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  • 1. Project Overview Location : Tigatto Road, Buhangin District, Davao City, Approximately 14 km from downtown & airport 20 minutes from the wharf & Panabo seaport Size : Overall - 200 hectares Components: Residential Developments: Sta. Lucia’s Las Palmas Verde, RHI’s Nizanta & undeveloped parcels. Industrial/Commercial: Lapanday Box Plant & First Mindanao Business Industrial Park Commercial/Institutional: Undeveloped parcels
  • 2. Site Photos Lapanday Foods’ Box Plant
  • 3. Site Photos FMBIP Main Entry Point
  • 4. Site Photos PhotosDevelopment
  • 5. Vicinity Photos – Neighborhood Las Palmas Verdes Joint venture w/ Sta Lucia
  • 6. Vicinity Photos - Neighborhood Nizanta Joint Venture w/ Robinson’s Homes, Inc
  • 7. Vicinity Photos - NeighborhoodDeca Homes, Tigatto
  • 8. Project Proponent Owner & Master Developer: Lapanday Properties Philippines, Inc  A subsidiary of Lapanday Holdings Corp (LHC) whose major investments are in the production, cold storage, shipping & export of fresh fruits and vegetables to Asia Pacific, Middle East and Russia  The real estate group owned by the Lorenzo family  Torre Lorenzo Condominium projects along Taft Avenue, Manila  Projects in Joint Venture with major developers:  La Huerta Farm and Residences, Calamba Laguna  Acropolis, Mandaluyong  Las Palmas Verdes, Tigatto, Davao City  Nizanta Gardens, Tigatto, Davao City
  • 9. Lapanday Projects:Torre Lorenzo 2 A 35 Storey mixed-use, low density Residential Condominium located across De Lasalle University, along Taft Avenue, Manila developed by Grand Metro Lorenzo
  • 10. Lapanday Joint Venture Project:La Huerta Farms & Residences •50 hectare garden community in Calamba, Laguna, featuring four specially designed clusters each highlighted by edible landscaping •A joint venture undertaking with Sta Lucia Realty
  • 11. Project Proponent Business Consultant/Project Manager/Exclusive Marketing Arm: Ingenue Property Concepts & Marketing Corporation  Young, Dynamic Consultancy & Marketing Company composed of Professional Experts with over 20 years of solid real estate experience  Known for creative market-based concepts & marketing approach  Impressive track record for planning & implementing projects  Extensive experience in Davao  Notable roaster of clients
  • 12. The name “Ciudades” is a Spanish word meaning Cities.It connotes the adjoining of areas of development, supported byservices, commerce & industry and other features to build moderncommunities that are ideal for locators and residentsThe leaves symbolize life and growth and is appropriate becauseof the lush natural environment.The different colored leaves represent the different areas weredeveloping – areas where people can live, play, work, shop andgrow.
  • 13. Township Project Vision Cuidades will be the first large-scale integrated mixed- use masterplanned township development in Davao City. It is intended to be the ideal venue to service expanding business, commercial & residential requirements of Davao City & the region Cuidades is envisioned to be the new town where new communities will offer a variety of choices in business, commercial, leisure and residential opportunities for the people of Davao.
  • 14. Township Project Vision Cuidades will feature unique and trendsetting development concepts attuned to the growing sophistication, aspirations and investment appetite of the market:  BUSINESS, INDUSTRIAL, RESIDENTIAL ESTATE (BIRE) where businesses, commercial and residential uses are merged into a single development amidst a secure master-planned environment  EL CENTRO, the first “commercial park” concept in Davao that will serve as unifying element and convergence point for the institutional, commercial and sports & recreational components.
  • 15. Project Vicinity
  • 16. The Ciudades Township Masterplan
  • 17. Ciudades TownshipComponents Business and Industrial Park – BIRE Community Service Facilities  Transport Hub  Public Market Leisure & Recreation Cluster – El Centro Residential Clusters
  • 18. Cuidades Township Positioning Market Positioning Cuidades is positioned as a modern, integrated mixed-use township development offering the ideal investment venue for business, recreation/leisure, residential, commercial and institutional locators Selling Proposition  Cuidades is the only large master planned estate within Davao City that is an ideal venue to host the city’s business expansion needs  Cuidades will hosts a variety of exciting and unique trend- setting development concepts that are first of its kind in Davao  Cuidades is a self-contained and complete mini city where you can live, work, shop, play and grow
  • 19. Cuidades Township Positioning Selling Proposition  Excellent location  Suburban ambiance yet near the city core  Good utility and investment value  The project’s relatively lower price, and high utility value equate to good investment opportunity  Safe and secure environment  Provision for high security for locators  Flood free area due to provision for large and integrated drainage systems  The name & reputation of Lapanday as Master developer
  • 20. Ciudades Township Target Market The proposed township development project caters to a market considered as the next generation of independently successful businessmen and professionals who are looking for alternative property investments that is well- planned, convenient, secure and within Davao City Prescribed market profile per Product Mix:  Business and Industrial  Primary: Regional small-to-medium scale businesses  Secondary: Industrial locators, BPOs  Investors
  • 21. Ciudades Township Target Market Prescribed market profile per Product Mix:  Residential  Developers  Residential buyers  Institutional Target Market  Schools, universities  Sports facilities  Health and wellness centers ( Spa Village like the Farm at San Benito)  Destination Organic Restaurants/Cafes
  • 22. Ciudades Township Target Market Commercial Market  Local retailers  Regional retailers  Specialty Manila-based retailers  Sports/fitness depot – Nike Park, Adidas  Concept stores – Eco Store
  • 23. EL CENTRO: Ciudades’ Commercial Park The First Commercial Park concept in Davao 12 Hectares of lush natural beauty that will be complemented by areas for education, sports, wellness, and retail Serves as the unifying element & convergence point for the Ciudades township components
  • 24. EL CENTRO: Commercial Park Concept Schools & Universities Health Sports & Commercial & a Leisure Park Wellness Concept Commercial
  • 25. EL CENTRO: Site Plan Sports & Leisure Health & Wellness Picnic Areas School
  • 26. EL CENTRO: Site Plan
  • 27. EL CENTRO: The Commercial Park Concept  Rationale for the development:  A destination park with family sports and leisure facilities  Very limited sports facilities in Davao  Only Palos Verdes Country Club has major sports facilities  Demand for decent family leisure activities - emerging health & fitness consciousness  A park with gardens highlighting Davao’s fast growing cut flower business  Davao is orchid center of the country accounting for 40% market share in the PhilippinesOpen fields School Campus Sports field Flower park
  • 28. EL CENTRO: The Commercial ParkConcept  A destination park with a themed concept, dining and retail area  A themed retail and dining facilities within a park will be a unique experience for Davao folks and tourists  Rationale: Davao has very little parks and playgrounds for families and friends to enjoy Themed Commercial & Retail
  • 29.  First Mindanao Business & Industrial Park:  20-hectare multi-use development  The First development in the Ciudades’ township offering Project Concept:  A Business, Industrial and Residential Estate offering Multi-Use Lots situated within a green environment  A Unique, First-of-its-kind Business District
  • 30. PROJECT FEATURES A low density development withonly 84 lots to ensure efficiency& a green environment Phase 1 (developed)  3.5 hectares - 20 lots Phase 2 & 3: (undeveloped)  8.8 hectares – 64 lots Undeveloped Roads & Open Space:   7.4 hectaresSecure, flood-free with modernfacilities & utilities
  • 31. PROJECT FEATURES Typical Lot Sizes:  Minimum: 800 sqm  Maximum: 2700 sqm Multi-Use Lots  Commercial  Manufacturing  Office  Residential  Warehousing & Distribution
  • 32. PROJECT FEATURES Modern Amenities, Facilities & Utilities  Gated & High Security  Multi-Purpose Pavilion, Parks & Common Parking areas  Side walk that doubles up as jogging path  Centralized water distribution system & Sewage Treatment Facility  Wide concrete road networks  30 meter wide Main Road  20 meter wide Secondary Roads  Bayantel Telecommunications  Davao Light Power Supply  Commercial Strip Professional Estate Management to ensure proper estate management as well as implement Deed of Restrictions
  • 33. ARCHITECTURAL STYLETheme: Modern Architecture that blendswith the landscape•Steel and glass•High ceilings•Clean straight lines•Soaring, planed or angled roof lines•Themed lighting
  • 34. ARCHITECTURAL STYLE • Multi-use building •Office or business on the ground floor & second floor •Residential on the upper floor •Set-backs for parking & landscapingModel Unit
  • 35. PROJECT AMENITIESCommercial Strip Parking Parks and Open Spaces
  • 36. PRICING & TERMS Base Price: 6,000/sqm  Average lot size: 1000 sqm  Package Price: Php6Mn Reasonable & Competitive Price Compared to Prevailing prices in Davao City:  Residential Lots: PhP 5,000 - 10,000/sqm  Commercial Lots: PhP15,000 - 30,000/sqm.  Industrial Lots: PhP 5,000 – 15,000/sqm. Flexible buyer financing schemes  15% Cash term discount  24 months Interest Free Deferred payment
  • 37.  Rationale for the development  Need to make the land use more dynamic since demand for purely industrial land is weak  Need to tap into the investment market of the Davao region  It is a lot easier to sell to investors & entrepreneurs engaged in small to medium scale businesses in the Davao region  Need to introduce a new development concept that would attract market’s interest
  • 38.  Rationale for the development  Proposed BIRE concept offers good upside  Multi-use lot offer better investment upside to the buyer compared to a pure residential and industrial project.  Phase 1 is already developed and can immediately be used by locators  Good upside since price is not constrained by the industrial benchmark  Can serve as the New Business District: There is no organized Business District to accommodate the business expansion of Davao City.  Davao City is the fastest growing city in the country and the world would need a viable business expansion area
  • 39.  Rationale for the development  The concept of living and working at the same place has been a timeless practice particularly of Chinese businessmen.  SOHO (Small-Office Home-Office) - a similar concept seems to be well accepted  A variant of this concept taking into consideration the needs of Davao businessmen have a good chance of succeeding  Cost effective concept  First of its kind: Potentially a Signature Project for Davao City
  • 40. TARGET MARKET Primary Target:  Industrial locators, assembly-type  Regional small to medium scale enterprises  Furniture, Wood Processing, Food Processing, Food Packaging, Cold Storage Plant, Weaving, Specialty Manufacturing like garments & handicrafts, Warehousing Secondary Target:  Lot investors  BPO
  • 41. Features & Benefits of a Well-plannedTownship Development A Self-Contained Development  Complete and complementary developments  Business, industrial, commercial, leisure and residential  A “mini-city” that offers convenience living, where everything is within reach: live, play, work, shop, and grow  Safe and Secure Excellent location and accessibility  Nice environment – a less congested area where the environmental characteristics retain its suburban ambiance – an improved quality of life  Yet still a short travel distance from the city core, ports, airport
  • 42. Thank you!