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Looking for opportunities with seasoned investors and those who recognize growth potential...

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  1. 1. Investment Opportunity<br />Delta Café<br />www.thedeltacafe.com<br />Confidential Information<br />
  2. 2. Delta Cafe<br />2<br />Our Brand<br />
  3. 3. Delta Cafe<br />3<br />Executive Summary<br />The Delta Caféis a food distributor located in Olympia Fields, IL, the firm is an Illinois S. Corporation. It has vendor relationships with Walgreen’s, Jewel Foods and CVS Pharmacy in Illinois and Wisconsin. Its product lines consist of the following:<br />Salty snacks consisting of flavored pork rinds, nachos, original, hot and bbq<br />Gourmet cookies, Chocolate chip, peanut butter and butter<br />Specialty flavored chips, buffalo blue cheese and baby back ribs<br />Barbeque Sauce<br /> Salty snacks are the major product line, gourmet cookies are being sold in test markets and chips should be in stores in May of 2011, as well as bbq sauce. The company’s first full year of operation was 2010.<br />
  4. 4. Delta Cafe<br />4<br />Accomplishments to Date<br />Delta Café has secure vendor relationships with three national vendors, Supervalu (Jewel), Walgreens, and CVS Pharmacy<br />Delta Café has increased its product mix from three to four flavors of pork rinds, two flavors of chips, three flavors of cookies, and one barbeque sauce<br />Delta Café is engaged in conversations with three regional vendors and the U.S. Military, for distribution to army bases east of the Mississippi<br />
  5. 5. Delta Cafe<br />5<br />Industry Dynamics<br />There are no signed contracts in this industry. Sales cycles to access new accounts are between 6 months to 1 year. Typically, suppliers research and develop a product and take it to regional or national chains for distribution. Package design, shipping and marketing costs are the responsibility of the supplier. These products can placed on shelves, in separate kiosks or display shippers in a store. <br />The opportunity to scale and manage this company is real. We have expanded our product mix within one year and are aggressively pursuing opportunities with retailers, other distributors, and government agencies.<br />Money is made in the food distribution industry through volume and breadth of distribution. Without these elements, success is severely limited. Opportunities are greater with multiple products and larger chains. Scale means a great deal. It is usually obtained through distributors who can carry your product line to other stores and into other regions of the country.<br /> Delta Café is pursuing such a strategy.<br />
  6. 6. Delta Café Ltd. <br />ManagementTeam<br />Greg Washington is the owner and CEO of the firm. He has over 25 years of banking, finance, and entrepreneurship experience. Mr. Washington has been a senior financial and strategic marketing advisor to a variety of firms. Greg is responsible for new business development, marketing and day-to-day business management. <br />Darryl Armstrong is Director of Operations for the firm. Mr. Armstrong has over 30 years experience with Kraft Foods, in the areas of finance, logistics and marketing. Darryl is responsible for inventory management and sales promotion.<br />
  7. 7. Delta Cafe<br />7<br />Year to date Production Schedule<br />December 2009 through May 2011<br />Jewel Foods - 9372 bags<br />Walgreens - 8604 bags<br />CVS - 504 bags (one initial order in October 2010)<br />Cookies - 4 dozen (launched in December 2010 test market)<br />Chips - first order in May 2011<br />Barbeque sauce - first orders in May 2011<br />
  8. 8. Delta Cafe<br />8<br />Financials<br />Our first order was placed in late December of 2009 and delivered to Jewel the first week of January of 2010. Since that time, we have sold over 18,000 bags to our customers. These sales are based on only 3 orders placed by Jewel during 2010. They have ordered 3 times already in the first quarter of 2011. We have delivered 1 small order to 21 CVS stores and we have consistently delivered to over 30 Walgreens stores in both Illinois and Wisconsin. <br />Even with the introduction of several new flavors, products and multiple sales channels, sales are projected to be in the range of less than $50,000 for 2011. Our strategy is to maximize the efficiency of our business to ensure that we are profitable and growing the firm correctly, versus growth for the sake of growth. Our projections do not include the sale of chips in 2011.<br />Sales in 2010 were less than $20,000 this was the first full year of operation. Sales cycles to secure new clients are between 6 to 18 months.<br />
  9. 9. Delta Cafe<br />9<br />How Money Is Made<br />(4)<br />Manufacturer<br />produces<br />product & ships<br />to distribution<br />site<br />(3)<br />Order sent<br />to manufacturer<br />(1)<br />Client places order<br />via EDI or fax<br />(2)<br />Order reviewed<br />by Delta Café<br />A/R order <br />systems <br />(7)<br />Customer pays<br />Delta Café within<br />45 days<br />(6)<br />A/P reviews<br />order & pays<br />invoice<br />(5)<br />Invoice submitted<br />by supplier to <br />Delta Café <br />