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  • Palliative medicine is an important option to consider, especially toward the end stages of disease processes.
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How & Why: #hpm TweetChat

  1. 1. hpm How & Why to participate in## TweetChat for hospice & palliative medicineWednesday’s 6p PST
  2. 2. What is a# hpm TweetChat? interdisciplinary forum on hhospice&p m palliative medicineonlineWednesday’s 6p PST
  3. 3. How &participate in to Why# hpm TweetChat?1.Schedule mark your calendar for the Wednesday’s you can make itWednesday’s 6p PST
  4. 4. How &participate in to Why# hpm TweetChat?2.Sign In To Twitter here If you don’t have an account, click here to get started.Wednesday’s 6p PST
  5. 5. How &participate in to Why# hpm TweetChat?3.Sign In To TweetChat A Twitter application that makes live chatting a little easier.Wednesday’s 6p PST click here
  6. 6. How &participate in to Whytype hpm TweetChat? and click Go at The hashtag will automatically be added to tweets Adjust the speed of the chat to slow it down if needed
  7. 7. How &participate in to Why# hpm TweetChat?4.“Lurk” In TweetChat Scheduling time to live read a chat helps see what they’re like .Wednesday’s 6p PST
  8. 8. How &participate in to Why# hpm TweetChat?5. Join in In TweetChat Share your thoughts & questions, it’s a friendly group!Wednesday’s 6p PST All are welcome!
  9. 9. hpm& Why to participate in## TweetChat for hospice & palliative medicine
  10. 10. the questionHave you ever asked#What ispalliative care
  11. 11. the questionHave you ever asked#What is hospice care
  12. 12. the questionHave you ever answered#What is hospice care
  13. 13. the questionHave you ever answered#What ispalliative care
  14. 14. Why participate? #hpm TweetChat brings people together
  15. 15. Why participate? to“ #hom l discuss topics
  16. 16. ? &Why? participate? emp wer o askers
  17. 17. !Why empower the public participate?to to become advocates
  18. 18. Why participate? find# that people yourshare passion
  19. 19. Why participate? #hpm TweetChat & learn from interdisciplinary perspectives
  20. 20. Why participate? #hpm TweetChat join us,make adifference
  21. 21. Why participate? #hpm TweetChat how? well, so far...
  22. 22. Why participate? #hpm TweetChat #hpm chat started July 14, 2010
  23. 23. Why participate? #hpm TweetChat data sinceMarch 2011 shows:
  24. 24. Why participate? March 1, 2011 - August 1, 20112,140 22,909people sent #hpm tweets about hospice & palliative medicine
  25. 25. Why participate? March 1, 2011 - August 1, 2011generating 19,934,778 #hpm impressions reaching approximately 1,041,470 people
  26. 26. Why participate? advocate for increased access to quality information online
  27. 27. Why participate? advocate & for better public understanding of hospice and palliative care
  28. 28. Why participate? advocate join in #hpmWednesday’s 6p PST