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Il metodo diagonale di Cantor
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Il metodo diagonale di Cantor


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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. {o^l;,î.7*"L 5*"//n a^, &ruz, C>-^tror, u i t3"(ó, o*0t>* 4592 + cnvvtnryio.'r c-,l,^ fulrvt- 3r-,rrd,;. J'"l!wy k il;l6r*{, hr ,^ vrxv,,,ttw ;^ (^,;L ! I ,r** rd.-Je qfrra^nA' got..,o ; wwvJ't' ^l {rrrrrk, Òl^ I l'/ frar^rOt; C Wvw,lt46g -, ,^ ", 11trvw-tua ,14.^r*r/,0., * f "" i ,.rJu*o ul v-,rtti*^o w^ "rf,k l'tlbhf^rt*^ i hr.Jc hu h^,' ò t@y 1""^ . I 7t c^ep k "^ î l"L FI,ro>o -blAOoNAt2 .Dr q,4T0Q- s?ILGAT> i l-lE.DtANîg- L t ALBE Beo bl"'# tLEq-lr=T t"w,6tolr1. r ' . &h3r,y tW,' sí, hs| "VrJpr* a),t'osyík )il,, *ffi '4 J^ a^, r"* *lL> ,n,t^ zt l'ocg;IuZ ,rr,_rh -/ . 1t ,ík;^ bW,^rrw r>,*otnz 3/ p bgí vía , l'ot ,l J,a' */[à- c;zu-or"ra ' h+ 4 , l, r,èv,,J/w L tî o.- kiwl; g^ ; I ,ì,,*uo osg, 14 . Ss- ;,va,&- "t y ,6"^J<, vú., arryrrtw A-w'@at lo*l<,*' &t' spos tè,w J JL' "t f,l, n*("ú, ! ' o .' y J;scayo y,-oh oa-/vtha-,4.00'ooo Y fuLb,w+2, I J' e[(r,ng, ì gja,,,,ó ht ^0- (u-a. Atlr'a .llu ucogko, u^^- g"ll-t^ k {Lt6,"!, ;1 1rt[* o- p, o.^,,,-,, lrv dàJr' suJ^'f.. 1.,ra,rh' ; ^rl*ul^', 2- W' L' u( tT ; g * .,A^'^'t"1' ,ko^lL 'l' "lniuL ,^u ttl.. f 6r,u ;t|b étT;l!^;<. Qo6úo-" 4- v Vu,tv, rnî/zp4' I {^t*'è h
  • 2. , €' g"ssiúi6 s6kw,vrn n. {"-r1' M 6ult*^ 'í. W:k J^;tb"o >'Il'osg;l<- &,th o-^,tn 4. L. c^ Ju* *[[," or^*, 3, l'"sg;k W ^*^ z J; *&v- */ú> n,-o A, lt"sg;k f,,tlq o>,,urt rn wl,la ?>i^,,tù 2n1L. l^ 1*>1" u,.e)" si l'tw^,.- +^{1" l; ?;-',ft.Jl'a4%", ,/u v^, 6-l*.' ywL L,n-".' &ll'rlbwtr,', L2j+.,, c 0ccîz 4 6 |Zn Ut^^rl , l'rl[n6, 1t^rr[ r,lb e- v,ak 1 ^, ,h 'bunlon ta"v."* krw,+ ,*l{n' Cyy*n,|o r,.^n fu^^" J-ll;liw[.7a ,4,t"". ("t ;^{;;l-',,5"^ *a'{. 1u,uk i n,*un' nèúfiu'l^'. NJ "rò"* 4 . t; to,., {r,rrr,..-sk ;. 6iu,6(í, ,',lru6w z -.3- ;'wu- {^;J- ;^ 1,,^b;; (zf^;;'ú'b,J^^) ú V"* 9 d x,.,a l*;rk;^ ,y"an ni|l, d ^t"* Q e: 's-1'..n {w^'tk' ;^ a.l"e , t usí ,'il, , u,( T* h ^ k.I',o -vu.c-h'.3- n g"sù. tlta.t*t^-{", .j",i ,,ad-ooc, h> n J,r"-sJ". f' gss;Iib "sg;b^l ^l'rl6W?. ,z 'í, [ulz '^&' uil ^,.^L 6;^SIo. / vagl;.r"is( l^' ,'.sf,{-b ;,, r--.J l# --.L.Ll --.- Lîl-...- -lal -- É 4 1n;J*1") t I v,*u"' vw 6*t, co.[vW ,-tk ",*& rul g;11aú,.. jl ji :'l HFP,trt> 8.. ú ts-aì@^ z3h (,b"1^) (,f*) p;*t ^ y,L) ,L o- wtsi À,.J.',a.^, 6 J;e*"hú^' -_.U - . ct , G ^CG ;n*,,, {na7i* n. )- "t&le !t -4- v 44 4 0 .L 4) I 6
  • 3. À. 1;r s,. t^'*r>b. , , U- P,!bt!*?!' J rt6^* J-lkl[^V i uunl..U AJrsi" 'av*a ;l +!"^' ! C>"k") "L* ha r/4 lC W*, , ó*Ll s"J;k ya^L : ,^"a^^: tp*l^ c."g*>i .{"a 0 e 7- , -^ tr* ,td,* wcl*fi, z, 7- e>&u^^n ;^ o(tv. ?"sw ,r6tq ; Jr^";sl.' A h"- L' 6ù-1,tu^r/,t'èl6y tl'Lil|^J'|. S. ".hoou^o rù^t'JeL' t[tnua^*, + "^,1 vJ:b szn*alo. - h y'^t ";(w à sî> Ln*o L - L" v-"L ,(n 6 r,? k,w> &> - L> &.a'; ^(^j si> !'vwaL4 ; >,,yw g.S:(,;lo {,-we ^^^ ?a,"J'lah *^ (9 Jb 2a' J'/ o'-'JhA a,&^r(t@ "r,^y* lr' r,.,.,.!.1.è 4! 66, l';"(*d. Ju' ?!^ 'ttaL-*' J 1e Jnll';r5,,{- J-" a;25 l"rwl o >Jtth É--.- 2 ,, L f orXX9... *? b T%"^f 6-- l';"d'w,kw {ta'i.'( " -6-