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WAYS TECH "One Way Solution"
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WAYS TECH "One Way Solution"


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Hospitality Solutions from WAYS TECH

Hospitality Solutions from WAYS TECH

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  • 1. WAYS TECH. One Way.
  • 2. Introduction/Mission New technologies have the natural ability to change quickly the productive systems. It happened in the market of entertainment and free time, with the mass media, in the commerce. Also the personal relations characterize for being more and more linked to the hi-tech world. Tourism and accommodation business are not exceptions. The world surrounding us changes quickly, so does the operative and business scenario where businessmen and clients get in contact. To face this collection of new needs, the tourism business must evolve and, mostly, update its strategies, introducing in the company organization changes which nowadays are absolutely necessary to face a market which is always more competitive and divided. It is not just a passing fashion. New technologies represent today a fundamental added value for the companies wanting to follow the change and make it a competitive benefit. All over the world, in the hotel sector are growing in number the Hi-Tech Hotels, accommodation facilities which accomplished all the necessary technological and organizational steps to manage the innovation: from the netting of LAN to the more modern electronic entertainment systems, such as video on demand and videoconference; from the simplest content supply to the interaction with hotel employees. All the instruments which not long ago have been addressed only to business users, today satisfy requests which are more and more complex and make an hotel a real information centre to serve a client demanding more technology. Most studies demonstrate that almost 20% of the hotels in Italy already updated their technological equipment, while another 35% wants to follow this path shortly.The future of the tourism business seems evident: only those who will catch on the value of this innovation process will cut out an important place in this new sector of tourism and accommodation. This leads to the need for the companies to rely on professionals able to provide integrated solutions. The time of those who limit their job to supplying the information system is over: today the need is for global consultants able to create projects integrating hardware, software and ser- vices. Efficient and organized systems assuring safety and privacy characterized for the high level of the performances, lowering the costs while assuring the necessary flexibility to support all the company process. I.e. complete and custom-made solutions based on the real needs of the companies. WAYS TECH is a team of professionals who, thanks to their skills, may carry out what we define a “Technological contract”. It is a complex system of services and solutions not limited to the supply of technological equipments, but including everything necessary for the good work of the structure. A global consultancy which – for the very first time - is planned, offered and created by a single professional, in all the aspects going to create services for the clients.
  • 3. That’s not all: due to a long experience in the field of Information and Communication Technology, WAYS TECH offers more than equipments, services and solutions. WAYS TECH establishes with the client company a relationship based on reliability and mutual growth in line with the exigencies of the market and with the strategic and business objectives. The starting point is an up-to-date proposal of the newest technologies, an accurate management, a partnership which includes the necessary assistance to grow and fit the new technologies to one’s objectives. To make real those concepts,WAYS TECH proposes a solution called: One Way which consists in joining the client hotel to plan, create and maintain together the technological infrastructure. Such proposal is made up of the following elements: - LAN - Telephone Line and GSM Coverage - Interactive TV - Server, PC e Peripheral Devices - Network Security - Management Software for the Hotel - Special Components for the Server Room WAYS TECH. One Way. - Video-Conferences and Conference Rooms - Video-Surveillance - RFID Solutions - WEB Services - After Sale Services and Maintenance - Body Rental - Rental Equipment ONE WAY solution delivers a straightforward and modern message: a technological infrastructure adequate to the latest standard is a concrete mean to provide the best services to the hotel guests, improving their competitiveness. The mission of WAYS TECH is “helping business”. The clients may concentrate on their activity, they don’t need to commit their human resources and financial assets any further.WAYS TECH will care of assuring quality, efficiency, performance and enduring services. Last but not least, we must point out the possibility – due to the real partnership established with the clients of ONE WAY – to run several activities linked to the pre-opening of the hotel, i.e. to allow the hotel staff to be operative even if the building or restyling works are not finished yet. It may happen, for example, through the creation of temporary facilities of the supply of information equipment for inspection purposes.
  • 4. LAN - Overview - The first step to be accomplished for an hotel wanting to gain the best return from technologies is getting a suitable Local Area Network.We may define it the "spinal column" of every technological system: in fact it manages both information applications - such as Server, personal computer, peripheral devices and other important solutions such as, for example, the telephone, the interactive TV of the rooms, the video security system, the Dimer, the management of the access to the rooms. Due to the above mentioned, it is fundamental to turn to an adequate interlocutor able to plan and realize a LAN infrastructure which is able to assure the perfect working of all the "services" needing it. - ONE WAY - WAYS TECH, proposing itself as the unique interlocutor in the planning and creation of the technological infrastructure of hotel, is fully aware of the topic expressed above and makes available for the client all its proficiency and professionalism to develop an unique LAN infrastructure adequately dimensioned with "logical divisions" for each single activity. This will optimize the performance of the LAN and will make it easier to manage it lowering the costs for realizing and running it while safeguarding the privacy and the safety of the data for each single activity. ONE WAY networks are unique and simple infrastructures. However, from a strictly informatics point of view, the different kinds of signal travel separately. Telephone and TV, video security and administration system: all the information is transferred independently. This allows an extreme reliability while fully respecting safety and care of sensible data. Networks created with ONE WAY characterize themselves for being light, practical and fully respecting the design of the rooms and their functionality. The cables and all the other structures are contained in apposite lodgings characterized by sober rationality and efficiency. If needed, it is possible to create wireless connections allowing the best functionality with no visual impact.
  • 5. Telephone Line and GSM Coverage - Overview - The need to manage a great number of extensions, both for administrative use and for the rooms, makes it necessary to get a modern telephone network able to coordinate efficiently the data flow. Moreover the telephone is no longer sufficient to deal the communications from and to one's company. Apart from the fax and the answering machine, which have long since become a constant presence in the offices, we must remember that telephone communication is gradually becoming more personal and mobile. That's why today it is necessary to have a GSM (Global System Mobile communication) network assuring adequate coverage to business and client's mobile phones.The GSM network represents today the more used telephone standard, with more than 2 thousand millions of people using regularly the so-called 2G mobile phones, for work or free time. - ONE WAY - WAYS TECH proposes architectures based on devices which today represent the best in terms of technological standards and quality.Those systems are IP protocol based and allow the use of a wide range of solutions for digital telephone and data networks as well as the highest flexibility in terms of configuration. It is a very reliable and versatile base on which to build one's own infrastructure for business communication. The extreme flexibility of this system allows to upgrade the new devices according to the actual needs, keeping the possibility of continuous updates. Therefore it is always possible to choose the right solution according to the necessary requirements and update the configuration in a easy way with a return on investments which is assured in the future. Choosing ONE WAY means being supplied of all the equipments necessary for the activation as well as upgrading the GSM coverage of the building. This is likely to influence the choice of private and business clients, mostly in case the hotel holds often meetings and conferences. WAYS TECH offers products and services embracing all the solutions in the word of ICT. Besides special GSM kits which improve the global performances and the network coverage, all in one solutions are possible, equipped with IP Office e IP Telephony Solutions switchboard, digital systems and ISDN telephone exchange, Virtual Private Network and Corporate Network, DECT,Teamwork Pc and telephone, Computer Telephony Integration, Call Center. It will also be possible to choose personalized solutions for the hotel, such as Message Waiting, Voice Mail, Conference, Automatic Responder, peripheral telephony systems and Management of the telephone traffic.
  • 6. Interactive TV - Overview - Television is the media which was mostly influenced by the new technologies. The way to enjoy the programs is deeply changed, assuring proposals more aware of the users needs. Moreover the very own device deeply changed from an opportunity of enjoyment, fun and information to a real platform for interactive communication. The main engine of this change are, once more, the enterprises which first understood the importance of a media which renovates continuously. - ONE WAY- WAYS TECH installs digital systems based on DVB-C technology, which allows the best audio and video quality.The cable will be customized to specific technical requests, dimension of the building and position of each room to be reached by the signal. Moreover it is possible to install modern LCD o Plasma monitor. Each room will be assured dozens of channels eligible from the main national and international broadcasters.The news from all over the word, a selection of movies, the more exciting sports, entertainment, music and culture will be available with just a click. The clients might also watch thousands of programs "on demand", choosing the language and enjoying them whenever they want, in full accordance with their timetables and lifestyle.The TV program is very rich, thanks to a well-provided library and to remote updates on a monthly basis. According to late studies, pay per view television represents a growing source of profit for the hotels, as well as a pleasant extra for the guests. If necessary WAYS TECH may also realize aerials or receiving infrastructures, making the hotel able to receive digital and analogical TV signals. ONE WAY’s interactive TV assures many other applications, thanks to the rich supply of interactive services able to simplify many operative procedures and to be a real added value for the client company and its guests. Rooms and reception may, for example, communicate in an easy and discreet way, thanks to instant messaging. Moreover in each room is displayed on the monitor the "Info Hotel" service which informs on breakfast time or on the different activities (for example: fitness centre, piano bar, entertainment) winch make even more special the vacation. Special attention is paid to the youngest, with the possibility to digit a PIN code on the remote control to avoid access to the television.Also comfort and relax are assured by the service "Bill information" which allows the guests to keep their bill under control.
  • 7. Server, PC and Peripheral Devices - Overview - The operating scenario where to place the new ICT Technologies isn’t made only of net infrastructures or multimedia services with high value added. The daily hi-tech job of the operators in the field of hospitality deals with computers, printers, fax and scanner which must run very fast – and very efficiently – the so-called “information highway”. Nowadays bringing up to date one’s working and business strategies doesn’t mean just to provide oneself with the best equipment on the market, counting upon the presence of a qualified interlocutor, but also providing the employees with all the necessary equipment to improve one’s productivity and carry out in an easy way, with complete security, all their tasks.We don’t forget, obviously, the importance of working in a comfortable, dynamic and modern environment, with full respect for ergonomics and security. - ONE WAY - That’s the way, according to its philosophy,WAYS TECH provides his clients with Server, Personal Computers and other ICT equipments of the best brands in the market and coming from companies characterized by a good price/quality ratio and flexibility in the solutions and provided services.All the peripheral devices used by WAYS TECH characterizes themselves for a high quality level, joined to full respect of the ergonomics principles and the most strict international regulations. Special attention is paid to aesthetic needs, thanks to their up-to-date exclusive design. WAYS TECH follows, as always, the exigencies expressed by the client in the phase of preliminary analysis; this leads to the providing, the installation and the configuration of well-articulated, flexible and extremely custom-made solutions going from operating systems and hardware packages to the software for the administration of the LAN.
  • 8. Network Security - Overview - It is not enough for a LAN to assure high performances and to fit to the features of the environment and the needs of the client. It must assure a high standard in terms of price/quality and, moreover, it must protect the hotel from unpleasant unattended intrusions. Safety is a more and more upsetting topic between those coming from the gradual computerization of the society. From the one side this is due to the increase in information which – once they’ve been computerized and treated through information systems – may be object of dangerous attentions. On the other side because the massive and often beyond control introduction of some information application makes it easier for anybody to get those instruments able to bother privates and companies. - ONE WAY - For this reason, today, operating in the field of data transmission infrastructures means facing a huge number of professional responsibilities.That’s why WAYS TECH enriched its strategies with a particular and efficient policy in terms of network safety.This method is improved, daily, working side by side its clients in order to identify an adequate “policy” for the use of the net. During the planning of the safety system of a LAN, the first step is the analysis of the possible risks for the information legacy of the hotel, as well as the adoption of several countermeasures to reduce the damages caused by spam, viruses, spywares, unsought intrusions and dangerous softwares. The first element of this safety strategy is the firewall, a software which protects the access points to the company network and to internet and screens the pc when it communicates or transfers data with other devices. Thanks to the firewall software, which have been strictly controlled by WAYS TECH, it is possible to specify the software which can be connected to the net, managing the authorizations to connect to other computers using the Internet Protocol address, denying the access to shared folders or other applications. WAYS TECH is a transparent and reliable partner also for the evaluation, the choice and the installation of the best antivirus systems among those assuring the higher quality standards. The hotel might therefore select between different custom-made solutions to prevent any dangerous sofwtare or malware: the antivirus may, for example, be installed on single workspaces, on the server, or on the hardware hosting the system firewall. “ONE WAY” arranges also solutions concerning wider areas such as, for example: - Intrusion Detection Management Services (Network, Host;Wireless); - Firewall Management Service; - Vulnerability Assessment & Ethical Hacking; - AntiVirus Platform Management; - E-Mail security; - Incident Management & Emergency Reponse.
  • 9. Management Software for the Hotel - Overview - The challenge of the new technologies to the hospitality sector doesn’t concern only the hardware devices which are essential to run one’s business. Offering to the clients a rich and high level service involves getting all the necessary softwares to keep up with this market. Therefore the evolution in information and economy brought out – naturally but very quickly – the managing softwares to change from simple means of control of one’s business to meeting point for demand and supply. In the moment we are living it is necessary to develop alternative business strategies and to think with a more and more global point of view.The client must reach the hotel with just a click and must be at the heart of each marketing policy. - ONE WAY - WAYS TECH is more than a partner for planning and setting up a technological infrastructure.WAYS TECH is able to include in its activities the selection and the installation or the managing software fitting the needs of the hotel. It deals with high value added solutions matching the values of WAYS TECH, which has always been committed to provide a complete and competitive service in order to be the unique consultant of the hi-tech hotel. This is possible thanks to the collaboration with the main leader companies creating, supplying and selling specific softwares for this field. The programmes choosen by WAYS TECH are easy-to-use ad custom-made in order to computerize the administration and the other procedures such as: - Front Office Management - F&B Management - Congress & Conference Management - Customer & Relationship Management - Booking on line Even in this field the objectives are the same: providing all the means and the solutions to reach and maintain the highest level of efficiency.These important features improve the service to the client, all to the good of his satisfaction and of the hotel’s competitiveness.
  • 10. Special Components for the Server Room - Overview - In a hotel employing new technologies as main instruments to improve its business and therefore to offer to its guests a richer and up-to-date service, the room hosting the Data Centre is the pulsating heart of the entire system architecture, as it hosts the net server, the telephone junction box, the video server, the controllers of the video security system and the other device installed by WAYS TECH. The role of the Data Centre is to coordinate and manage the distribution of the information in order to have all the necessary data and information, while avoiding irritating double registrations and redundancy effects.Therefore the Data Centre also has the role of the central brain, supporting the information system for the organizational and administrative management, as well as for the security. - ONE WAY - WAYS TECH knows well the value of the Data Centre room and takes care of its planning and production choosing the newest information technologies. For this reason WAYS TECH is the ideal partner to provide all the necessary consultant to set up the room used for this purpose. It is not just a matter of the technologies and the equipment employed: the value of WAYS TECH comes from the experience and the proficiency to indicate and create the best solution, starting from the delicate planning phase. A Data Centre room cared through ONE WAY, as well as being efficient, facilitates the activities of managing and maintaining of the existing equipment and assures the good working thanks to a series of strict controls on the system and is provided of uninterruptible power supply in order to avoid sags and annoying outages. Special care is paid to ergonomics, with workspaces which facilitate the work of the operators in charge of the maintenance or cleaning the rooms. Also the architecture of the hotel is respected. The Data Centre rooms set up by WAYS TECH are planned to work without interruptions and with the highest discretion. They are so efficient and silent that the highest risk is to forget their existence.
  • 11. Video-Conferences and Conference Rooms - Overview - New technologies deeply changed the management in field of hospitality and in the meantime enriches the hotel, allowing them to provide new important services with high value added.This refers, for example, to all the happenings for which the hotels represent the perfect location to assure a distinguished and elegant atmosphere. Meeting, press conferences, congresses and training courses must face the need to run a distance debate, or a presentation with slides, graphs and videos. That’s way setting up a conference room furnished with all the technological comforts – such as projectors, monitors, microphones – is a need which is more and more felt by hotel keepers. It is also an excellent service which is source of important profits and positive feedbacks and may be used also in other pleasant occasion to be enjoyed together (such as sport competitions). - ONE WAY - Due to the long-time experience and the important working partnerships reached during the years,WAYS TECH offers complete solutions for professional video based collaborations. Special care is paid to all the necessary features characterizing a high level conference room, always keeping In mind the requests and the need of the customer. WAYS TECH develops the infrastructures for communication and data transmission, even temporarily, in case of conventions or occasional business meetings. WAYS TECH installs professional audio and video devices which are accurately selected within those produced by the best brands, assuring unparalleled performances. Special attention is also paid to design and handiness: the projectors, for example, are selected within the models which fit in better with the hotel style; fixed or mobile solution are possible. It is also possible to customize the equipment through the so-called “Public Monitor”, i.e. monitors particularly suitable for smaller rooms, or, on the other side, for the wider halls where it is necessary to assure a good vision to all the public, from the first to the last raw.
  • 12. Video-Surveillance - Overview - Nowadays the society feels an increasing need for security.The new digital technologies may offer a critical contribution in this field.The employ of close-circuit video security systems is continuously growing, thanks to easy-to-use technologies and a great improvement in terms of performance and protection of privacy. - ONE WAY - ONE WAY’s security package include close-circuit equipments offering the possibility to visualize real-time or recorded images in order to keep under control the rooms and detect promptly any risk. The cameras record the images and transfer them to the video servers and the control unit by the use of a LAN separate from data and voice traffic.This choice implies two big benefits: the first is to reduce the traffic on the main network, thus avoiding annoying slowdowns.The second one is the security of the data stored in the system hard disks, all to the good of the secretiveness of guests and employees. WAYS TECH’s architecture is based on cameras selected within the best models in the market and prepared to work 24 hours a day, inside and outside, using lens assuring an unparalleled efficiency.And now, thanks to the “motion detector” feature, the cameras turn on only when it is really needed. The standard equipment includes also high definition colour monitors, to assure the quality of the images.
  • 13. RFID Solutions - Overview - Radio Frequency IDentification is growing in interest and it is being employed in every field. Conceived as a business instrument, RFID technology is considered extremely versatile (that’s why nowadays it is defined one of the “general purpose technologies”). It is made of several tags provided with microchip, readers and appli- cations able to identify the associated items and the information, monitoring and managing the movement of goods from one place to another. - ONE WAY - In order to provide a global service to improve the business, WAYS TECH pays special attention to the possible uses of the RFID technology in the hotels.WAYS TECH collaborates with the most innovative and reliable partners in this sector and offers solutions able to integrate with the existing technological platforms or softwares. The most requested product is the “electronic money”, an application allowing to make one’s payments using a card to manage debits and credits in real time and with complete security. The hotel clients will use “electronic money” as a credit card (paying in full), as a prepaid card (deducting the amount according to the expenditures), or they will choose the “Baby Card”, a special card for the youngest charged with little amounts of money. The benefits of using “electronic money” for the payments in the hotel are: • Increased earnings. It is well known that paying one’s purchases with a card raises the predisposition to spend money. The extreme reliability, the transparency and the easy use of the card guarantee the tran- sactions: the debits are recorded in the system in real time, up to the moment of the check-out. • Lower costs. Each operation is instantaneous and automatic. Counters and the respective human resources will be eliminated.The system will not have biases and therefore it contributes to improve the productivity and the efficiency of the operators. It will also be possible to improve the management of the warehouse, reducing the costs and updating the supplies in real time (Supply Chain Management). • Client satisfaction.The client is always informed on his purchases, both because he gets a ticket after each payment and because he can always check it’s statement of account, available online. There is another important benefit deriving from “electronic money” concerning the profiling of your clients. Knowing their tastes and their habits will allow you to update automatically a Marketing Database able to divide them up in different groups, in order to fit your offer to them. It will then be possible to update your offer according to the tendencies suggested by the data, make automatic discount levels or start real “fidelity programs”. In one word it will be possible to understand the client to serve him better and get his loyalty. “Electronic money” may also be used for other automatic operations, such as: opening the turnstile or the access to the parking lots, managing the access to the rooms for staff only, the procedures for energysaving in the rooms. ONE WAY’s RFID technology may be also used to defend valuable objects in the rooms, in order to create a digital inventory. The labelling system is efficient and discreet and it considers the characteristics and the value of each object (such as carpets and paintings). It is possible to read the correct position of each object and its characteristics thanks to special portable readers included in the security kit linked to the security staff with an alarm.
  • 14. Web Services - Overview - Internet represents a real challenge for the companies. Unlike in the past, it doesn’t deal only with one’s presence and visibility through means like the website; it is necessary to watch the target as a real decision maker able to change deeply sale and marketing strategies.This leads to the need – strongly felt in the field of hospitality, whose strength is dynamism – to create impact communication coherent with the new media. Thus internet represents also a strategic dimension for company communication, able to promote efficiently one’s business maintaining and monitoring the relation with the stakeholder. - ONE WAY - A website allows to update in real time company communication and marketing, testing the satisfaction deriving from our service trough a direct relation with the client. All this with a very low cost for contact. That’s why WAYS TECH, in partnership with important companies in this field, may offer a complete service for the tourism company decidine to use internet in a proactive way.Web services included in ONE WAY characterize themselves for the extreme flexibility and for the coherence to the objectives of the client, and they are carried out with the highest care and precision. Every site, for example, is treated as a single mat- ter and linked to a communication plan according to the company image and identity.The objective is always to offer a means of communication with special attention to usability. WAYS TECH is committed to provide services and all the necessary consultancy to increase visibility, assuring a direct communication between the hotel and the clients, improving the sale and marketing procedures, reaching market niches.A permanent service to improve your business in an easy way, 24 hours a day, with the real possibility to be contacted by thousands of people both at national and international level. The following are some of the areas where ONE WAY solution works: - Creation of static and dynamic websites, - restyling of existing websites, - planning, setting up and consultancy concerning corporate blogs, - consultancy in the field of web 2.0, - web communication plans and custom-made graphics, - registration of the domain, - professional hosting, - placement on search engine, - production of multimedia contents, - safety services, - e-commerce services and on line payments, - training courses.
  • 15. After Sale Services and Maintenance - Overview - When the hospitality sector adopts new technologies, its IT facilities shall not be considered just a way to deliver services to the client or make more simple some administrative operations. It is becoming one of the main resources of the hotel, according to the development of the hospitality sector. It means that the level of efficiency and functionality of all the devices must be constant. Not always, in fact, the warranties of the producers are able to assure this continuity, both because they are limited to their expiry date and because sometimes their intervention time doesn’t fit the needs of the hotel. - ONE WAY - WAYS TECH pays particular attention to the global quality of its services, providing an extension of the standard warranties or replacing the damaged devices. The after sale service is customized to the specific requests of the hotel; depending on the intervention to be carried out and on the features of the device, it is possible to outline the after sale assistance and to establish the duration of the 24-7 replacement service up to 365 days. Assistance and mantainance may also be delivered by a consultant technician formula, in order to relieve the employees of this task. Thanks to ONE WAY, it will be possible to prevent any stop in the service to the hotel clients.
  • 16. Body Rental - Overview - The trend towards outsourcing compels many companies to plan new strategies to reach a compromise between the outsourcing of human resources and the need to keep one’s business under control. That’s way it is essential to get external resources provided with the necessary know-how maintaining great flexibility in the management. One of the best strategies is the so-called “body rental” which allows to integrate the staff with full time skilled professionals without hiring new personnel. - ONE WAY - Choosing WAYS TECH to set up all the features of one’s own IT system makes it possible to integrate the supply of the devices with a consultant technician able to assure the solution of all the problems concerning the provided services.Thus the hotel structures will not take on the duty of maintaining and updating ONE WAY. This service will be scheduled according to the needs of the client; a technician will be present in the hotel in order to assure the correct ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the information system.The technician will also take care of: - Direct consultancy in the management of the activities; - Repairing possible damages in the technological infrastructure; - Testing and improving the IT structures; - Precautionary maintenance; - Managing user’s accounts; - Update of the documents; - Logistics of electric and electronic consumables; - Consultancies for modification, updates and of enlargement of the IT structures. The continuous dialogue with WAYS TECH’s professionals contributes to add value to this service and makes it even more rich and custom-made.
  • 17. Rental Equipment - Overview - It is necessary to keep abreast of the continuous innovation process to improve one’s business and keep high level of competitiveness. However the evolution we are facing implies some risks: first of all the quick obsolescence of the technological devices, which depreciate faster and faster.That’s why sometimes owning goods or infrastructures is a burden for the company more than a benefit. This leads to the need to get access to the new technologies through more flexible formulas fitted to the new exigencies of the business. - ONE WAY - WAYS TECH decided, thanks to important partners between the main financial companies, to provide all this with the formula of “Rental equipments”. It is a contract which offers to the user the availability of a good or a service for a certain period, against the payment of a periodical fee according to the real use and compre- hensive of maintenance and updating costs. This solution is particularly good for the hotels interested in using a certain good without owning it.The main benefit of this formula is that the hotel may concentrate on its business, enriching its offer thanks to ONE WAY integrated solution. In the meanwhile it may employ its assets for the development of the company, instead of blocking the capitals. Secondly the administration deriving from owning certain assets is simplified, as the maintenance, insurance and disposal costs are delegated to WAYS TECH. Finally, from the point of view of taxes, there isn’t any amortization as the instalment is considered a running cost (completely tax-deductible) and it doesn’t compel to pay the tax on purchases (IRAP).The goods don’t enter the balance sheet of the company or the account books. Furthermore the rental of equipment doesn’t need to be communicated to the Risk Office of the Banca d’Italia.
  • 18. WAYS TECH. One Way. WAYS TECH S.r.l. Via Trieste, 23 - 20053 Muggiò MI Headquarters Via Podgora, 5 - 20122 Milano P.I. 04309960963 Mobile: +39 338 6837862 Phone: +39 039 5964282 - Fax +39 039 5964283 -