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The journey for the founder of Zion Academy of The united state (ZAA) from K-12 homeschooling to distance learning programs across the country started in the early 1980s when she noticed the scholastics of the American program were declining, and the education and learning of her own children was suffering.

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Zion Academy high school diploma online

  1. 1. THE ACADEMY* is our K-12 private school program that leads to anaccredited High School Diploma accepted at colleges nationwide. Students in this program receive ourpremium educational services including teacher support and professional record management. Allstudents in THE ACADEMY Program study from home, yet are enrolled in a private school. And sinceall student work is school-directed; ACADEMY students are not considered homeschooled students.**THE ACADEMY school year runs from September to May. Summer sessions of June and July can beadded for assignment completion or for additional courses.The structured format of THE ACADEMY Program helps to assure parents that their student is on trackthrough every grade level. Upon enrollment, each student is given a Diagnostic Placement Test todetermine a customized assignment. The student in Grades K-8 is assigned up to 5 core subjects eachyear. The student in Grades 9-12 will be assigned the courses needed to meet ZAA graduationrequirements. The self-instructional style of the curriculum even allows students to advance toward anearly graduation.THE ACADEMY Program has three options for a High School Diploma:A General Studies Course of Study requiring 22 creditsA College Preparatory Course of Study requiring 24 creditsA College Preparatory – Honors Course of Study requiring 28 creditsFeatures of THE ACADEMY ProgramAccreditedComprehensive K-12 curriculumGeneral and college preparatory coursesStudy-at-home advantagePrivate school enrollment
  2. 2. Customized assignmentsHigh school diplomaTeacher supportServices of THE ACADEMY ProgramDiagnostic Placement TestCustomized assignmentProfessional record managementHigh school transcriptTest gradingVerification of enrollment and document assistanceSee Program Services Page for more servicesCost of THE ACADEMY Program – 2013-2014 School Year* Students in THE ACADEMY Program consider ZAA their primary school; therefore, they should NOTbe enrolled in another public, private, or home school program as their primary school. Some states
  3. 3. consider this type of school program a satellite school, cover school, or umbrella school. This type ofschool program is comparable to a homebound program of a public school.** Please note: When enrolled in THE ACADEMY program, it may not be necessary to declare yourintent to homeschool with your local school district. Some states view any form of distance learning as“homeschooling,” while other states recognize accredited distance education institutions as privateschools, such as Zion Academy of America. It is the responsibility of the parents to know or be familiarwith the homeschool law in their home state.Incidental Fees