 2012 with completion scheduled for June 1, 2012.
  • 3. Camp Mary Orton Lodge Improvements
    Lodge Images - Current
  • 4. Camp Mary Orton Lodge Improvements
    Enhancements Summary
    The current bathrooms for the lodge, located beneath the terrace, are closed due to age and deterioration. The short-term solution has been to utilize portable rented toilet facilities and/or have campers and guests walk the distance to the new Indoor Activity and Conference Center facilities which is across the property.
    Several alternative approaches to upgrading the restrooms have been studied, and a new stand alone restroom building connected by a walkway has been chosen as most cost effective and efficient. Improvements include:
    Construction of 8 lavatory units and 6 sinks in an adjacent structure;
    Construction of an access deck/walkway from the lodge to restrooms; and
    Develop ADA standards to meet code requirements.
    Terrace and Stair Enhancements
    The classic rear terrace and stairway on the lodge have deteriorated since their construction in 1938 and are now closed for safety considerations.
    The deck and stair will be built from composite materials for extended life and beauty.Improvements include:
    Demolish current terrace;
    Build new foundation walls and seal exposed areas;
    Construct new deck around lodge with stair access; and
    Improve ADA access.
    Energy Improvements:General seasonal improvements to the lodge would help allow for year round programs. Improvements would include: New windows and doors and the addition of a basic comfort heat option.
  • 5. Camp Mary Orton Lodge Improvements
    Enhancement Concept Summary
    1938 Lodge Facility
    New Terrace Overlook
    New Lavatory Facility
  • 6. Camp Mary Orton Lodge Improvements
    High Level Rental Improvement Model
    • Proposed updates are expected to double the revenue-earning potential from $40,000 to $85,000;
    • 7. Increases come from a combination of increased weeks available for rental, as well as the increased rental rates from facility improvements;
    • 8. Camp expects approximately 3% variable costs per year, or $2,500 per year (weekly cleaning, increased utilities and monthly maintenance);
    • 9. Improvements increase capacity to nearly 90%.
    • No additional Camp Headcount is needed to support growth;
    • 10. Camp rental rates are 10-15% below similar venue rental rates.
    Detailed Financial Improvement Model in Appendix
  • 11. Camp Mary Orton Lodge Improvements
    Fund Raising Summary
    Project Cost Overview – Est.
    Rest Room Enhancements – $230K
    Terrace & Stair Enhancements - $240K
    Energy Savings Enhancements - $135K
    Project Schedule
    Design/Engineering – Complete
    Project Commencement – 3/2012
    Project Completion – 6/2012
  • 12. Camp Mary Orton Lodge Improvements
    Godman Guild/CMO Overview
    Godman Guild Association (founded in 1898) owns and operates Camp Mary Orton. In 1996, Godman Guild’s Board made the decision to continue preserving and fully utilizing CMO for human development in general and for the development of near northside children in particular. Just north of Worthington, CMO has 167 acres in a prime location. Our setting provides room for ideas to grow while enjoying the beauty of our land. We are committed to preserving it for many generations of future children.
    Godman Guild’s mission is to promote strong families and strong communities in Columbus, Ohio with a focus on the near northside. We do this through programs such as:
    • Head Start early childhood education programs;
    • 13. In school and after school programs for students in K through 5th grade;
    • 14. Academic enhancement and career development programs for teens; and
    • 15. Workforce development and education programs for adults.
    Godman Guild Association has provided community support services to Central Ohioans for 113 years. The primary location for these programs is 303 East 6th Avenue, and they serve 1500 clients per year. The Guild is the 5th largest recipient of United Way funds in Franklin County, attesting to program effectiveness and valuable community services. Funding is also received from the city, county, state and federal government and private donations from more than 720 individuals, groups and corporations. The Guild’s efforts are also supported by the Columbus Workforce Alliance and the Columbus Federation of Settlements.
    Godman Guild is attempting to diversify its funding to assure its ability to provide programs and services to those in need. To support this mission, CMO offers, on a fee for service basis, other central Ohio residents and corporations with training, team building, development, education, and recreational programs. Over 100,000 central Ohio residents have utilized CMO since the year 2000 for this purpose. Celebrating our 100th anniversary in 2010, we are looking to upgrade facilities so that we can be available to the community for another 100+ years.
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  • 16. Camp Mary Orton Lodge Improvements
    Godman Guild/CMO Overview – Con’t
    We have received many stories from prior campers in recognition of our 100th anniversary:
    • Lois, age 73, states that she “remembers her days and nights spent at Camp Mary Orton. Many thanks to great Camp Mary Orton for making such wonderful memories to all the many, many children that were lucky enough to go there each summer”.
    • 17. Chuck writes, “It was the summer of 1954. Every day was spent doing the most fun things such as swimming in a real swimming pool, arts and crafts, bon fires, sleeping in a cabin, playing with new friends, and all those fun things that you do at camp. My one week experience there left a wonderful memory in my mind that will last forever. I now have my own little cabin in the woods that I enjoy frequently.”
    In harmony with the requirement of the deed for CMO, our primary focus is offering the Summer Youth Empowerment Program (SYEP). SYEP allows approximately 200 community youth each summer to go to camp. This program enables children from the near north side an opportunity to experience nature and enhance social skill development. Facts:
    • It costs us approximately $1,400 per camper for a seven week experience.
    • 18. Each family is required to pay a $2.00 registration fee for seven weeks of camp.
    • 19. Remaining fee is based on their ability to pay. (Note: in 2010, 93% of our campers
    paid only the $2.00 fee)
    This is truly a unique opportunity for the children in our service
    area to experience, one they would not have the chance to otherwise
    evidenced by the following quotes:
    • “What I love most about camp is the sense of belonging and the
    opportunities for self discovery….at school I feel large and out of
    place. At camp, though I am still the tallest person, I feel at home.”
    Rashawn, age 13
    • “I love camp because we get to go swimming. I also love camp
    because I get to do family night. Camp means a lot to me because I get to make new friends.”
    Angela, age 10
  • 20. Camp Mary Orton Lodge Improvements
    Detailed Financial Improvement Model
    • Proposed updates to the lodge are expected to double the revenue-earning potential;
    • 21. Increases come from a combination of increased weeks available for rental, as well as the increased rental rates attributable to the enhancements and the ability to add additional programs.
    • Schedules below illustrates the expected increase in annual revenues ($46,000 or 116%) and the sensitivity of revenue based on occupancy and rate increases (range of $71,000 to $94,400 representing an 80% to 137% increase)
    • 22. Camp expects approximately 3% variable costs per year, or $2,500 per year in incremental variable costs (weekly cleaning, increased utilities and monthly maintenance).
    • 23. No additional Camp Headcount is needed to support growth.
    • 24. Camp rental rates are 10-15% below similar venue rental rates.
    ($43,500 post expenses)
    ($83,200 post expenses)
  • 25. Camp Mary Orton
    7925 North High Street, Columbus OH 43235
    614.885.1023 –
    “Minutes from Columbus… But a World Away!”