"TRUTH: Is It Even Knowable?" (by Intelligent Faith 315.com)


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In our current intellectual culture of epistemological relativism, the question of the existence of truth, if it is knowable and absolute, is of extreme importance.

This is a visual presentation from our Itunes podcast "Reason To Believe", an episode entitled "TRUTH: Is It Even Knowable?" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APwu8c9JLXQ)

If this information appeals to you, I encourage you to check out our website www.intelligentfaith315.com and our YouTube channel by the same name.

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"TRUTH: Is It Even Knowable?" (by Intelligent Faith 315.com)

  1. 1. TRUTH:TRUTH:Is It Knowable?Is It Knowable?
  2. 2. The Outline:The Outline:I. What is Truth?I. What is Truth?II. Can Truth be Known?II. Can Truth be Known?
  3. 3. I. What isI. What is TruthTruth??
  4. 4. ““And you shall know theAnd you shall know theTruthTruth, and the, and the TruthTruth shallshallset you free.”set you free.”- John 8:32- John 8:32
  5. 5. ““ I am the Way, theI am the Way, the TruthTruth,,and the Life.”and the Life.”- John 14:6- John 14:6
  6. 6. Truth is what:Truth is what:-Tells it like it is-Tells it like it is-Corresponds to the facts-Corresponds to the facts-Matches its object-Matches its object
  7. 7. A true statement matches itsA true statement matches itsobject:object:““This object is a table.”This object is a table.”
  8. 8. What is False?What is False?False is what does not:False is what does not:-Tell it like it is-Tell it like it is-Correspond to the facts-Correspond to the facts-Match its object-Match its object
  9. 9. How Do We Know?How Do We Know?Because it is Self-defeating to Deny ItBecause it is Self-defeating to Deny It““I can’t speak a word in English.”I can’t speak a word in English.”Isn’t that in English?”Isn’t that in English?”
  10. 10. Truth is Telling it like it is:Truth is Telling it like it is:““Truth is not telling like it is!”Truth is not telling like it is!”““Isn’tIsn’t thatthat telling it like ittelling it like itis?”is?”
  11. 11. Opponents of Truth:Opponents of Truth:• RelativismRelativism—denies—denies absoluteabsolute truthtruth• AgnosticismAgnosticism—denies—denies allall truthtruth• SkepticismSkepticism——doubtsdoubts all truthall truth• Post-ModernismPost-Modernism—affirms—affirms nono truthtruth• PluralismPluralism—affirms—affirms oppositeopposite`truths’`truths’
  12. 12. AgnosticismAgnosticism: “Truth about: “Truth aboutreality isreality is Unknowable.”Unknowable.”-He affirmed-He affirmed we kan’t knowwe kan’t knowtruth about reality.truth about reality.-We can only know-We can only know appearance,appearance,not reality.not reality.-We can’t know the thing in-We can’t know the thing initself, onlyitself, only the thing to usthe thing to us..-We-We must remain agnosticmust remain agnosticabout reality.about reality.Emmanuel KantEmmanuel Kant
  13. 13. A Response to Agnosticism:A Response to Agnosticism:Agnosticism Fails becauseAgnosticism Fails because::It isIt is self-defeatingself-defeating (by claiming to(by claiming toknow the truth about reality that weknow the truth about reality that wecannot know any truth about reality).cannot know any truth about reality).
  14. 14. SkepticismSkepticism: “Doubt: “Doubt allall Truth”Truth”-We should-We should doubtdoubteverythingeverything about reality.about reality.-We can only know-We can only know sensesensedata.data.-We should-We should suspendsuspendjudgmentjudgment on all truthon all truthclaims about reality.claims about reality.David HumeDavid Hume
  15. 15. A Response to Skepticism:A Response to Skepticism:Skepticism Fails Because:Skepticism Fails Because:- Either it is- Either it is self-defeatingself-defeating (by claiming we(by claiming weshould doubt everything includingshould doubt everything includingskepticism).skepticism).- Or, it- Or, it begs the questionbegs the question by claimingby claimingskepticism is the only view that shouldskepticism is the only view that shouldnot be doubted.not be doubted.
  16. 16. Post-ModernismPost-Modernism: “Make: “Make nonoTruth Claims”Truth Claims”-We must-We must deconstruct alldeconstruct alltruth claims.truth claims.-We can reconstruct as-We can reconstruct asmanymany viewsviews asas possible.possible.-No reconstruction is-No reconstruction isobjectively trueobjectively true; it is merely; it is merelynew.new.Jacque DerridaJacque Derrida
  17. 17. A Response to Post-Modernism:A Response to Post-Modernism:Post-Modernism Fails Because:Post-Modernism Fails Because:-- Either it claims to be true (and is therebyEither it claims to be true (and is therebyself-defeatingself-defeating).).- Or else it makes- Or else it makes no truth claimno truth claim (and is(and isnot even in the “ball game” of truth.not even in the “ball game” of truth.(Ignoring the truth doesnt extinguish it!)(Ignoring the truth doesnt extinguish it!)
  18. 18. RelativismRelativism:: ““All Truth isAll Truth is RelativeRelative.”.”Alfred North WhiteheadAlfred North Whitehead- Reality has- Reality has nonounchanging formsunchanging forms..- All truth is in process- All truth is in processand isand is never finalnever final..- All- All truth is relativetruth is relativeand changing.and changing.
  19. 19. A Response to Relativism:A Response to Relativism:Relativism fails to deny absolutism because:Relativism fails to deny absolutism because:- It either affirms that relativism is absolutely true- It either affirms that relativism is absolutely true(which is(which is self-defeatingself-defeating).).- Or else its claim that is just another relative- Or else its claim that is just another relativestatement (and hence isstatement (and hence is unsuccessfulunsuccessful).).
  20. 20. Can We Know the Truth?Can We Know the Truth?““No one knows the truth!”No one knows the truth!”““Then how do you knowThen how do you knowthatthat is true?”is true?”
  21. 21. Is Truth Absolute?Is Truth Absolute?““There is no absolute truth!”There is no absolute truth!”““IsIs thatthat absolutelyabsolutelytrue?”true?”
  22. 22. Is Truth Absolute?Is Truth Absolute?““IsIs thatthat just true for youjust true for youbut not for me?”but not for me?”““It’s true for you but not for me!”It’s true for you but not for me!”
  23. 23. We All Demand Absolute Truth in:We All Demand Absolute Truth in:•- Safety- Safety•- Money- Money•- Medicine- Medicine•- Relationships- Relationships•- Court Proceedings- Court ProceedingsSoSo everyoneeveryonereally believes inreally believes inabsolute truthabsolute truth