History timeline 1


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History timeline 1

  1. 1. Timeline of Events from 1862-1896-All pictures were found from www.google.com/images
  2. 2. Oliver Kelley Homestead Act Started the Patrons U.S. law providing of Hunsbury 160 acres in the organization for west to any citizen farmers (Grange) To who was head of a provide social outlet household and and educational would cultivate land forum for isolated for 5 years. members. 1862 1864 1867 1867Homesteader SandCreek Grange MassacreSettlers on the free Organization startedland provided by the Attack on the by Oliver Kelley toHomestead Act of Cheyenne & provide a social1862. Arapaho by Colonel outlet and Chivington-killed educational forum over 150 Indians. It for isolated farm was a result of Gen. families. S.R. Curtis’ hatred for Native Americans.
  3. 3. GeorgeWestinghouseInvented the rotarysteam engine, thecar replacer, and Jacob Riisreversible frog. Healso devised the He moved NYC from Longhorns Denmark andWestinghouse FarmEngine. He invented became a news Sturdy, short-a railroad breaking reporter. He was tempered cattlesystem using shocked at the level breeds accustomedcompressed air in of poverty and used to the dry grasslands1869. his talents to expose of southern spain. the hardships of living in it. 1867 1868 1870 1870 Tammany Hall Tweed Ring NYC’s powerful Group of corrupt Democratic political politicians led by machine headed up William Tweed by William M. Tweed “Boss Tweed” in who led the Tweed defrauding the city. Ring in defrauding the city.
  4. 4. Fredrick Law Olmstead Andrew Carnegie Landscape architect Was the model for who helped make an American plans for Central success story. Park. He also drew Started a steel landscapes for business and found Washington D.C., how to make better St. Louis, and the quality products “Emerald Necklace”. cheaper. 1870 1873 1874John D. Rockefeller TrustEstablished the Standard Illegal Mergers –Oil company which used participants turnedtrust funds. Some critics stock over to acalled his tactics “Robber group of trusteesBarons”. He gave away and in turn the500 million establishing company wasthe Rockefeller entitled to dividendsFoundation. on profits earned by trust.
  5. 5. Alexander Bell Melting Pot Invented the Segregation A mixture of people telephone which Laws that separated of different cultures opened a new and races that method of Black and white communication people in public and blended together by abandoning original throughout the private facilities. nation. customs. 1875 1876Ellis Island Battle of Little- Sitting Bull BighornImmigration station in Led the Sioux inNew York Harbor in Battle occurring after their victory at thewhich immigrants had Sitting Bull’s vision Battle of Little-to pass a physical of the American Bighorn. He laterexamination as well as troops that caused appeared in “Buffaloanswer specific the Sioux and Bill’s” Wild Westquestions before being Cheyenne to attack show (1885)admitted into the and win a battlecountry. against Gen. Custer’s troops.
  6. 6. Telephone Vanderbilt FamilyThe most dramaticinvention next to the American railroadlight bulb which family who got theiropened a way for fortune fromworldwide shipping and rail.communication- They are known asInvented by the 7th wealthiestAlexander Bell. family in the world. 1876 1877 1878 Collective Bargaining The Negotiation between representatives of labor and management to reach written agreements on wages, hours, and working conditions.
  7. 7. Bessemer Process DevelopedDumbbell independently by Thomas EdisonTenements British manufacturerLaw requiring every Henry Bessemer Invented andinhabitable room and American perfected the firsthave a window William Kelley. incandescent lightopening to plain air- Involved interjecting bulb and lateralso met by air into molten iron invented an entireincluding air shafts to remove impurities. system forbetween buildings. electricity. 1879 1880 1881Jim Crow Laws Settlement HousesSegregation laws to Community centersseparate blacks in slumfrom whites in public neighborhoodsand private facilities. providing assistance for people in that area.
  8. 8. Mark TwainBooker T.Washington Novelist and humorist whoAfrican American inspired youngeducator who authors when hebelieved racism Urbanization declaredwould end once independence ofblack people proved The growth of cities literature. Wrote Theeconomic value in mostly in the Adventures ofsociety. Northeast and Huckleberry Finn. Midwest regions. 1881 1883 1884 Joseph PulitzerAssimilation Hungarian immigrantPlan under which who bought the NewNative Americans York World andwould give up their emphasized sex,way of life and join sin, and sensation.white culture.
  9. 9. Eugene V. DebsDemocrat who waselected into theIndiana General Ida B. WellsAssembly and wasinstrumental in the Was a teacher whofounding of the Graft became the editor of aAmerican Railway local paper inUnion. He was also The illegal use of Memphis- Primarya very well known political influence for theme of paper wassocialist. personal gain. racial justice. 1884 1885 1886 Haymarket Affair Samuel Gompers Political Machine The aftermath of the Led the Cigar Makers An organized group bombing that took International Union to the controls the place at Haymarket join other crafts activities of a political Sq. Chicago. Began as unions. He was party in a city. They a peaceful rally in president of the also offer services to support of an 8 hour American Federation voters & businesses in work day but after of Labor which exchange for political someone threw a focused on collective or financial support. dynamite bomb, 7 bargaining. police died, 7 were sentenced to death, and 1 was sentenced to prison.
  10. 10. Bimetallism Poll Tax Monetary system in which the Annual tax having to government would be paid before give citizens either qualifying to vote. gold or silver in Blacks and whites exchange for paper were often too poor money or checks. to pay. 1887 1888Dawes Act George Eastman Socialism Grandfather ClauseAct passed by Developed a series Economic and Stated that if a manCongress to of more convenient political system was unable to pay“Americanize” Native alternatives to heavy based on the poll tax, he couldAmericans- broke up glass plates used in government control still vote if his fatherreservations and gave photography and of business, or grandfather hadland to individuals- 160 released the first property, and equal been eligible to voteacres to head of Kodak camera. distribution of health. before Jan. 1, 1867.household and 80acres to individualadults.
  11. 11. Ghost DanceJane Addams Paiute Prophet toldVery influential member Sioux to perform thisof the settlement house ritual dance so thatmovement. She their way of lifebelieved that workers would be restoredwould learn from life from poverty. As theitself. She was also an Monopoly dance spread alarmanti-war activist, did also and military Complete controlspokesperson for racial leaders were over an industry’sjustice and advocate for ordered to arrest production, wages,quality of life issues. Sitting Bull. and prices. 1889 1890 Battle of Wounded Sherman Antitrust Knee Act The 7th Calvary Made it illegal to rounded up 350 form a trust that Sioux and took them interfered with free to a camp at trade between states Wounded Knee creek or other companies. in S.D.. The next day they were ordered to give up weapons when a shot was fired from an unknown side. The soldiers opened fire with a cannon.
  12. 12. Pullman Strike Angel Island Nationwide conflict Populist between American Immigration station Railway Union and Peoples party that in San Francisco railroads that occurred in gave birth to Bay where many the U.S. which shut down Populism-demanded Asians entered the much of the nations reforms to lift debt country. Stood in freight and passenger from farmers and contrast to Ellis traffic. Began when workers in order to Island because of its 4,000 employees of give people a harsh questioning Pullman Palace Car Co. greater voice in the and detainment of went on a wildcat strike. government. immigrants. 1892 1893 1894Scab Orville & Wilbur WrightStrike breakers hiredby company president BicycleHenry Clay Frick to manufacturers whokeep the steel plant experimented inoperating- everyone engines. Theywas going on strike invented the firstbecause of low wages. successful airplane.
  13. 13. The Gilded Age Ends Time of enormous growth W.E.B. Dubois that attracted millions from 1st African American Europe. Railroad were a to receive a major industry, factories, doctorate from mining and labor unions Harvard. He strongly gained importance. It disagreed with interrupted many Booker T. depressions. Reformers Washington’s were working hard, and gradual approach to there were issues of Black the end of racism. rights. 1895 1896Patronage William Jennings William Mckinley BryanThe giving of Republicangovernment jobs to Editor of The Omaha candidate winningpeople who had World- delivered election with 7helped a candidate impassioned million votes andbecome elected. address to the collapsed populism assembled by buying the hopes delegates that came of farmers. to be known as the “Cross of gold speech”.