Earthquake data -Olivier


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  • Earthquake data -Olivier

    1. 1. Earthquake Data By:Olivier Martin
    2. 2. Q:What do you notice about the distribution of theseearthquakes?A: They are all in groups around the boundary lines.
    3. 3. Q: How does the distribution of theseearthquakes compare to others?A: They are more by the oceans and are all on theconvergent boundaries.
    4. 4. Q: What type of plate boundary is associated with earthquakes that have amagnitude of 7.0 or greater?A: The occur by Convergent boundaries (the red lines).
    5. 5. Q: What Percentage of big earthquakes occur within 100 miles of aconvergent plate boundary?A: 613 out 1286 of 48% of big earthquakes occur within 100 miles ofconvergent plate boundaries.
    6. 6. Q:What Percentage of big earthquakes occur within 200 miles of aconvergent plate boundary?A: 977 out of 1286 so that is 76% of big earthquakes occur within 200 milesof a convergent plate boundary.
    7. 7. Saudi Arabia - Because there have been many large earthquakes in the past.Idaho - Because I think that they are overdue for one.Chile - Because It has many earthquakes all the time.Washington - Because a convergent line goes straight through it, it has a strong possibilityto be hit.India - Because they haven’t had very many.China - Because China is one really big place it has a bigger possibility to be hit.Taiwan - Because they have a really big amount of earthquakes all the time.Brazil - Because they have had very few in the past year and I think that they areoverdue for one.Australia - Because they have had very few in the past year but I think that they willhave more.California - Because they got a lot of earthquakes and sometimes they are big.
    8. 8. New Technology:Scientists now use a program called InSAR and it predicts earthquakes and they are developing a satellite that can predict and warn us days and even weeks before they occur.
    9. 9. I have learned a lot about earthquakes. I have learned that earthquakesare caused by tectonic plates moving/shifting and creating earthquakes.It helps when scientists can tell through satellites when an earthquake isgoing to hit, by doing that they can give out a warning to the people.Some factors that influence earthquake prediction is the weather,satellites, the pressure underneath the rocks, InSAR which is a program,and many small things that are like in the system.Earthquakes usually occur along the plate boundary lines because thetectonic plates are always moving and that is why earthquakesparticularly occur along the place boundary line.