Silas Marner


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Silas Marner

  1. 1. Do you like reading???
  2. 2. Silas Marner By George Eliot
  3. 3. Silas MarnerSilas Marner – a weaver, miser– a weaver, miser protagonistprotagonist Godfrey CassGodfrey Cass – son of the local squire.– son of the local squire. Dunstan CassDunstan Cass – Godfrey's greedy brother with a– Godfrey's greedy brother with a penchant for alcohol and manipulation.penchant for alcohol and manipulation. Molly FarrenMolly Farren – Godfrey's first wife who has a child– Godfrey's first wife who has a child by him. She dies leaving the him. She dies leaving the child. EppieEppie – child of Molly and Godfrey who is cared for– child of Molly and Godfrey who is cared for by Marner. Nancy LammeterNancy Lammeter – Godfrey Cass's second wife.– Godfrey Cass's second wife. William DaneWilliam Dane – William Dane is Silas’s former best– William Dane is Silas’s former best friendfriend SarahSarah – fiancée to Silas while in Lantern Yard.– fiancée to Silas while in Lantern Yard. Married William Dane.Married William Dane. Characters in Silas Marner
  4. 4. Silas Marner was a man who lived in Lantern Yard, and was well known as a respectable and religious man. However his appearance and new talents seemed unordinary and suspicious. His best friend William cheated him, his fiancée refused him and married William. Soon afterwards Silas Marner left the town. Silas Marner settles near the village of Raveloe.
  5. 5. ”He don’t understood why God had refused to help him. But know his trust in God and his friends had been broken..”
  6. 6. Squire Cass Dustan Godfrey
  7. 7. Dunstan Cass – Godfrey's greedy brother with a penchant for alcohol and manipulation. He knows his brother secret ( Godfrey married Molly, had a child) and use it. Dustan was very bad person in the novel. He stole all Marner’s money.
  8. 8. • Another interesting character in the novel is Molly. She is secretly married to Godfrey, but is also of low birth and addicted to opium. On a winter's night, Molly tries to make her way into town with the child to prove that she is Godfrey's wife and ruin him. On the way she takes opium, becomes disoriented and sits down to rest amid the snow, child in arm. Her child wanders from her mother's still body into Silas's house. Upon discovering the child, Silas searches for its mother and finds Molly - a woman unfamiliar to him - dead.
  9. 9. Silas decides to keep the child and names her Eppie
  10. 10. This little child changes his life completely. Symbolically, Silas loses his material gold to theft only to have it replaced by the golden- haired Eppie.
  11. 11. At last Godfrey confesses to his wife, Nancy, that the dead woman was his first wife and that Eppie is his child. The couple, who are childless, go to Silas and reveal this to him, asking that Silas give Eppie up to their care. The decision falls to Eppie, who has no desire to be raised as a gentleman's daughter if it means forsaking Silas.
  12. 12. Prepared by: Nargiz