The Rewards and Benefits of the Coleman canopy When Catfishing


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The Rewards and Benefits of the Coleman canopy When Catfishing

  1. 1. If you enjoy catfishing whatever the weather investigate the benefits you can get from a proper shelter. Theshelters of the past were usually made of leather skins or grass that were harvested from the fields around apersons home site. These shelters of the past looked at lot like our modern day canopies. Today we use modern fabrics for stronger protection from the elements.
  2. 2. A canopy is a lot like a tent, except most canopies are justthe roofs with four or more corner legs holding it up. You can buy sides for your canopy and then you can use it much like a tent, but usually not as sealed. Shapes and sizes vary but you can find the one you need for your purposes.
  3. 3. There are canopies that are attached to buildings that fold in and out to provide shade and protection from the elements. There are canopies that serve as small shelters over hot dog vendors on the city streets or by the sea shore. The Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts use canopies whenthey are at events and camp outs. Weddings, graduations, barbeques, birthday parties, and the list goes on and on. You dont realize how much the simple canopy is needed and used in our daily lives.
  4. 4. The original gas lantern came from a time in history when people found that gas burned a lot brighter and cleanerthan did kerosine. W. C. Coleman was the man that started a company to mass produce the gas lantern after he saw the new lantern burning in a store one time while he was selling products as a salesman. Later, Mr. Colemans Company went on to produce sleeping bags, coolers and all types of out door equipment.
  5. 5. The current day canopies are no longer made of left overanimal skins or grass, but high tech fabrics that fight theelements extremely well, and last many years. Coleman,just like the other manufacturers make several differentsizes and colors of these canopies and most them can be set up in as little as three minutes.
  6. 6. If the you dont enjoy assembling a tent or canopy with awhole lot of parts, then you need a modern style "pop up" canopy. Just get your three buddies to help you pull the four corners out to unfold the mechanical frame work. One person will work just fine, but for a quick job, get some help. The fabric comes already attached to the frame so after you have pulled the canopy out to its extended position just raise the corners up and lock the tabs in place in the holes on the legs.
  7. 7. Before you next catfishing venture in inclementweather, fully investigate all the benefits of the Coleman canopy.
  8. 8. Nothing to do with catfishing but the NFL now licenses the Colman Company to allow you to purchase a canopy withyour favorite teams colors and name. You can get this in a10 x 10 canopy and add side curtains of the same colors if you wish, but you can still get the colors that blend into the background as well.
  9. 9.