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Huntsman PU Catalysts

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  1. 1. Performance Products ®JEFFCAT catalystsFor the polyurethane industry – Asia-Pacific
  2. 2. JEFFCAT® catalysts Huntsman’s large and growing family of unique industry-leading JEFFCAT® catalysts brings strength, power and speed to a wide range of urethane applications. The widespread use of these catalysts in making polyether and polyester foams, coatings, elastomers, and high-modulus urethane plastics, attests to the value of our advanced technologies and our 40-plus years of experience with urethane chemicals. Typical Properties Typical Applications Flexible Foam ‡ Specific Gravity 20/20°C Slabstock Molded Elastomers, RIM, RRIM OH Number, mgKOH/g JEFFCAT® catalyst Viscosity, cSt at 25°C Coatings, Adhesives Freezing Point,°C Packaging Foam Description Boiling Point,°C Flash Point, °C Microcellulars, Rigid Foam, HR Molded Ether Ester GENERAL PURPOSE CATALYSTS CH 3 CH 3 64 Bis-(2-dimethylaminoethyl)ether -- A very strong,ZF-20 N N highly efficient blowing catalyst. 1 189 <-70 DIN 0.85 CH 3 O CH 3 51755 73ZF-22 70% ZF-20 in dipropylene glycol 251 4 188* <-60 TCC 0.90 93ZF-24 23% ZF-20 in dipropylene glycol 644 36 204* -40 TCC 0.98 99ZF-26 11% ZF-20 in dipropylene glycol 744 56 210* -30 TCC 1.00 CH3 41DMEA N N,N-dimethylethanolamine 629 4 135 -59 TCC 0.89 OH CH3 91TD-33A 33% TEDA in dipropylene glycol 558 104 180* <-25 PMCC 1.03 CH3 N 54BDMA Benzyldimethylamine 1 181 -75 TCC 0.90 CH3 CH3 N,N-dimethylcyclohexylamine -- Widely used catalyst for 40DMCHA N all types of rigid foams. 1 160 <-78 PMCC 0.85 CH 3 CH3 CH3 Pentamethyldiethylenetriamine - 77 N NPMDETA CH 3 N CH 3 Especially useful as catalyst for 2 201 -52 DIN 0.83 HCFC/water-blown rigid foams. 51758 CH 3 N,N,N,N,N-pentamethyl- CH3 CH3 CH3 dipropylenetriamine -- N N N Very useful in cold-molded HR 92ZR-40 CH3 CH3 foams. Low odor catalyst with 3 227 -78 PMCC 0.83 a good balance between gel and blow. FLEXIBLE POLYESTER FOAM CATALYSTS N-ethylmorpholine -- Promotes surface cure for flexible 32NEM CH3CH2N O polyester foams and excellent processing in polyester- 1 138 <-60 DIN 0.91 based flexible foams. 51756 13 N-methylmorpholine -- Good solubilizer in making polyesterNMM CH3N O foams. Also useful in high rise rigid molded applications. 1 116 -66 DIN 0.92 51756 Dimethylpiperazine -- Good catalyst in making polyester 22DMP H3 C N N CH3 foams. Also promotes surface cure in different applications. n.d. 132 -1 TCC 0.84 41MM-70 Reduced odor amine catalyst blend for flexible polyester foams. 2 157* -80 TCC 0.94 39DM-70 Improves green strength and can be used for charcoal polyester-based flexible foams. 7 151* -32 TCC 0.99 ◊ ‡ * initial boiling point with decomposition theoretical OH Number including polyol, amine, acid and water functionalities n.d. not determined 2
  3. 3. Typical Properties Typical Applications Flexible Foam ‡ Specific Gravity 20/20°C Slabstock Molded Elastomers, RIM, RRIM OH Number, mgKOH/g JEFFCAT® catalyst Viscosity, cSt at 25°C Coatings, Adhesives Freezing Point,°C Packaging Foam Description Boiling Point,°C Flash Point, °C Microcellulars, Rigid Foam, HR Molded Ether Ester LOW EMISSION CATALYSTS / REACTIVE CATALYSTS CH3 CH3 N,N,N-trimethyl-N-hydroxyethyl- bisaminoethylether -- Strong N N 118ZF-10 CH3 O OH blowing catalyst that is highly 295 12 255 <-50 PMCC 0.95 efficient. Used in foams requiring low emission. Low emission gel catalyst which can replace JEFFCAT® TD-33A on an equivalent part basis. Can 57LE-310 be used in a wide variety of flexible slabstock and high resiliency (HR) foam grades. 514 37 118* -38 PMCC 0.93 94Z-131 Blend of low emission, reactive gelling amine catalysts. 407 32 235* -45 PMCC 0.89 77LE-425 Formulated blend of reactive blowing and gelling catalysts. 460 26 128* -34 PMCC 0.90 H3 C CH3 N N N-(3-dimethylaminopropyl)-N,N- diisopropanolamine -- Low emission 90DPA CH3 HO OH catalyst with good gelation and 514 145 >210* <-26 TCC 0.95 flowability. CH3 H 3C CH3 N N N N,N-bis(3-dimethylaminopropyl)- N-isopropanolamine -- Low emission 141ZR-50 CH 3 HO CH3 catalyst with exceptional balance and 229 17 290 -50 PMCC 0.89 versatility. CH3 CH 3 CH 3 1,3-propanediamine, N-(3- 88Z-130 N NH N (dimethylamino)propyl)-N,N-dimethyl- 299 3 222 -75 PMCC 0.84 CH 3 CH3 -- Low emission reactive gel catalyst. Reactive, acid blocked, low emissions type blowing catalyst that offers improved material handling, >188LED-103 low-corrosion, and phase stability in fully formulated B-side flexible molded foams. 2405 104 100* -19 PMCC 1.05 Reactive, acid blocked, low emissions, low-corrosion type gelling catalyst used in all types of >188LED-204 flexible molded foams. 2555 1856 100* -12 PMCC 1.10 CH3 2-(2-dimethylaminoethoxy)ethanol -- For 93ZR-70 N OH use mainly in packaging foam applications. 421 8 201 <-20 TCC 0.96 CH3 O CH 3 N,N,N-trimethylaminoethyl-ethanolamine -- CH 3 N 88Z-110 N OH Used in a variety of polyurethane foam 384 8 208 <-48 PMCC 0.91 applications. CH 3 H 3C Dimethylaminopropylamine -- N NH 2 29DMAPA Used in a variety of polyurethane foam 549 1 135 <-60 TCC 0.82 applications. CH 3 SPECIALTY AMINE CATALYSTS O 2,2-dimorpholinodiethylether -- Very selective 146DMDEE O N N O blowing catalyst. Provides a stable prepolymer 19 309 -23 TCC 1.06 system. Excelent for 1-K systems. 146DMDLC Used for 1K moisture cure applications with critical color requirements 20 309 -23 TCC 1.06 81ZF-53 Formulated catalyst made from TD-33A and ZF-22. Designed for flexible slab foams. 481 37 150* -39 PMCC 1.00 Delayed-action catalyst made up of ZF-22 partially neutralized with formic acid. 73ZF-54 Provides excellent cure and flow as co-catalyst. 340 67 n.d. -13 PMCC 1.10 Formulated catalyst for accelerated cure in a medium mw diol (PPG-400). Improves early 40Z-65P compression set. Wide processing latitude with alternate blowing agent. 235 14 129* -53 PMCC 0.96 BACK-END CURE CATALYSTS 1-methyl-4-(2-dimethylaminoethyl)piperazine -- Co-catalyst with 80TAP H3C N N N CH3 excellent end-cure and helps on gelation with improved flow. n.d. 220 <-60 TCC 0.88 CH3 154TR-52 Back-end cure co-catalyst. Shortens the demold time of rigid foam systems. 760 <9000 n.d. n.d. PMCC 1.13 (CH2)3-N(CH3)2 1,3,5-tris(3-(dimethylamino)propyl)- hexahydro-s-triazine -- Improved N ◊ 132TR-90 dimensional stability in many rigid 30 >200 -50 PMCC 0.91 N N foam systems. Useful as a co- (CH3)2N-(CH2)3 (CH2)3-N(CH3)2 catalyst in rigid spray foam. ◊ ‡ * initial boiling point with decomposition theoretical OH Number including polyol, amine, acid and water functionalities n.d. not determined 3
  4. 4. Amine catalyst cross reference guide Huntsman Air Products Momentive Tosoh ® JEFFCAT BDMA catalyst DABCO® BDMA catalyst Niax® Catalyst BDMA ® JEFFCAT DMDEE catalyst DABCO® DMDEE catalyst Niax® Catalyst DMDEE ® JEFFCAT DMEA catalyst DABCO® DMEA catalyst Niax® Catalyst DMEA ® JEFFCAT DMCHA catalyst POLYCAT® 8 catalyst Niax® Catalyst C-8 ® JEFFCAT DMP catalyst DABCO® DMP catalyst Niax® Catalyst DMP ® JEFFCAT NEM catalyst DABCO® NEM catalyst ® JEFFCAT PMDETA catalyst POLYCAT® 5 catalyst Niax® Catalyst C-5 TOYOCAT®-DT ® JEFFCAT TAP catalyst Niax® Catalyst C-109 TOYOCAT®-NP ® JEFFCAT TD-33A catalyst DABCO® 33LV catalyst Niax® Catalyst A-33 TEDA-L33 ® JEFFCAT TR-52 catalyst Curithane® 52 catalyst ® JEFFCAT TR-90 catalyst POLYCAT® 41 catalyst Niax® Catalyst C-4 TOYOCAT®-TRC ® JEFFCAT Z-110 catalyst DABCO® T catalyst TOYOCAT®-RX5 ® JEFFCAT Z-130 catalyst POLYCAT® 15 catalyst ® JEFFCAT ZF-20 catalyst DABCO® BL-19 catalyst Niax® Catalyst A-99 TOYOCAT®-ETS ® JEFFCAT ZF-22 catalyst DABCO® BL-11 catalyst Niax® Catalyst A-1 TOYOCAT®-ET ® JEFFCAT ZF-24 catalyst DABCO® BL-13 catalyst Niax® Catalyst A-133 ® JEFFCAT ZF-26 catalyst DABCO® BL-16 catalyst Niax® Catalyst C-205 ® JEFFCAT ZF-53 catalyst DABCO® BLV catalyst Niax® Catalyst C-183 ® JEFFCAT ZF-54 catalyst DABCO® BL-17 catalyst Niax® Catalyst A-107 TOYOCAT®-ETF ® JEFFCAT ZR-40 catalyst POLYCAT® 77 catalyst ® JEFFCAT ZR-70 catalyst Niax® Catalyst DMEE TOYOCAT®-RX3DABCO®, POLYCAT® and CURITHANE® are registered trademarks of Air Products and Chemicals Inc.NIAX® is a registered trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.TOYOCAT® is a registered trademark of Tosoh Corporation 4
  5. 5. Auxiliary productsJEFFAMINE® polyetheraminesIn RIM reaction injection molding technology, the use of JEFFAMINE® polyetheramines can improve variousphysical characteristics such as thermal, abrasion and impact resistance, tear strength, solvent stability anddynamic fatigue. Similar characteristics are also seen in more standard polyurethane foam systems. Thetypically-used materials are JEFFAMINE® D-2000 and JEFFAMINE® T-5000 amines.JEFFAMINE® polyetheramines, due to their very fast reaction with isocyanates, provide an extremely quick,un-catalyzed exotherm in the foam. This phenomenon can be termed a thermo-kick. This effect is mosthelpful in cold ambient temperatures or where heat losses have to be overcome, such as with coldsubstrates, molds and highly-filled systems. The very rapid primary amine/isocyanate reaction can also beutilized when it is beneficial to build cross linking and thixotropy quickly into the system. The thermo-kick isstrongest with a low molecular weight diamine such as JEFFAMINE® D-230 or JEFFAMINE® D-400 amine,whilst JEFFAMINE® T-403 amine will give a greater degree of cross-linking and a quicker thixotropic effect,as a result being tri-functional and highly branched.JEFFSOL® propylene carbonatePropylene carbonate acts as an excellent solvent for both isocyanate and polyols. It can be used both as acompatibiliser for systems and as a highly effective viscosity depressant.Cleaning solventsHuntsman has developed a range of environmentally-friendly, biodegradable, high solvency power solvents,which can be efficiently used in the polyurethane industry. Solvent C 500 is an excellent solvent system toreduce the viscosity of formulations, the product has also proven to be successful as a cleaner solvent forisocyanate prepolymers. Resin Cleaner KM was developed for the removal of uncured or partially curedpolyurethane compounds from tools, mixing heads or for flushing lines. Solvent 1581 is a low-VOC solventsystem with high solvency power developed for use in cleaning applications.Specialty catalyst blendsIn addition to the standard products, a range of specialty amine catalysts has been formulated to meetspecific technical requirements. Additional formulated catalyst blends may be produced to satisfy customerneeds. 5
  6. 6. Local Huntsman Performance Products Offices Americas Huntsman CorporationAustralia 10003 Woodloch Forest Drive61 Market Road, Brooklyn The Woodlands, Texas, 77380Victoria, Australia, 3012 USATel.: +61-3-9316-3646 Tel.: +1-281-719-6000Fax: +61-3-9316-3647 Fax: +1-281-719-6055China Asia PacificLevel 45 Shanghai Maxdo Center Huntsman Performance Products8 Xing Yi Road, Chang Ning District 150 Beach RoadShanghai 200336, P.R. China #37-00 Gateway WestTel.: +86-21-2208-7500 Singapore 189720Fax: +86-21-2208-7588 Tel.: +65-6297-3363 Fax: +65-6296-3368IndiaResearch & Application House, Tax Centre, Europe, Africa and Middle EastE -Wing, Saki Village Huntsman Performance ProductsChandivali Farm Road, Andheri (East), Everslaan 45Mumbai 400 072 India B-3078 EverbergTel : +91-22-4050-6565 BelgiumFax : +91-22-4050-6300 Tel.: +32-2-758-9544 Fax: +32-2-758-9946JapanKIBC South Bldg., 6F, 5-5-2 Huntsman Corporation warrants only that its products meet the specifications stated in the salesMinatojima Minaminachi, Chuo-ku, contract. Typical properties, where stated, are toKobe 650-0047 Japan be considered as representative of currentTel.: +81-78-304-3924 production and should not be treated as specifications. While all the information presentedFax: +81-78-304-3970 in this document is believed to be reliable and to represent the best available data on theseKorea products, HUNTSMAN MAKES NO WARRANTY th OR GUARANTEE OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR9 Fl. Dukmyung Bldg., 170-9 IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TOSamsung-dong, Gangnam-gu ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY ORSeoul, Korea FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, NON- INFRINGEMENT OF ANY INTELLECTUALTel.: +82-2-3404-6800 PROPERTY RIGHT OF ANY THIRD PARTY, ORFax: +82-2-556-3263 WARRANTIES AS TO QUALITY OR CORRESPONDENCE WITH PRIOR DESCRIPTION OR SAMPLE, AND ANY USER OFSingapore (SEA) PRODUCTS DESCRIBED HEREIN SHOULD150 Beach Road CONDUCT A SUFFICIENT INVESTIGATION TO#37-00 Gateway West ESTABLISH THE SUITABILITY OF ANY PRODUCT FOR ITS INTENDED USE ANDSingapore 189720 ASSUMES ALL RISK AND LIABILITYTel.: +65-6297-3363 WHATSOEVER RESULTING FROM THE USE OFFax: +65-6296-3368 SUCH PRODUCT, WHETHER USED SINGLY OR IN COMBINATION WITH OTHER SUBSTANCES. Products may be toxic and require specialTaiwan precautions in handling. For all products describedNo. 19, Industrial Third Road herein, the user should obtain detailed information on toxicity, together with proper shipping, handling,Kuan Yin Industrial District and storage procedures, and should comply withTaoyuan, Taiwan all applicable safety and environmental standards.Tel.: +886-3-483-8616 The behavior, hazards and/or toxicity of theFax: +886-3-483-6412 products referred to in this publication in manufacturing processes and their suitability in any given end-use environment are dependent upon various conditions such as chemical compatibility, temperature, and other variables, which may not be known to Huntsman. It is the sole responsibility of the user of such products to evaluate the manufacturing circumstances and the final products under actual end-use requirements and to adequately advise and warn future purchasers and users thereof. JEFFCAT®, JEFFAMINE®, JEFFSOL® are registered trademarks of Huntsman Corporation or an affiliate thereof in one or more, but not all Copyright © 2010 Huntsman Corporation or an affiliate thereof. All rights reserved. 6