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Earthquake Data
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  • 1. Earthquake data
    By: Brooks Dixon
  • 2. 10 places that will soon have an earthquake
    Japan (I chose this because Japan has experienced recent significant earthquake activity)
    Mexico (I chose this because Mexico lies right near the plate boundary line)
    California ( I chose this because California is used to experiencing daily earthquake activity)
    Chile (I chose this because it lies right near the plate boundary line and there is a lot of earthquake activity there)
    Peru (I chose this because it is located right next to Chile and it is also located right near the plate boundary line)
    India (I chose this because it located next to a lot of countries that experience a lot of earthquakes)
    Iran (I chose this because Iran has experienced a lot of earthquakes that are mostly have 6.0 magnitudes)
    Italy (I chose this because Italy has experienced many earthquakes and they can reach everywhere up to a magnitude of about 7.5)
    Egypt (I chose this area because it is located right near on the plate boundary line)
    Alaska (I chose Alaska because it is located near the plat boundary line and there is a lot of recent earthquake activity here)
  • 3. Article Summary
    Seismologists are using IR (Inferred Radiation) to predict when earthquakes will next occur. Inferred Radiation is electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength between 0.7 and 300 micrometers.
  • 4. What have you learned about earthquakes and earthquake prediction?
    I have learned that it is not easy to find out when earthquakes are going to strike. Scientist are trying there hardest to find ways to predict these destructive natural disasters. However, there are some methods that scientists use to try to predict when an earthquake will strike. One of these methods is using recent earthquake activity. If there happens to be a high magnitude earthquake, for example the earthquake that just struck Japan, scientists know that there will be some aftershock earthquakes in the area. These aftershocks can also cause extensive damage.
  • 5. What factors influence earthquake prediction?

    I think that there are a few factors that influence earthquake predictions. One of the main factors is recent earthquake activity. If there happens to be a significant earthquake in a certain area, I think that researchers keep a good watch on that area for more earthquakes.
  • 6. Where on Earth do most of the really big earthquakes strike?
    I think most of the very significant and damaging earthquakes happen near the plate boundaries line. Two examples of areas that lie right near the plate boundary lines are California, and Chile.
  • 7. Citation