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Localvore was created by Economic Technology Systems which is an affordable, high quality, Business to Business (B2B), supply chain management application that enables small businesses to collaborate with large retailers to build a more self-reliant, locally based economy in their geographic area. Localvore helps support the movement towards local purchasing and local economies that not only benefit the producer of goods and consumer but supports socially responsible supply chains. Localvore is a tool that will provide visibility of local suppliers to retailers in their area and help the two businesses establish a connection through Localvore’s “Social Media” features designed for businesses. Additional features that Localvore supports include robust search capabilities based on the type of product the retailer is looking for or by suppliers in the area. Once a retailer found what they are looking for Localvore can create and allow the user to manage online transactions for purchases made through Localvore’s virtual marketplace. Suppliers can also manage their entire inventory online, in addition to their company profile and user’s access. Localvore is built using the latest technology for web application development and is hosted using cost effective cloud computing services to keep our infrastructure costs low so we can pass along our savings to the user.

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Lovalvore By Economic Technology Systems Overview Presentation

  1. 1. This document contains Economic Technology Systems confidential and proprietary business information. For internal use only.
  2. 2. For internal use only. • Gregory Moulthrop – Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – M.S. Supply Chain Management – B.S. Economics/Public Administration – Specializes in research and applying technology to solve complex problems in his client’s supply chain. • Matthew Luhrs – Chief Technology Officer (CTO) – B.S. Computer Science/Mathematics – Experience in the aerospace and defense industry creating mission critical systems for the federal government. – Specializes in using advanced technology to create web applications. 2
  3. 3. • Latest trends in e-commerce… – Most retailers/suppliers are moving towards Software as a Service (SaaS) and risk adverse when making investments into technology that requires long term maintenance contracts. – Use of cloud based applications is becoming more popular as more commercial and public sector look to save costs and many organizations are comfortable hosting their database in a cloud environment as well. – There is no viable solution on the market that supports small to medium size suppliers seeking opportunities to do business with large organizations. For internal use only. 3 • Gain an advantage over competitors? – Buy from more local vendors by using Localvore as a plug-in (requires Oracle e-commerce suite) or use as a stand alone e-commerce suite. – Address mainstream business problems (e.g., Economics, Environmental, Energy, Jobs) – Enable businesses to source from small and medium sized local suppliers with ease. – Increase the organizations network of local suppliers. – Be the first to adopt a business-to-business supply chain management application that is truly the first product of its kind.
  4. 4. • We serve two types of customers: – Small Businesses (Non-Corporate Suppliers) that are at a disadvantage to global corporations currently supplying products to large retailers. – Purchasing Organizations (i.e., Retail, Restaurant, State & Local Government) and other organizations that recognize the benefits of sourcing locally. • We help Organizations efficiently source from Small Businesses: – Large corporations and public sector organizations use expensive ERP systems to connect suppliers and retailers together and generally small businesses cannot afford ERP software to connect with the purchasers to integrate systems and remain competitive. – We build affordable web applications that enable small businesses to compete with large organizations by providing them a tool that increases operational efficiency. • Our web technology disrupts the supply chain we know today: – We leverage the latest emerging technology such as cloud computing (Microsoft Azure, SQL Azure) to keep our costs low as we develop and deploy our product. – Make the supply chain more efficient through web technology enabling strategic and sustainable sourcing, e-procurement and contract management. – Integrate with social networking applications to keep up with the latest social networking trends while setting the trend in supply chain management. – Integrate with purchasing organization’s existing ERP systems to compliment their current technological environment as a low cost add on. 4
  5. 5. • High costs to purchase licenses, implement, and maintain ERP systems • High risk investing in subscriptions and implementing software that needs to be maintained • Many “best of breed” and ERP systems are complex to use and offer more functionality than necessary that a small business requires • The lack of a risk free, easy to use e-commerce system puts small businesses at a disadvantage when competing against large global suppliers 5
  6. 6. For internal use only. • – Complex Registration Process: Many organizations require small businesses to complete large amounts of paperwork that is complex and asks for information the supplier is unfamiliar with. – Inefficient: If the supplier encounters problems it delays the time the supplier to receive approval to do business with the organization. – Lack of Support: Often there is a lack of support offered or support is difficult to find when trying to do business with a large organization. • – Simplify: Build in logic and automate where possible. – Expedite: Leverage technology to make it faster to get suppliers on board. – Support: Provide more resources to suppliers to enhance access to important information. • – Build logic in Localvore’s new supplier registration functionality to facilitate simple and fast electronic registration. – As a small business ourselves we can provide end user support to help suppliers. 6
  7. 7. • Our goal is to develop intuitive and simple tools for businesses to operate. • When people do what they enjoy it makes work fun and improves their quality of life. • Our team of experts enjoy making it easier for people to do their job. • Have fun collaborating with suppliers. – Gather information and learn about their products and their operations. – Inform customers about how products were made and where they came from. 7
  8. 8. • – Localvore is 100% free for small/medium sized suppliers to sign up to use opening the doors to a market segment largely untouched by major purchasers. • • – Take advantages to the services we offer in Supply Chain Management, Information Technology (IT) and general business consulting. – We help suppliers fulfill orders to provide more products to large organizations. – We independently analyze business information systems, recommend products and conduct alternatives analysis. – We help small businesses grow into large businesses and can provide Oracle e- commerce implementation services. – We educate small businesses on doing business with large organizations. • • – Localvore is designed to immerse users in their work by making it fun. – Users build and maintain user profiles and grow professional networks to other companies, learn more about people and their products. For internal use only. 8
  9. 9. • Contact us at Economic Technology Systems. • Meet with existing small/medium size suppliers you are currently doing business with. • Review requirements within your HQ/Policy Makers office and provide recommendations to enable sourcing from small businesses. • Conduct User Acceptance Testing (UAT). • Expand the use of Localvore to other strategically targeted regions in a phased approach. • Build data repository on supplier sustainability and capture data to support business intelligence. – We can support this initiative as part of our product refinement and detailed requirements activity with retail stores and suppliers. – We can help improve Business Intelligence, reporting and information sharing with customers. • …disrupt the supply chain as it we know it today! 9
  10. 10. Gregory Moulthrop (CEO) Office # (571) 969-1773 Cell # (703) 615-66555 Email gmoulthrop@econtechsys.com Matthew Luhrs (CTO) Office # (571) 252-9703 Cell # (703) 201-8764 Email matt@econtechsys.com www.econtechsys.com 10