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Twixer (english)
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Twixer (english)


Twixer is a microblogging service client supporting Twitter and Identi.ca and is written in Python by Antonio Ognio

Twixer is a microblogging service client supporting Twitter and Identi.ca and is written in Python by Antonio Ognio

Published in Technology
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  • 1. $> twixer Microblogging service client for the command line Antonio Ognio antonio@ognio.com
  • 2. What is microblogging?  Services like Twitter and Identi.ca (opensource)  Publishing short fragments of text on the Internet  “Real-time” Internet experience  Good for sharing:  News  Opinions, thoughts, feelings  Hyperlinks and information pointers in general  A good way of getting:  Feedback  Sugestions  Interacting with your users / customers
  • 3. Microblogging Service Arquitecture  Websites  Web interface (default)  Webservice API (eg. RESTful)  Ecosystem  Complementary sites / services  Custom clients
  • 4. Who is using microblogging?  Bloggers  Geeks / tecnophiles  Journalists  Some celebrities  Consultants / authors  Opinion leaders  Some websites (robots)  FLOSS hackers
  • 5. Why a client for the CLI?  Natural environment for most hackers / sysadmins Lighter and quicker to launch that a GUI or web client  Integration with other command line tools (e.g. less) Simpler to mantain than a visual program (at least using GNU/Linux)
  • 6. ...also  Un command line client is more discrete :)  I get to send my tweet but avoid stay reading others :)  Easier to integrate with scripts  I have it installed on servers and a few VPS
  • 7. Twixer  Written in Python  483 lines of code for now  Depends on simplejson and tweethon  Allows to:  Send tweets  Send direct messages  Follow other users  Unfollow other users  Read the main timeline (friends)  some other stuff...
  • 8. http://code.google.com/p/twixer
  • 9. Common uses: Send a tweet twixer "The contents of the tweet go here" Send a private message twixer -d account "Contents of direct message go here" Timeline twixer -f Check out mentions and replies twixer -r
  • 10. Options Usage: twixer [options] Options: --version show program's version number and exit -h, --help show this help message and exit -c CONFPATH, --config=CONFPATH Path to configuration file -v VERBOSE, --verbose=VERBOSE -U USERNAME, --username=USERNAME Username for your Twitter account -P PASSWORD, --password=PASSWORD Password for your Twitter account -S SERVER, --server=SERVER API server for microblogging service -u USERNAME, --query-user=USERNAME Query USERNAME instead of your user -t, --timeline Show timeline of user -d USERNAME, --direct=USERNAME Send direct message to user -f, --friends Show friends timeline -r, --replies Show replies -R, --direct-replies Show direct messages or replies -p, --public Show public timeline -a USERNAME, --follow=USERNAME Follow user -s USERNAME, --stop-following=USERNAME Stop following user -D ID, --delete-status=ID Delete status by id -X ID, --delete-direct-message=ID Delete direct message by id -l, --list-friends Show list of friends -F, --list-followers Show list of followers
  • 11. Installing from tarball sudo easy_install simplejson tweethon wget -c http://twixer.googlecode.com/files/twixer-0.1.2b.tar.gz tar zxpf twixer-0.1.2b.tar.gz cd twixer-0.1.2b sudo cp twixer /usr/bin cp twixerrc $HOME/.ttwixerrc vi $HOME/.twixerrc chmod 600 $HOME/.twixerrc twixer - Getting sources from Subversion svn checkout http://twixer.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ twixer
  • 12. Tip (long message as two tweets) gnrfan@gnrfan-laptop:~$ twixer "Digg's move to NoSQL: This growth has forced them into horizontal and vertical partitioning strategies..." twixer "...that have eliminated most of the value of a relational database, while still incurring all the overhead." Status 24785310 successfully posted at Mon Mar 15 03:00:22 +0000 2010 Status 24785312 successfully posted at Mon Mar 15 03:00:23 +0000 2010 Follow a user $ twixer --follow plugperu
  • 13. Config file [account] username = plugperu password = s3cr3t0 Path to config file: $HOME/.twixerrc
  • 14. Taking a look at the source code http://code.google.com/p/twixer/source/browse/trunk/twixer
  • 15. Suggestions, feature requests and bugs http://code.google.com/p/twixer/issues/list
  • 16. Twixer http://code.google.com/p/twixer/