Klasa Boguslawa digital media &animation skills assessment
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Klasa Boguslawa digital media &animation skills assessment






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Klasa Boguslawa digital media &animation skills assessment Klasa Boguslawa digital media &animation skills assessment Presentation Transcript

  • TASK 1 POINT1 Collect 10 different examples of digital media which you consider good practice/inspirational . http://www.benjerry.com/
  • This is a good example site made with a Flash and it is very clear and has easynavigations.http://www.2advanced.com/#/home
  •  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GODfODfZjoU
  •  Flipbook Animations are pictures that draws on the corner of the book http://www.youtube.com/watc h?v=UocF4ycBnYE
  •  Next Stop Motion I liked is the cartoon when I was a child . This cartoon used to be dolls https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G3P_4AIGZRQ&feature=endscreen&NR =1
  •  Animation for kids is used by the technique 3D that is not easy but it has very nice colours and scenery is clear. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0asJgSyxcY&feature=related
  •  http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=tTsYoxKn95I&feature=fvwrel
  • TASK1 POINT 2 Collect 6 examples of animation.
  •  Stop motion .When I watched that movie first time on the TV I thing how it is made. Now when I know I like that but I know that is not too easy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DKWdSC t4jGE
  • http://www.funnyflash.com/funnies/details/201/funny_flash/animator_vs_animation_ii
  • Describe the range of digital mediaPOINT 3 applications/software used by artists and designers Sketch up-this is a program used to create, modify and share 3D models. Sketch Up artists and designers choose a program for creating movies and games. Adobe Dreamweaver-the program is used for graphic web design. By using this, you can visually design, is compatible with other applications Adobe.
  • Explain the difference between TASK2 POINT1 traditional and digital animationThis link for :The History of Animationhttp://youtu.be/0QfPKFcwacY
  • Describe the use ofPOINT2 traditional animation with some examples .Traditional AnimationFlipbook- is consisted of simple drawingsarranged in successive phases of movement. Whenthe pages are thrown, they create an opticalillusion of motionhttp://youtu.be/SE70zzs75tE.
  • The Zoetrope
  • Describe the use of digital animation withPOINT 3 some examples . This movie is created in a three-dimensional scene and a movie creative whole is only on a computer technology, this movie is realised as 3D.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v =pY1_HrhwaXU
  • This movie was devoted a lot ofattention because of the materials usedin the creation of the revolutionarycomputer technology. Music is thecharacteristic sound of percussioninstruments and a female choir, this isone of the most important componentof the atmosphere of the movie. Thisanimations was realization with 2D http://youtu.be/fT_wZZRlcbQ
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWclgyyIfUsTOY STORY
  •  Games of my last examples. This example has different music ,graphics and characters http://youtu.be/vutfCEuj898GAMES
  •  The link is to this designer is George  https://vimeo.com/45912437 Bowler. There is a lot of random objects, love hearts, buildings etc in this video which makes it very interesting because it is unique.TASK3 Find 2 animation designers and summarise their work. Give links to a collection of their work
  •  The is link Tony Zagoraiosa. This designer uses http://vimeo.com/49535080 flashing lights and graphical images which makes the viewers very interested when they watch it because it catches their eye.TASK3 CONTD.
  •  I make traditional cards as a FlipBook and an e-card which will be Stop Motion or Flash. Traditional cards are not too easy to make because now a lot of people used e –cards. I’ll try sketch Santa Clause as a Flip Book. I think the e-cards make a Stop Motion or Flash but I have not decided yet. If I made a Stop Motion I will use Skittles This is a sweet that has got a lot of different colours and I think that will look very interesting.TASK4 Expand on the content that you are considering and technique to display (Flip Book, Stop Motion, Flash, Zoetrope, Video)
  •  http://youtu.be/RvDtkku5kdU http://youtu.be/VNxL5N308BQ http://youtu.be/IqNbEHqbqqo Research (around 12 examples of best practice)POINT3 FLASH
  •  http://youtu.be/t9URsm6XK28 http://www.123greetings.com/events/christmas_world_day/eng lish/english31.html http://www.123greetings.com/events/christmas/merry_christma s/christmas108.htmlPOINT 3 FLASH
  •  http://youtu.be/6groQbZHbQQ http://youtu.be/xbMCgzfool4http://youtu.be/iNNu1Ie0NnsPOINT 3 STOP MOTION
  • POINT 3 STOP MOTION http://youtu.be/dxUTk3SS0Sg http://youtu.be/001O1f6gxaY http://youtu.be/KI51u-DT4N0
  • You should give an overview of 4 ways that youTASK4 POINT4 could meet the requirements of the brief PROTOYP1 – STOP MOTION  Constraints and opportunities Christmas tree on photography skills and knowledge in Windows Movie Maker  Objects/Characters Christmas tree and baubles + Scripts Sweet – skittles + Typography: Fonts, colours, layouts, alignment Red, yellow and green colours. White paper. Vertical
  •  Sounds/Music Holidays Are Coming Animation Storyboards I made 100 photos+Drawings I not drawing because I used skittles and white paper. Concepts in Illustrator/Flash/Photography Photography
  • PROTOTYP 2 FLASH Constraints and opportunities Christmas tree on interactive skill knowledge in Flash + Objects/Characters Christmas object + Scripts Christmas tree, Merry Christmas ,Star ,ect +Typography: Fonts, colours, layouts, alignment Christmas type fronts, yellow green gold
  •  Sounds/Music Merry Christmas Everyone Animation Storyboards Attached in folder Drawings Christmas tree ,Merry Christmas ,Santa ,candles ect Concepts in Illustrator/Flash/Photography I use Flash with Illustrator
  •  PROTOTYP 3-FLIPBOOK Constraints and opportunities Snowman is the drawing skills knowledge in Flipbook Objects/Characters Snowman Script Build a Snowman, place on scarf, hat, buttons, hands+Typography: Fonts, colours, layouts, alignment White,red ,green ,brown and black colours, the writing is handwriting script because it has been hand written.
  •  Sounds/Music N/A Animation Storyboards Blank to pic of a snowman dressede Drawings Crayons and pencils Concepts in Illustrator/Flash/Photography n/a
  •  PROTOTYP 4 INTERACIVE CARDS+Constraints and opportunities I don’t have a lot of skills to make a card with coloured paper. I don’t have the skills for making a sound within a chip which is sensitive to touch and plays music when activated +Objects /Characters Star, Bells ,Santa Clause, Snowman +Script Santa with Snowman +Typography White colour ,Christmas typography
  • + Sound/Music I don’t use music or songs because this card is only a demonstration.+Animation Storyboards+Drawing+Concepts in Illustrator/Flash/Photography
  • TASK 4 POINT 5 , 6 AND 7 Produce 2 concepts/prototypes using digital technology and one traditional eg Flipbook or zoetrope Place final choice digital animation on Youtube and place url in your final paperwork Screen dump your file management system and place the printout in your electronic and paper- based portfolio.
  • Produce 2 concepts/prototypes usingMY FINAL PROJECT digital technology and one traditional eg Flipbook or zoetrope Stop Motion http://youtu.be/MXdY3CoE81E
  • Flipbookhttp://youtu.be/TtKP2C1u9DE
  •  Stop Motion http://youtu.be/MbNvuSqNtU8