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Published in: Technology

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Norton 2008 Product Overview Rowan Trollope Senior Vice President, Consumer Products
    • 2. Norton 2008 Product Focus Areas
    • 3. Shattering Norton’s Negative Performance Perception
    • 4. Performance Improvements Boot Time Memory UI Launch Download Scan Time IE Launch Install Time 1-2 Minutes (MSI Install) 10 Seconds (Impact) Current 29-30 MB < 2 Seconds 3:15 (mm:ss) 9 Seconds (Impact) < 4 Seconds (Impact) 2.25 Minutes (MSI Install) 14-25 Seconds (Impact) 2007 10-15 MB 1.7 Seconds 2:15 (mm:ss) 7 Seconds (Impact) 1.8 Seconds (Impact) 3.2 Minutes < 10 Seconds (Impact) 08 Target 10 MB < 2 Seconds 1:55 (mm:ss) 3-7 Seconds (Impact) < 1.8 Seconds (Impact) Industry 16 Seconds (Impact) 43 MB 3 Seconds 2:35 (mm:ss) 60 Seconds 1.5 - 5 Seconds 1:30-4:00 Minutes
    • 5. Norton 2008 Product Focus Areas
    • 6. New Threats - The Botnet Crisis
      • 29% increase in Active Bots 2H’06 over 1H’06
      • Over 6M Active Bots in 2H’2006 *
      • FBI cracking down via Operation Bot Roast – major bust June 2007
      * Source: Symantec ISTR XI Botherders: The Black Market Spam Phishing Messages Fraud Websites Adware & Spyware Fraudsters Spammers Distributors Keylogging / ID Theft Denial of Service
    • 7.
      • Step 1
      • User visits website
      • Drive by download injects itself into user’s browser – initiating a keylogger
      Example of a Botnet Infection Symantec Confidential What the User Sees What’s Actually Happening CSmith
      • Step 2
      • User logs in with username and password
      • Infected Web site relays keystrokes to hacker
      ******** Threat is dropped on machine via invisible iFrame in page C S m i t h 1 0 0 2 1 9 5 9
    • 8. Scale of the Botnet Crisis Symantec Confidential
    • 9. Scale of the Botnet Crisis Symantec Confidential
    • 10. Symantec Confidential Scale of the Botnet Crisis
    • 11. Symantec Confidential Scale of the Botnet Crisis Six million hijacked consumer PCs
    • 12. Norton AntiBot
    • 13. Norton AntiBot Performance Fast Boot Low Memory Footprint Fast Install Low CPU Overhead 2 Second Overhead to System Boot 1 – 2 Minutes 10 MB Less than 2% Compatible with all major endpoint security products
    • 14. New Threats – Drive-by Downloads
      • In the past – you had to visit dangerous sites
      • Now – they’re on legitimate sites
      • Attacker inserts an attack into a poorly-secured web page
        • Place executable code on your machine without you knowing it
        • Increasingly used to deliver spyware, often for identity theft
    • 15. Browser Exploits are Everywhere February 2, 2007 Super Bowl Weekend Dolphin Stadium web site hacked A program that records keystrokes was automatically downloaded to each visitor’s machine
    • 16. New Browser Protection Codename “Canary”
      • Secures your browser against attack
      • Proactively blocks new, unknown malware
      • Fixes 100% of known IE vulnerabilities
      • Strongest level of protection for surfing the web
      • Shipping this fall in
        • Norton AntiVirus 2008
        • Norton Internet Security 2008
        • Norton 360
        • Will ship to corporate customers in a future release
    • 17. Only Canary Has Strong Browser Protection % of attacks blocked, out of 36 Internet Explorer vulnerabilities (includes all known exploited vulnerabilities) Source: Symantec internal lab testing 0 50 100 Canary Product A Product B Product C Product D Product E Product F Product G Product H 100% 17% 14% 14% 11% 8% 6% 3% 3%
    • 18. Only Canary is Resilient to Obfuscation % of obfuscated attacks blocked, out of 36 Internet Explorer vulnerabilities (includes all known exploited vulnerabilities) Source: Symantec internal lab testing 0 50 100 Canary Product B Product A Product C Product D Product E Product F Product G Product H 100% 6%
    • 19. Norton 2008 Product Focus Areas
    • 20. Protection beyond the PC - Security That Revolves Around You
    • 21. Perfect Storm for Smartphone Security Need for Smartphone Security Now : Users and experts are increasingly realizing that smartphones need to be protected just like PCs $1B in mobile security and AV in 2008 (Source: IDC) Increasing Smartphone Threats : Mobile virus variants have almost doubled every 6 months from 2004-2006 PC:Mobile Viruses = 450:1 (Source: Symantec Security Response)
      • Increasing Use of Threat-Prone
      • Smartphone Applications :
      • Increasing use of mobile Internet, email, WiFi, SMS/MMS, mobile payments, mobile banking, music/game/app downloads, pictures, calendar, etc.
        • 54% access password required Web sites
        • 34% access bank accounts
        • 27% access credit card accounts
      Fastest Growing Device Segment : Smart phone growth = 31% (IDC) Other mobiles = 7% (IDC) Mobiles out ship PC’s 5:1 in 2006 By 2008, smartphones are expected to out ship laptops (Gartner) Vulnerabilities : mWindows = PC Windows 6 years ago (WinNT) Smartphones are the next destination for hackers
    • 22. Norton Smartphone Security
      • Norton Smartphone Security provides protection for smartphones and PDAs against malicious threats
      • Security
        • Antivirus
          • Immediately detects mobile threats and prevents users from accessing an infected file.
        • Antispam for SMS
          • Automatically deletes spam messages, or filters them to a separate spam folder
        • Firewall
          • Controls both inbound and outbound network traffic on the mobile device.
        • Windows Mobile and Symbian support
          • Supports the two most popular smartphone platforms in one product
      • Safeguards your phone from the latest mobile threats
    • 23. Network Security Features
      • View Network Map
        • Provides view of all visible nodes on the local network, including online/offline status
      • View Security Status of Norton Products
        • Includes overall system status, date of last scan, date of protection updates
      • Norton Internet Security 2008 Features
        • View wireless network security status
        • Recommendations for securing wireless router
        • Control firewall “Trust Control” via Network Map
        • Educational information about home networking, sharing files/folders on network, wireless network security
    • 24. Norton 2008 Product Focus Areas
    • 25. Identity Theft is Consumers’ #1 Fear
      • 53% of internet users have stopped giving personal information to websites in fear of identity theft
      • Identity theft victims collectively spent almost 300M hours trying to repair the damage
      • And it cost them $680M
      • According to the FTC, identity theft costs US businesses $48B annually
      Sources: Gartner, Cyber Security Industry Alliance, FTC
    • 26. Norton Identity Safe Provides a safe and convenient way to manage identities online
      • Baseline capabilities
        • Secure password store
        • Password autofill
        • Form filling
      • Differentiators
        • Integrated with phishing protection (“site aware”)
        • Auto-login
        • Card metaphor allows user to store and use multiple “personas”
    • 27. Summary
    • 28. Summary
      • Performance
        • Norton Internet Security improvements
      • Solving New Threats
        • Norton AntiBot
        • Canary
      • Beyond the PC
        • Norton Smartphone Security
        • Home networking support*
      • New Paradigms
        • Norton Identity Safe*
      * Included in Norton Internet Security & Norton 360v2 New Product New Product
    • 29. Product Portfolio Norton SmartPhone Security * Mobile Security Products Market Category Norton SystemWorks Norton Save & Restore Norton Ghost Norton Confidential Norton Confidential Online Edition * Norton AntiVirus Transaction Security Security Backup & Recovery Norton Internet Security PC Tuneup Norton 360 PC Security Point Products Comprehensive Protection * Future Product Norton AntiBot *
    • 30. Thank you
    • 31. Norton Internet Security
    • 32. Embedded and Enhanced Support
      • Norton Internet Security 2008 and Norton 360 support attempts to automatically diagnose and resolve most issues including connectivity, configuration, and more
      • Provides free live chat, free e-mail support and free phone support for installation and known issues
      • Users can grant support agents remote control to resolve certain issues
      Note: Product Features not yet committed
    • 33. Norton AntiVirus 2008 Summary
      • New Features
      • Significant Performance Improvements in boot time, scan time, installation and UI response times
      • SONAR (Symantec™ Online Network for Advanced Response) Technology delivers behavior-based protection that can detect emerging spyware and viruses even before traditional signature-based definitions are available
      • Advanced Zero-Hour Browser Protection detects and blocks tough to detect, obfuscated drive-by-downloads that aim to exploit browser vulnerabilities
      • Installation Blocker blocks malicious packages as they try to get on the system, before installation starts
      • Embedded Support offers fast free online technical assistance via live chat and e-mail from within the product
      • Network Map provides view of all devices on the home network
      • Enhanced Features
      • Improved LiveUpdate Experience updates signatures and software patches silently in the background
      • Improved Internet Worm Protection includes advanced heuristics technology to detect and remediate against new and unknown threats as they try to communicate over the Internet
      • Additional Key Features
      • Kernel Mode Rootkit Protection guards against hidden threats that use rootkits to reside in the deepest levels within the operating system in order to attempt to evade detection by security software
      • Automatic Handling of Security Risks without requiring user interaction. Users who want more control over their security settings can configure Norton AntiVirus to alert them when these items are detected
    • 34. Norton Internet Security 2008 Summary
      • New Features
      • Identity Safe provides comprehensive confidential information management and secure form-filling functionality, including auto-login. Integrated with phishing protection to withhold confidential data from insecure sites.
      • Network Map provides view of all devices on the home network
      • Network Security Monitoring displays security status of wireless router and enables remote monitoring of other network-enabled Norton applications in the network.
      • Crimeware Protection provides advanced heuristics to protect against keyloggers and other threats during transactions
      • Embedded Support offers fast free online technical assistance via live chat and e-mail from within the product
      • Includes all Norton Antivirus new and improved features (see previous slide)
      • Enhanced Features
      • SONAR Smart Firewall runs a SONAR behavioral scan each time an application attempts an outbound communication, providing industry leading security that does not rely on block lists to detect new threats
      • SONAR Phishing Protection includes web authentication to confirm trusted brands
      • Anti-Phishing Toolbar supports Mozilla Firefox and includes new dockable, resizable design and links to confidential information management and form-filling functionality
      • Norton Add-On Pack provides parental controls and improved antispam protection