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T9   tinting systems for industrial maintenance & wood coatings
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T9 tinting systems for industrial maintenance & wood coatings






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    T9   tinting systems for industrial maintenance & wood coatings T9 tinting systems for industrial maintenance & wood coatings Presentation Transcript

    • Tinting System Solutions for IndustrialMaintenance & Wood Coatings....., When youneed it!...., Where you need it!Chroma-Chem® Industrial ColorantsLuc Driessen, Evonik Colortrend25th Indian Paint Conference, Delhi NCR, January 30th, 2011 slide | 1
    • Contentsh Introducing Evonik Colortrendh India, fast growing and diversifyingh India’s Coatings Industryh Paint Consumption and Distributionh Industrial Coatings – Challenges and Driversh Tinting solutions - Industrial Coatingsh Syndicated tinting systemsh Our Support & Service – Your Success slide | 2
    • The Colortrend Group: Snapshot• Independent Colorants Producer• Only global active player• Manufacturing and service locations on four continents.• Certified occupational safety & health management systems (ISO)• Certified quality management systems (ISO)• Certified environmental management systems (ISO)• Inventors of POS tinting systems and one of the global leaders.• Inventors of universal Colortrend® 888, the market reference since decades.• Track record of innovation in architectural and industrial colorants.• Our People foster innovation, the Colortrend group fosters it’s people• Our mission:iiiiiWe create sustainable value by delivering unique and holistic color solutions slide | 3
    • Colortrend – our heritage• The inventors of POS color systems – Colortrend® 888.• 50+ years experience in providing tinting solutions• Enabling our customers to grow / grow together• Globally driven / regionally focused slide | 4
    • Colortrend – Innovations in decorative tinting solutionsOur global presence has led to a wide array of environmentally-friendly technology, by cross-fertilization: USA • COVON® 800, In-plant product, 1st introduced in the 1980s • Colortrend® 802, 1st no VOC system launch in the late 1990’s • Colortrend® 808, minimal impact on paint properties, launch in 2008 Europe • Colortrend® M2000, low-VOC pioneer product range, launch in 1995 • Colortrend® 803, focus on eco label criteria (VOC, APE, CRM’s etc.). • Colortrend® 807, introduced in 2007, high strength focus Australasia • Colortrend® 810 • Suited for Asian market needs (paint technologies, low odor, cost) slide | 5
    • India – fast growing anddiversifying it economic basis h Seventh largest country h Population 1.15 billion (2010) h Per capita income of about € 2100 h Large middle-class segment h GPD avg. growth 8.3% ( 2006-2010)Move to more diversified economy…. will drive derived demands like for coatings Sources: CIA factbook, IMF slide | 6
    • India – Coatings Industryh About 3.9% of global coatings marketh Market size about 1.6 million tonsh Import / export of paints is minimalh Avg. YOY growth of 14% > GPD growth of 8.3%h Large scale companies: 12-15h SME companies: ~ 1500 (emerging) India paint production is almost exclusively foridomestic useNear to mid-term Future:h Continued Industry action on VOC reduction, leadiiiiichromates replacements etc. International standards ?h Continued growth in architectural and industrialiiiiisegments. With the latter likely to grow at aifaster rate.iiiiiDouble-digit industry growth foreseen slide | 7
    • India – paint consumption & distributionh Per capita consumption of about 1.35 kg ( US 25.8, Sri Lanka 3.5, China 2.5)iiiiGrowing middle class segment Bright future!! - Challenges ahead!! Environmental issues, scarcity of talent, need for more choice for end-users etc.h DIY segment non-existenth Architectural POS tinting > 22,000 installations at retailers and growing.h Break down: company size and coating segments: Architectural Industrial Market Share [KMT] [KMT] [%] Large 720 200 58 Companies SME 510 170 42 SUM [KMT] 1230 370 Volume [%] 77 23 Value [%] 70 30 Sources: Paintindia 2009 snapshot, Coatings India newsletter 2010 slide | 8
    • India – industrial coatingsh Sectors: except for powder and OEM, mainly 100% solvent borne Coil, 6% Others, 10% Powders, 14% Auto OEM, 24% PC / GI, 32% Auto Refinish, 14%h Climate: India is like an enormous corrosion cabinet with high UV exposure. h 4,000 miles of coastline, h Tropical climate, high humidity in most areas, heavy rains (monsoon season). h Bombay‘s solar radiation 5.75 kWh m-2 day-1 ( Hamburg 2.65, Sydney 4.78, KL 4.90) h Corrosion is a concern. Durability is a concern. h Much interest in protecting metal, particularly steel.h Growth drivers: Protective Coatings / General Industrial: h Spurt in manufacturing growth h Increased thrust on infrastructure, ports, airports, construction h Proliferation of oil, gas, downstream industries slide | 9 Sources: PaintIndia 2009 snapshot, SPPC India 2010 symposium on protective surface coatings
    • Chroma-chem® 844 - product description The product of reference in many countries! • Solvent-based industrial colorants • Carefully selected ingredients for broad compatibility • Solvent blend used: PMA and naphthol spirits • Proprietary, unique acrylic resin • Volumetrically and gravimetrically dispensable • Tinting strength tolerance (+/-) 2% • Color deviation tolerance ∆E < 0.5 CIElab units • Pigments specifically selected to meet performance requirements • Suitable for solvent-based protective, general industrial and wood coatings • Color System colorants ( factory, depot and POS tinting) slide | 10
    • Chroma-Chem® 844 - industrial colorants applications OEM Special purposeh Wood: Furniture / Flooring / Cabinets h Industrial Maintenanceh Non-Wood Furniture / Fixtures h Marineh Transportation / ACE h High solids flooringh General Industrial h Aerosolh Metal Containers h Automotive Refinish (secondary)h Coil Coatings h Composites The complete line of high-performance point-of-sale and in-plant colorants, featuring Color System solutions for industrial and wood coatings applications slide | 11
    • Chroma-chem® 844 - adequate product performances to India’s climateTypical lab test results - Chroma-chem® 844 at 10% loading in two pack PU. Corrosion resistance test. After 1000 hours salt spray test. Adhesion tests - high humidity and thermal stress After 1000 hrs QCT test. slide | 12
    • Chroma-chem® 844 - adequate product performances to India’s climateTypical lab test results(1) - Chroma-chem® 844 at 10% loading in two pack PU. Weather resistance test. 5.0 After 2000 hrs Q-SUN. 4.0 3.0 2.0 1.0 0.0 0.3% White 1.0% White 10.0% Clear base base baseGrey Scale ratings assessment of change of color.(Scale of 5 = excellent, 1=poor)(1) For high demanding application, High Performance yellow, red and orange are available. slide | 13
    • Chroma-chem® 844 - adequate product performances to India’s climate The tinting system contains a sub-selection of colorants that are available in two weather durability versions: Regular and High performance. 5 HP HP HP 4 3 2 1 0 844-0982 844-0915 844-2555 844-2826 844-0451 844-0526 LF UO LF HD MY LF Orange Orange Yellow slide | 14
    • Chroma-Chem® 844 industrial colorants - benefits• Acceptance in a wide range of non-aqueous coatings systems, including • Acrylics • Alkyds • 2K Epoxies • 2K Polyurethanes • Polyesters • Cellulosic lacquers • Vinyl lacquers • Chlorinated rubber • Melamine formaldehyde • Urea formaldehyde• Formulations are designed to minimize surfactant and additive levels required to achieve colorant acceptance• Storage stability, the proprietary acrylic resin used provides excellent wetting and dispersing properties (superior to other acrylic resins available) slide | 15
    • Chroma-Chem® 844 industrial colorants – benefits cont.• High strength• Consistent (batch to batch) product quality.• Solvent system low in aromatic solvents• Wide choice of high durability or cost effective pigments• Lead free pigments• Viscosity range allows reliable volumetric dispensing• Film properties: excellent performance with respect to gloss, gloss retention, hardness, adhesion, corrosion, effects of over-bake etc. at 5 to 15% loading slide | 16
    • Industrial Color Systems componentsBase Material Pastel Extra Deep TransparentBase ControlColorant AdditionInto composite base 1Y30-PB 1Y30-PBMax. Colorant Addition 1Y30 2Y 6YFill Level 1000 ml. 950 ml. 845 ml. Chroma-chem 844 Colorants PO PR PY PY PB PR TW 6 PV 19 PBr 7 34/36 101 PY 42 83/151 175 PG 7 15:2 PV 19 PBK 7 101 PY 42 TW QR BU UO RO YO MY OY PG PB QV LB TRO TYO slide | 17 ®
    • Industrial Color Systems – typical TiO2 loadings for system paint bases Industrial coatings “formula for success”:Good base control + Highly controlled colorant = Consistent color reproducibility! Base Type TiO2 Load Level ( pounds/ gallon) Pastel 2.25 Deep 1.25 Clear 0 Color shade formulations to reproduce Industrial standard color shades (RAL and others), Evonik’s Portfolio-of-Color™ and customer color shades are available in color shade formulation libraries slide | 18
    • Industrial Color Systems – in-plant, depot or Point-of-Sale Color Matching Systems Dispensing Equipment Color Collateral and Formulas Mixing Station Chroma-chem® Colorants Tinted Material QR TW LB PG BU QV Controlled Tint Deep Clear Base materialComponents : Colorants, controlled dispersion of pigmentsA set of color recipes formulated utilizing bases and colorants Spectrophotometer for measuring colorA set of color cards, chips or other color samples to display end Dispensing machines to dispense colorants into base colors, so customers can make a choice material in precisely measured amountsControlled base- white or clear Mixing equipment to ensure thorough mixing of colorants with the base material slide | 19
    • Portfolio of Color®: cover page Portfolio of Color® Evonik.Power to create slide | 20
    • Portfolio of Color: Portholes™ and Color Identifier™Color shade mixing formulations for all these 2,760 colors andfor other collections are available to chroma-chem® customers©2009 Evonik Degussa Corporation, all rights reserved slide | 21
    • Portfolio of Color: “Portholes”Portholes™ allow the user to position the target or coating sample behind therepresentative color chip to check for greater accuracy. This technique has beenused successfully in the automotive industry for improved color accuracy. slide | 22
    • Portfolio of Color: Chroma-chem Color IdentifierChroma-Chem® Color Identifier™ is a hand-held device which speeds the processof color selection in the field, by reading the target or substrate color, then locates theclosest acceptable color match in the Portfolio of Color book. The unit displays threepotential matches ( good, better, best) for the user to choose from. slide | 23
    • Our Service & Support - your Success“The lack of quality manpower is something that isplaguing the industry. The explosive growth of theindustry is not being accompanied by the injectionof new human resources into the industry”Paintindia “Snapshot of Indian coatings industry 2009”Evonik Colortrend offers service & support, bylocal presence in India ( in process of beingestablished) and from abroad:• Technical support by laboratory tests andiiibase paint certifications• Color shade formulation service by utilizingiiiadvanced equipment.• Logistic services by local warehousing iniiiprocess of being established slide | 24
    • Quality and Cost Control: Using Chroma-chem® 844Reduction of:• SKUs• Support cost (SAP, Inventory, Waste Disposal)• Capital investment in equipment• Quality Control cost• Manufacturing Cost – higher thru put, energy cost, over-time, HR, pay roll, benefits,• Technical support cost (let the Colorant experts worry about color quality and corrections)• R&D cost (focus on coatings development)• Raw material re-order / pigment issues• Mess!! slide | 25
    • slide | 26