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What is your Curriculum Philosophy?                   We believe that in order for our young men to excel in college and  ...
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Eagle faq

  1. 1. The Eagle Academy for Young Men at Ocean Hill Frequently Asked QuestionsOverall what is Eagle Academy for Young Men about?The Eagle Academy for Young Men at Ocean Hill strives tocreate a learning environment that will enable all EagleScholars to be both globally conscious and globallycompetitive. As an all male single gender school we havecreated academic and social structures that support anddevelop our young men throughout their seven yearexperience at our 6- 12 school. Our school culture ofmentorship and shared responsibility is supported throughour house model approach. The need for global awarenesshas led Eagle Ocean Hill to incorporate the InternationalBaccalaureate Middle Years Program into our curricularapproach in all content areas including our Eagle Scholarshipcourse and the Mentoring program. At Eagle, we expect allScholars to follow the rules, norms, and expectations ofEagle Scholarship which will enable our young men to reachtheir full potential as globally conscious and globallycompetitive community leaders.Is Eagle a DOE or charter school?Eagle Academy is a New York City public school. We wereapproved as Department of Education Public school in June of2008.What grade did Eagle receive on last yearʼs Report Card? My son struggles academically, what does Eagle have inFor the last two consecutive years Eagle has received an A on place to meet his needs?the DOE school report card. Eagle Academy was the only At Eagle we strive to meet the learning needs of all of ourschool in District 23 to receive an A on the 2009-2010 report scholars. A number of our young men come in which extremecard, outperforming over 85% of all middle schools in the city. struggles, particularly in reading. On staff we have a full time Reading Specialist that is trained to build the literacy skills ofWhat is your schedule? young men that experience struggles. Our Eagle Educators alsoScholars arrive each day at 8am. From Monday-Thursday, have very low class sizes and teach less than 40 scholars. Thisdismissal is at 5pm, on Fridays dismissal is at 3pm. Saturday allows our ELA and Math Educators to provide individualizedAcademy runs from 9am-12pm. The schedule is designed to instruction for scholars in need. We also have an hour longmaximize scholar productivity and learning by front loading all Scholarship Block (study hall), that is designed to provide all ofcore academic classes (Math, Science, ELA, and Social Studies) your men the necessary supports to be successful in ourbefore the 1:15 lunch period. Lunch is followed by three extremely demanding classes.extended day blocks that provide scholars with the opportunity tocomplete homework, receive targeted individualized instruction, What is the discipline policy at Eagle?and engage in a number of extracurricular activities. The time Eagle is an extremely disciplined and structured learningallotments for the Friday schedule have been adjusted to environment. We have several systems in place that holds bothaccommodate the 2pm dismissal time for Scholars that complete the group and the individual accountable for actions that violate100% of their HW, and 3pm for Scholars that missed 1 or more the pillars of Eagle Scholarship. Failure to follow rules result inHW assignments. the removal of privileges and the exclusion from activities,What is your average class size? including trips, Extended Day programs, and Friday activities.The average class size in grades 6-8 is 18 young men. The What is Summer Bridge?average class size for our upper school (9-12) will be 23. Summer Bridge is a mandatory week long program that takesMy son performs extremely well academically, what does place in August for all incoming scholars. Summer Bridge isEagle offer to meet his needs? designed to introduce Eagle Scholars to our unique schoolAt Eagle we believe in an accelerated learning experience for culture, systems, and overall academic and social philosophies.all young men. For our young men with an extreme need for This is accomplished through a week long in-depth analysis of theacceleration we offer opportunities to take high school Regents 5 pillars of Eagle Scholarship, which are Confidence,exams in the 7th and 8th grades. We also offer an advanced Commitment to Excellence, Effort, Leadership, and Resilience.Research course that teaches our scholars college level writing Scholars analyze the importance of these pillars through the lensand researching skills. All of our young men attend classes of our 6 House leaders (Roberto Clemente, Arthur Ashe, Ronaldusing a curriculum designed by the International Baccalaureate, McNair, Thurgood Marshal, Duke Ellington, and W.E.B. Dubois).which is the most advanced and competitive curriculum in the Summer Bridge takes place during the first week of Last year 19 of our seventh grade Scholars took the Attendance is mandatory for all incoming 6th and 9th gradeninth grade Math Regents exam, and 100% passed. Our scholars.standardized test scores were on par with the Gifted andTalented screened middle schools in the district.
  2. 2. What is your Curriculum Philosophy? We believe that in order for our young men to excel in college and beyond we must strategically build their foundational academic skills in reading and mathematics. Using this approach in the lower grades (6-8) will enable all of our young men to participate in an accelerated learning experience for the remainder of their years at Eagle. To ensure that our Scholars have the ability to be Globally Competitive there is a heavy use of Technology in all of our classrooms. Eagle Kung Fu Educators use Smartboards, laptops, and ipad to increase engagement and address the needs of individual learners. Our overall curriculum framework has been modeled after the International Baccalaureate program. The IB program is the most elite program in the world. It is typically used at private boarding school both nationally and internationally. What programs do you currently offer at Eagle? It crucial that we provide opportunities for our young men to explore their talents both artistically and academically. In a climate in which many Basketball schools are cutting the funding to these types of programs, Eagle Ocean Hill continues to add new experiences to the menu. We currently offer the following programs to our young men that qualify academically: Advanced Math, Targeted Reading Instruction, Robotics, Chess, Debate, Mandarin Language development with Rosetta Stone, Kung Fu, Competitive Basketball, Intramural Basketball, Flag Football, Tackle Football, Lacrosse, Culinary Arts, Homework Help, Graphic Arts, Music (Classical Guitar, Electric Guitar, Keyboard,and Drums), Research, Computer Technology, Medical Awareness, Theater & Arts, Comic Book Music club with Ipads, Video Game Club, and Journalism. This extensive offering of programs serve to motivate our Scholars to excel academically. How do you specifically prepare your Scholars for the college experience? As an Eagle school we have established a number of partnerships with universities that provide Eagle Scholars direct enrollment priority. Those schools include: Penn State University, Hampton University, Morehouse College, NYU, Columbia University, Cornell University, University of LaCrosse Southern California, Michigan University, Holy Cross University and many more. At universities across the nation there is an absence of young men of color. The crisis involves not only their admission, but the ability to successfully compete and graduate. These schools have formed special partnerships with us to ensure that their campuses are diverse and well balanced. The entire experience at Eagle is designed for our young men to meet and exceed the academic and social expectations of the most elite university in the United States. In our overall school design we have incorporated a number ofContact Football programs that could potentially lead to full or partial scholarships. We will be one of the very few schools the offers a culinary arts program, full contact football team, basketball team, lacrosse team, theater and drama, and a full and ever expanding music program. The programs also serve to build the resumes of our Eagle Scholars as well-rounded young men that would be an asset to any college setting. How do I get my son into Eagle? Each school year Eagle Ocean Hill receives 1500-1800 applications for Culinary Arts just 80 seats in the sixth grade. With us now opening a 9th grade, we have been notified to expect well over 2,000 applicants, for approximately 15-20 freshman seats. As a 6-12 our current 8th grade Scholars receive first priority. We do not directly select the Scholars that are chosen to attend our school. We are an informed choice school. Meaning, that by attending our open house or making direct contact with an Eagle Educator, the name of that child is placed on an informed choice list. A lottery is conduct by theTheater & Drama Department of Education and acceptance letters go out in the spring.