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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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    Online Privacy for Kids
    Ms Pirtle’sTechnology ClassGrade 5 SJSJSeptember, 2011
  • 2. Private Information
    How would you feel if you had to wear a sign on your back that gave private information such as your name and your address!
    Would you feel better if you could decide who knows those things about you?
  • 3. Private Information Is Your
    Full Name
    Home Address
    School Name
    Phone Number
    E-mail Address
    Social Security Number
  • 4. Kid’s Privacy Online is THE LAW!
    If under 13, websites MUST protect your privacy
    If a website asks for any information from you, it must have a link to its privacy policy.
    This applies to all websites intended for kids
  • 5. Why Is Online Privacy Important?
    Websites could use your private information however they wanted!
    They might try to:
    Look for you
    Contact you
    Sell you things
    They could even sell your private information to others!
  • 6. Key Vocabulary
    Private Information: 
    Information that can be used to identify you, such as your full name, Social Security number, postal address, email address, and phone number
    Privacy Policy: 
    A legal document that explains how a website gathers and uses your private information
    Seal of Approval: 
    A sign or stamp that states that a website, company, or group meets a certain set of standards and is doing a good job
  • 7. What to Look For
    A link to a privacy policy
    Someone you can contact if you have questions or problems about privacy
    Trust E Privacy Seal for Kids
    Better Business Bureau Online Seal
  • 8. Privacy Checklist
    Let’s explore
    Does the have a link to a privacy policy?
    Do the pages that request private information have a link to the privacy policy?
    Is the link to the privacy policy clear and easy to find?
    Does the site give the contact information of the person to reach if you have questions about privacy?
    Does the site show a seal of approval?
    Total Yesses:
    Total Nos:
  • 9. Review
    What are examples of private information?
    Why should you not give out your private information?
    Remember that strangers, whether it is a company or a person, could use your information to find you and contact you.
    What sorts of things should you look for to make sure a website protects your privacy?
    Always look for clearly marked privacy policies, privacy seals of approval, and a person to contact with questions about privacy.
    Make a habit of checking the kids’ sites you visit for privacy policies and privacy seals of approval.