Love at First Hire


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NTC 2014 presentation by Lynn Winter of Gorton Studios and Grant Howe of Abila around how to hire technical employees and consultants. Step processes for each as well as tips are included in the presentations

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Love at First Hire

  1. 1. LOVE AT FIRST HIRE Finding the perfect match for your next technology project! Grant Howe Lynn Winter #14NTCMatch
  2. 2. Finding the perfect match for your next technology project LOVE AT FIRST HIRE
  3. 3. Lynn Winter Director of Projects, GORTON STUDIOS HELLO! Grant Howe VP of Research and Development, ABILA
  4. 4. WHY are we here today?
  5. 5. Photo by bfishadow
  6. 6. AGENDA
  7. 7. AGENDA Review resource option pros and cons Deep dive to successfully locate and hire each resource option Key items to maintain the relationship
  9. 9. EMPLOYEES Long-term investment PROS Broad capabilities Yearly capacity increase
  10. 10. EMPLOYEES Time consuming to find right fit CONS Annual budget expenditure continues Investment required for success
  11. 11. CONTRACTORS Expert in the field PROS Outside perspective Time available
  12. 12. CONTRACTORS Lack institutional knowledge CONS Expensive Work off-site
  13. 13. EMPLOYEES
  14. 14. EMPLOYEES Need institutional expertise WHY A MATCH? Growing or replacing internal talent Need spans several years
  15. 15. EMPLOYEES Get real - cost and expectations YOUR STEPS Craft simple job description Go candidate hunting 1 2 3
  16. 16. EMPLOYEES Assemble interview team YOUR STEPS Make a decision 4 5
  17. 17. EMPLOYEES White board with stakeholders Determine available budget GET REAL
  18. 18. EMPLOYEES Clear title Required vs. nice to haves Upfront with requirements CRAFT JOB DESCRIPTION
  19. 19. EMPLOYEES Post internally first! Post on skill specific job boards Post on segment specific job boards GO CANDIDATE HUNTING
  20. 20. EMPLOYEES Recruiters may be worth the cost Screen resumes for content Pre-interview potential candidates GO CANDIDATE HUNTING
  21. 21. EMPLOYEES Assign members roles and tasks Request input and not a vote Gather feedback separately ASSEMBLE INTERVIEW TEAM
  22. 22. EMPLOYEES Evaluate feedback vs requirements Follow your instinct Prioritize the right fit over timeline MAKE A DECISION
  23. 23. EMPLOYEES Get approval of verbal offer Background check before offer Talk with new hire each week before start date MAKE A DECISION
  25. 25. CONTRACTORS Require specific skills WHY A MATCH? Internal staff has no available time Ready to start now
  26. 26. CONTRACTORS Assemble your hiring team YOUR STEPS Clarify your purpose Contact potential partners 1 2 3 Post your RFP4
  27. 27. CONTRACTORS Evaluate the talent YOUR STEPS Establish project boundaries Secure a long-term relationship 5 6 7
  28. 28. CONTRACTORS Keep to an effective size Understand the time commitment ASSEMBLE YOUR HIRING TEAM Prioritize the big picture
  29. 29. CONTRACTORS Be willing to shake it up C Fill key team roles ASSEMBLE YOUR HIRING TEAM CTeam Wrangler CThe Authority CBrand Watchdog CTechnical LeadCOrg. Liaison CDept. Reps
  30. 30. CONTRACTORS Who is your organization? Why are you making changes? Who are your users? CLARIFY YOUR PURPOSE
  31. 31. CONTRACTORS What do your users need to do? What is your priority? CLARIFY YOUR PURPOSE
  32. 32. CONTRACTORS Where are they hiding? CONTACT POTENTIAL PARTNERS CConferences CIndustry Sites CCompetitors CSimilar Orgs.
  33. 33. CONTRACTORS Ensure good talent responds to RFP Survey of the landscape CONTACT POTENTIAL PARTNERS Reality check on scope and budget
  34. 34. CONTRACTORS New ideas to consider Sense of your project’s crazy CONTACT POTENTIAL PARTNERS Consider sending a pre-interview
  35. 35. CONTRACTORS Exchange commitments in writing Break large projects into pieces Specify what is flexible & what isn’t POST YOUR RFP - DO Allow for conversations
  36. 36. CONTRACTORS Specify every detail Speak only to the sales team Ask for spec work POST YOUR RFP – DON’T Require a labored response
  37. 37. CONTRACTORS Cultural Fit EVALUTE THE TALENT CSimilar sized organization CMotivated by similar missions CCommunications are easy CWilling to work AND drink together
  38. 38. CONTRACTORS Previous Work EVALUTE THE TALENT CSites look good and work well CDisplay breadth of web services CProven experience implementing similar features CTechnology chops top notch
  39. 39. CONTRACTORS Previous Clients EVALUTE THE TALENT CWork with nonprofits CGenre overlap CSimilar sized budgets and scope CReferences check out
  40. 40. CONTRACTORS Potential Red Flags EVALUTE THE TALENT CProposal fits your RFP perfectly CWon’t maintain their own work CDon’t respond quickly CTeam is growing rapidly
  41. 41. CONTRACTORS Scope ESTABLISH PROJECT BOUNDARIES CScope limitations C3rd party options CCustom code carryover CBrand changes
  42. 42. CONTRACTORS Budget ESTABLISH PROJECT BOUNDARIES CBudget parameters CBudget reports CContingency plan CLong-term costs
  43. 43. CONTRACTORS Timeline ESTABLISH PROJECT BOUNDARIES CStart date CLaunch drivers CPartial vs full timeline CRisks affecting timeline
  44. 44. CONTRACTORS Be their cheerleader Listen to each other Respect your commitments SECURE A LONG-TERM RELATIONSHIP
  45. 45. CONTRACTORS Remember - you are humans Formalize new projects Have fun! SECURE A LONG-TERM RELATIONSHIP
  46. 46. FINAL TIPS on a successful relationship
  47. 47. QUESTIONS? Photo by Sonny Abesamis
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