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American Training Solutions Portfolio

  1. 1. WE TAKE YOUR EMPLOYEES TO ANOTHER LEVEL Specializing in Accent Neutralization and Soft Skills Company Profile: Our mission: American Training Solutions was formed to help Indian companies and individual employees thrive in the emerging global economy. We believe that behind every good company are good employees. We use our skills in training to bring out the best in every student we train, preparing them to excel in international business settings. What we do: We have a wide variety of training programs that cover each of the most important areas of soft skills and personal development. Our training programs range from leadership development all the way to accent reduction. Our company offers the training necessary to take employees to the next level by ensuring each employee is fully prepared to perform at their best.
  2. 2. Class Information Class Details: All American Trainers Since all of our trainers come from America, we can provide what no other institute can -- training directly from the source. Our native American trainers have been trained in the West and know how international business should work. They can also detect accent problems naturally and with ease. We bring a level of training that is unmatched by anyone else in the industry. Short But Intense Courses - To complete our entire accent training course takes only 3 weeks. - Each one of our training sessions last only 2-3 hours. - You get the most training in the shortest period of time. Practice Makes Perfect We firmly believe that practice is the key to success. Each session of training is focused around that core principle. We teach students, then give them methods for practicing on their own and perfecting their skills. Earn a Certificate of Completion When the class is over, each student will be recognized for their accomplishments. Each student who has attended our training, practiced on their own, and learned the skills we have taught will be awarded a certificate of completion.
  3. 3. Accent Reduction We provide 1 accent trainer for every 10 students we are teaching. Our accent reduction training lasts 30 hours and gives each student extensive knowledge and the skills necessary to perform at their best. Course Outline: Lesson 1: Intro & Combined Syllables Lesson 8: Initial R Sound & R Blends Lesson 2: Stress Patterns Lesson 9: Medial R & Final R Sound Lesson 3: Vowels (I) Lesson 10: P & B Sound Lesson 4: Vowels (II) Lesson 11: S & Z Sound Lesson 5: TH Sound Lesson 12: American T Sound Lesson 6: V & F Sound Lesson 13: L & Y Sound Lesson 7: W Sound Lesson 14&15: Consonant Review Additional Resources: • American Culture Training • American Family Structure Information • Information on American Holidays • Political Correctness in America • American Idioms and Slang • The American Measurement System • American States and Capitals • How Money Works in America • Common American Names • The Financial System in America
  4. 4. Soft Skill Training With American Training Solutions, you can choose any number of soft skill training topics and create your own customized training to fit your needs. Our training courses are accelerated and require only 2-3 hours each. Categories to Choose From: Communication skills (1): Time Management: • Public speaking and giving • Priority quadrants presentations • Weekly planning and prioritization • Non-verbal communication • Pruning time wasters Communication skills (2): Emotion/Stress Management: • Choosing the proper comm. • Burns theory of emotion medium management • Written comm. (e-mail/SMS) • Stress causers in the workplace • Telephone skills/etiquette • Tips for beating stress Personality Development: Ethics: • Personality assessment • 4 categories of business ethics • Interpersonal skills • Steps to making a solid ethical • Listening skills decision Culture Training: Maximizing Conflict: • Intercultural sensitivity test • Conflict styles • Differences between Indian and • Stages of healthy conflict Western culture • Steps to resolving interpersonal • 3 steps to cultural adaptation or organization conflict Strategic Planning & Goal Setting: Teams and Teamwork: • Creating and executing a • Nine characteristics of effective strategic plan teams • Creating and executing personal • Lencioni’s 5 Team Dysfunctions dream statements • SMART goals Leadership: Problem solving: • Leadership evaluation quiz • SWOT analysis • Maxwell’s 21 Irrefutable Laws • 6 steps of effective problem • 5 Levels of Leadership solving
  5. 5. Our Staff What Makes Us Better Than the Rest? In order to be a trainer for American Training Solutions you must in fact be an American. All of our trainers have worked, studied, and received higher level education in the United States. With so many people in India working for MNC’s and BPO’s, training from American trainers is enormously valuable. Every trainer that works for us is chosen specifically for their skills and abilities. We believe firmly that having well educated trainers is not enough. If you cannot practice the very same skills you are teaching, then you cannot teach for American Training Solutions. Because we have such strict standards for who we allow to work for our company, we feel confident when we say our training is the very best. Kevin Thiemann Kevin is American Training Solutions senior foreign director. He graduated with top honors in philosophy from Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas. Kevin was born in Tyler, Texas but spent his youth in Shreveport, Louisiana. Kevin has worked as a trainer and counselor in the field of leadership and personality development since 2000. In 2004 Kevin moved to India to help launch Vishwas American Accent Training in Hyderabad and has been working in the same field ever since. Because of Kevin’s extensive experience he is comfortable providing training in all of ATS’s modules. Grant Nabholz Grant is from Conway, Arkansas. He attended the University of Central Arkansas where he received a B.A. in Business Management with a focus on International Business. Grant is the Regional Administrator as well as a Trainer for American Training Solutions. Having focused on International Business in college, Grant is able train in a unique way. He has spent years studying all of the topics that are covered in ATS and knows each topic by heart. His time spent studying has given him a passion for sharing his knowledge with others and a drive to help people in India succeed.
  6. 6. Our Staff Melodie Hodges Melodie is from a very small town in Texas called Queen City. After finishing school, she attended the University of Central Arkansas where she got a Bachelor of Science in Education. With a degree in education, Melodie has an incredible edge when training students. She has been training for our company for many years and has become one of our most experienced trainers. She is passionate about helping people work well together, and is able to help guide teams through obstacles that would inhibit their communication and effectiveness at work. Zach Little Zach is from Conway, Arkansas. He attended the University of Central Arkansas where he studied chemistry and mathematics. It is important to Zach that he help his students learn things that will help them live in ways that are more enjoyable and productive. Zach has been teaching students life skills for years, both in the United States and in India, and he has become excellent at what he does. He loves working with people and seeing them improve in all areas of life. Angela Hess Angela is from Owasso, Oklahoma. She attended Northeastern State University where she studied family and consumer sciences. Angela has spent the past several years working as an administrator for a company in the U.S. In this company she would regularly plan large scale events. Angela’s life demanded unmatched time management skills. Now that she is with ATS, she is able to train students all that she has learned. She is not only an expert in time management but also in ethics, personality development, strategic planning and goal setting.
  7. 7. Our Staff Rob Adams Rob is originally from Omaha Nebraska but has lived all over the United States in his life. For college, he received a B.S. in Petroleum Engineering from University of Tulsa in Oklahoma. Rob recently moved to Delhi after spending a year as a trainer in Hyderabad. While there, Rob developed new and different methods of training his students. He is an expert in time management, leadership, and communication but also does training in many other areas. Rob really cares what his students learn and he is willing to do what it takes to help his students succeed. Paige Cox Paige is from Siloam Springs, AR. She graduated from the University of Arkansas with a B.S. in Human Development, Family Sciences, and Rural Sociology. Paige has lived in India for several years and has become an expert on Indian culture. Traveling the world, she has experienced first hand the differences between India and the West and now is able to help Indians better understand these differences. She has taught classes in both Hyderabad and Delhi. In her years of experience, she has learned the things Indian employees need to know and she is able to communicate those skills effectively. Will Fraser Will was born in Batesville, Arkansas, a small town of only 12,000 people. He attended the University of Arkansas, where he received a B.S. in Biochemistry with advanced study in the Spanish language. Will has a way of making everything fun and training is no exception. He keeps students interested, makes training time feel short and helps students learn quickly. Teaching is a joy for Will. He loves sharing what’s on his mind and giving students the tools to be successful.
  8. 8. Our Staff Nicole Nabholz Nicole is from Fort Smith, Arkansas. For college, she attended the University of Central Arkansas where she received a BS in Psychology. Nicole chose to get a BS in Psychology because she knows the value, in any line of work, to understanding yourself and the people around you. Her knowledge of personalities, conflict resolution, and teamwork help her to effectively train employees. She is a very organized and precise person, which has led her to know a lot about time management, planning, and goal setting as well. Heather Ganson Heather is from Siloam Springs, Arkansas. For college she attended the Sam Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas where she earned a BS in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing Management. Heather spent five years working for an organization that focuses and specializes in training and developing American college students for leadership and success. Her experience with this organization has given her an edge in the field of training and allowed her to hone her skills in developing students. Heather has the ability to train just about any skill with great success. Reviews: “I am now aware of the mistakes that I used to make, like a quick pace and switching ‘V’ & ‘W’ sounds. So now I know how to not make those mistakes & be better understood.” -A successful student from Horizon BPO “It’s really good for everyone to join this class. It really worked and the teacher faculty is good.” -Anonymous student “The training is very good. I have attended a lot of training and I am a trainer myself but I have never seen training this good before.” -Head trainer at Horizon BPO “I think the training is good. I can’t think of any ways they could improve their training.” -Anonymous student
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