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Quiz 2

  1. 1. ‘he “L, Polic».
  2. 2. Situation * An undercover reporter poses as a cop in order to uncover serious internal issues on the job. What she finds includes sexism and job delinquency in the police work force, ultimately resulting in public distrust of police figures and authority.
  3. 3. Objectives * Creating a more positive image of police in the eyes of the public it Reforming police station policy to ensure proper action and behavior ti Emphasize to officers the importance of doing theirjob with honor and integrity
  4. 4. Audience * The public who trust police to do theirjobs and protect them from civil and criminal misconduct of others * Police staff around the world
  5. 5. Strategy * Convincing the public that police and authority can once again be trusted * Emphasizing the integrity of the police profession 6 Make sure officers know that inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated
  6. 6. Tactics Publically announce a new reform policy in the police department, and explain future plans of action Open a blog to the public for comments, feelings, and suggestions towards the department Sponsor an event where public can come meet the officers protecting them Ensure all police officers attend seminars regarding sexism and the importance of their role as public protectors Start new system of rewards to officers through the public calling in to report their good work
  7. 7. Timetable * Ongoing process overall * Initial actions should take about 2-3 weeks
  8. 8. Method of Evaluation * Review blog to monitor increasing/ decreasing trust of officers ti Pre- and post-survey of public to determine attitudes towards their police 6 Determine crime/ response rates before and continuing after tactics have been carried out
  9. 9. Source Credibility * Make sure to carry out the promises made to the public * Show/ report often to public the progress being made and the steps being taken to improve the police force * Meet as many locals as possible as to gain personal credibility with them
  10. 10. Cognitive Dissonance * Offer proof of progress * Encourage public to attend the main event and other police events to personally meet the officers
  11. 11. The Flow of Opinion * Print and pass out flyers in different languages with information and scheduling dates of events * Host events in different neighborhoods to get everyone involved * Make broadcasts on different radio shows, including foreign language channels
  12. 12. Suggestions for Action ° Attend the police-related events ° Report any behavior that the public might find bad OR good to the department heads (reward system) ° Give opinions on blogs and in surveys ° Become acquainted with local officers ° Form neighborhood watch groups to help police stay informed of local happenings