Gmid associates services offerings in analytics


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Business solutions using high end econometric, statistical and quantitative techniques.
Business Analytics unravelled.

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Gmid associates services offerings in analytics

  1. 1. The Power of Analytics… Clarity on constantly evolving Business Dynamics Data Disabled Decisions Data backed decisions are more contemplative and thus wiser Data Enabled Decisions Copyright © Gmid Associates. 2
  2. 2. Agenda About the Company Capabilities  Data Mining & Cleansing  Descriptive Analytics Solutions  Predictive Analytics Solutions  MIS / Executive Dashboard/ Simulation Tools Service Offerings (by industry) Case Studies Clientele Contact Details Copyright © Gmid Associates. 3
  3. 3. About the Company Gmid Associates combines industry knowledge, advanced analytics, and technology to deliver solutions that enable our clients take better business decisions. Using techniques in statistics, econometrics, and operations research we help embed Data Driven capabilities into the decision making processes of our customers. Some of the benefits of associating with us are -  In-depth domain expertise across industries  Superior product and service quality  Highly qualified and experienced team  Significantly less turnaround time  Price advantage over established players Copyright © Gmid Associates. 4
  4. 4. About the Company Experienced Team – Delivery Across the Professionals with a decade of International Experience Globe – Analytics Partner Industry Knowhow – Best Talent – Graduates from IITs and IIMs Complete Lifecycle of Industry Copyright © Gmid Associates. 5
  5. 5. Not just Support, WE are a part of YOU • Prompt Client Communication • Round The clock Delivery • Strict Quality Control Mechanisms • Process-Oriented Work Environment Copyright © Gmid Associates. 6
  6. 6. Gmid Associates has a global footprint London Germany California Delhi Mumbai Bangalore Australia HQ Gmid Rep office Tie ups/networks Copyright © Gmid Associates. 7
  7. 7. Capabilities Copyright © Gmid Associates. 8
  8. 8. Capabilities: Data Mining & Data Cleansing Data Cleansing and Enrichment • We help organizations transform and combine disparate data, remove inaccuracies, standardize on common values, parse values and cleanse dirty data to create consistent, reliable information Contactability Improvement Tools • Your customer contact numbers are buried in a dataset that has all sorts of text entries. This makes contactability on those datasets very difficult • We have tools that dig valid phone numbers from deep into the text data, intelligent enough to complete incomplete numbers (i.e. adding STD codes) • Tools can be customized to suit your business requirements Data De-duplication Solutions • We have proven tools and expertise to run customer de-duplication algorithms on data, identifying unique customers/ households/ relationships and establishing mappings amongst them • This helps you understand your customer data, draw critical conclusions and make meaningful business decisions Copyright © Gmid Associates. 9
  9. 9. Capabilities: Descriptive Analytics Solutions Data Audit • Our Data Audit service provides you with a comprehensive analysis of your database, highlighting inaccuracies or incomplete data. It helps you understand the finer details of the information available within your data. • It saves on the operations time, reduces load and speeds up processes, and delivers rich intelligence and control on your business Historical Data Analyses • We have the skill set and domain knowledge required to dive deep into your historical data and come up with trends and patterns that empower you to run your business more efficiently and proactively • It provides you a single point of view into the diverse data through implementation of data mining and data analytics techniques such as pattern identification, trend analysis, segmentation, discriminate analysis etc. Segmentation and Clustering solutions • We use advanced statistical and econometric techniques and overlay them on your business knowledge to segregate sets of customers that behave similarly. We help you make business plans at segment level Copyright © Gmid Associates. 10
  10. 10. Capabilities: Predictive Analytics Propensity Scorecards A Scorecard is a statistical model developed using historical data to predict the propensity of occurrence of a certain future ‘event’ Maximize the divergence between Use scores to calculate probability of the distributions of good and bad Analyze consumer preferences and behavior to study the efficiency of default, expected loss, unexpected accounts loss etc to help perform effective processes and strategies portfolio management Estimate the unknown population characteristics based on sample Identify trends , sub-groups and do Develop score based strategies that information customer profiling using multivariate are simple and result oriented statistics Forecasting Solutions Gmid Associates supports companies across various industry verticals to better understand and manage demand by providing world class forecasting and planning capabilities taking into account industry specific challenges. its advanced collaboration functionality allows for coherent process to obtain a single realistic view of demand. Key Services: Demand forecasting, Inventory management, Optimal sales order recommendations Copyright © Gmid Associates. 11
  11. 11. Capabilities: MIS/ Dashboards/ Simulation Tools We use advanced Analytical techniques to make sure that the techniques which best captures the business problem is used. The outcome algorithm is built into scenario analyzer tools. Ability to make more informed decisions based on collected business intelligence  Measure efficiencies/inefficiencies Enables better decisions  Ability to identify and correct negative trends making by building  Ability to generate new business opportunities monitoring systems that are :  Align strategies and organizational goals • Real time,  Save time over running multiple reports • Correct, and  Gain total visibility of all systems instantly • Efficient Copyright © Gmid Associates. 12
  12. 12. Services Copyright © Gmid Associates. 13
  13. 13. Solutions by Industry: Financial Services Customer Relationship Collection / Acquisition Management Retention Inbound Marketing Cross-Sell/ Up-Sell Collections/ Recovery Lead generation and fulfillment tracking • Cross-sell Strategy Design (with product • Collections Propensity Scorecard Fulfillment Process Improvement sequencing) • Recovery Scorecard Campaign Design and Tracking • Multi Media Campaign Design • Target Planning Segmentation and Targeting • New/Inline Product Forecasts • Portfolio Value Assessment Sales Performance Management Incentive Plan Design and Implementation Marketing Channel Analytics Lifetime Value Analytics Retention/ Revival Channel Effectiveness Optimization • Customer Segmentation • Retention Prediction Scorecard and Multi media Acquisition Campaign Design • Customer Satisfaction Analysis Segmentation and Optimization • Customer reach-out Multi Media programs • Revival prediction scorecard and Designs Segmentation • Sales Forecasting Model • Capacity Planning • Spend Analytics Data Mining and Data Cleansing Reporting, Dashboarding & Visualization Model Development and Recalibration Copyright © Gmid Associates. 14
  14. 14. Solutions by Industry: Banking & Insurance Identification Authentication Validation Copyright © Gmid Associates. 15
  15. 15. Solutions by Industry: Telecom Application Fraud/Bad Debt Scorecard Cross Sell/Up- Credit Risk Sell Management Pre- Paid Campaign Market Basket Management Analysis 1 2 3 Post-Paid 4 5 6 7 8 9 * 0 # Customer Lifetime Value Segmentation of customer Churn /Retention Analysis Copyright © Gmid Associates. 16
  16. 16. Solutions by Industry: Retail & FMCG Analytics in Retail Descriptive Analysis Predictive Analysis Sales Analysis Customer profiling Category Trends Demand Forecasting Brand Dynamics Lifetime Value Analysis Out of Stock Analysis Churn Analysis Promotional Effectiveness Market Basket Analysis Benchmarking Analysis Response Modeling * Targeting customers more effectively for campaigns * Improving response time to market changes * Increasing employee productivity, and * Improving customer service at stores. Copyright © Gmid Associates. 17
  17. 17. Solutions by Industry: Market Research Analytics Research Data Processing & Analytics Services Data Processing is a systematic process that transfers raw data to intelligent data and requires the application of an integrated process. Gmid can bring life to your data by transforming it into meaningful insights that will drive positive and enduring results. Key Services: Verbatim Coding, Survey Data Entry, Tabulations, Banners Creation, Charting Statistical Data Analytics Solutions From Standard Statistical tools to high end decision focused multivariate statistical techniques; Gmid provides you a one stop solution for all your Data Analytics and decision support requirements. Key Services: Cross-tab, Banner tables, Clustering, Segmentation, Regression, Max Differential Analysis, Key Driver Analysis etc. Data Posting, Charting, Analytics & Reporting Solutions We prepare customized presentations for our clients that drive the message across to the listener. Our team goes beyond presenting chunks of data to ensuring it reflects the brand in a positive manner to the end user. We love to keep presentations simple but direct. Key Services: Presentation including quantitative and descriptive summaries, charts from tabulated data, automated dashboards Copyright © Gmid Associates. 18
  18. 18. Solutions by Industry: Travel and Hospitality Efficient Customer Acquisition We offer help with inbound marketing services for businesses so they can get found on the internet through the creation of a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy. Our services enable small businesses improve the return on investment (ROI) for their marketing dollars. Key Services: Online PPC campaign management, Social media optimization, Cross-sell models Deeper Guest Knowledge through Effective Segmentation Gmid Associates uses analytical techniques like Recency, Frequency, and Monetary Value (RFM) Analysis (using guest history data), Basket Analysis are used as starting points to assess customer lifetime value and help estimate the profitability and revenue potential of segments. Cluster: Analyze: Profile: Size: Segment by Identify Guest Define segments Estimate segment Demographics, Segments who are based on ways size by revenue Guest Behavior, similar useful for target potential, Cross Occasions marketing sell other services Maximize Revenue through Yield Management Yield management maximizes profits from the sale of perishable assets such as hotel rooms or airline seats by controlling price and inventory and differentiating product and service. Unique customer segments, based on behavior, price sensitivity, usage pattern, etc are identified. Appropriate products are then created along with targeted price and service levels. Segment: Offer: Forecast: Plan: Define Segments Create Seasonal Forecast demand Allocate capacity based on pricing calendars based on trends, to various behavior, usage, & targeted pricing seasonal patterns, segments to price mkt. maximize revenue Copyright © Gmid Associates. 19
  19. 19. Solutions by Industry: e-Commerce e- Revenue Channel Strategic Planning Maximization Management & Customer Service New Customer Acquisition Marketing Channel Analytics Customer Service Lead generation and fulfillment tracking  Supply Vendors Selection and Management • Managing customer requests, building Fulfillment Process Improvement  Supply Chain effectiveness Improvement better processes for fulfillment requests Campaign Design and Tracking and Vendor Satisfaction Indexing • Identification of key pain points of Segmentation and Targeting  Channel Effectiveness Optimization customers Sales Performance Management  Multi media Acquisition Campaign Design • Early warning churn prediction model and Optimization Incentive Plan Design and Implementation Cross-Sell/ Up-Sell Product Planning Lifetime Value Analytics• Cross-sell Strategy Design (with product • Demand, Supply, and Target Planning • Customer Segmentation sequencing) • Product Value Assessment • Customer Satisfaction Analysis• Multi Media Campaign Design • New Products Identification • Customer reach-out Multi Media programs• New/Inline Product Forecasts • Capacity Planning Designs • Sales Forecasting Model • Spend Analytics Data Mining and Data Cleansing Reporting, Dashboarding & Visualization Demand Forecasting and Inventory Planning Copyright © Gmid Associates. 20
  20. 20. Case Studies Copyright © Gmid Associates. 21
  21. 21. Case Studies: Predictive Analytics Outline Project Description Benefits‘Bad’ Application  A leading auto finance company from Texas wanted to devise effective  Early Write off losses strategies to separate good applications from bad ones to improve the have gone down by 12%Prediction system for portfolio quality and minimize future credit losses within 4 months ofUS Auto Loan company  We developed two predictive scorecards- write off prediction and early pay model implementation off prediction. Since both of these were loss making scenarios for the business, we clubbed them together and devised “high/ Medium/Low” risk bands. Every application is given scores and risk segment and business makes effective acquisition strategiesMonthly default  A 100 year old leading vehicle finance company from US with a sub prime  After implementing the portfolio wanted to make scientific and optimal collection strategies. model, the monthlyprediction models  We developed an early warning delinquency predictor scorecard on the default rates are down byfor active Auto Loan 16% portfolio and implemented the same on the client’s system. The scorecardportfolio runs on the last day of every month and gives scores to all the accounts based on their propensity to default on the payments in the next month. It also categories the accounts into risk segments, using which the company can make effective, targeted collection strategies  Cross-sell penetrationCross-sell Strategies on  A global financial services firm needed to develop effective and easily increased from ~1% to implementable cross-sell strategies on a diversified portfolio containinga diversified financial ~4% on a base of mutual funds, life insurance, general insurance and mortgage loansportfolio 2,50,000 accounts in 8  Developed multiple statistical models and used clustering techniques, months time after overlaid with business rules to design efficient cross-sell strategies implementation Copyright © Gmid Associates. 22
  22. 22. Case Studies: Predictive Analytics Outline Project Description BenefitsSales Forecast Model  The client, a large textile manufacturer in UK, wanted to build a reliable  80% accurate forecastfor one of the fastest model that complements or takes over their in house traditional approach to figures within 3 months forecasting primarily driven by gut instinct. of model deploymentgrowing TextileCompany of UK  Developed a multi variable time series forecasting model for all of the  Increased service level by product categories. The model uncovered patterns caused by seasonal about 41% variations, lead times, minimum quantities, re-order quantities, extraordinary usage (special orders) etc.Marketing-Sales  A global online retailer which did all their marketing through Facebook  The company was ableLinking Model for an wanted to link their Facebook Fan growth to their sales trends. They needed to make target based this to understand how their marketing efforts translated into sales marketing plans andOnline Retailer  Developed non-linear models predicting sales as a function of Fan growth hence manage their marketing efforts in a  Developed a tool which, on giving sales targets as input, would give Fan better manner growth needed in the coming weeks to achieve the targetsInventory  A global retail company had problems in optimizing the inventory levels in  Reduced the storageManagement System the warehouses so as to not missing out on demand while avoiding cost by 30% while cannibalization increasing the servicefor a Leading Multi  Prepared a smart order processing and inventory management system to levels by 15%National Retail Player identify alert stock levels, place and track orders automatically ensuring high service level with low overall storage cost. Copyright © Gmid Associates. 23
  23. 23. Case Studies: Data Mining & Cleansing Outline Project Description BenefitsData Cleansing on a  Our client, a leading Insurer needed to increase phone number • As a result of improvedLife Insurance contactability on their database. The phone numbers were not in machine contactability, cross-sells dialable format s hence dialer machines could not be used directly for went up by 11% in aportfolio database customer reach out/ cross-sell/ renewal campaigns. year’s time  Developed an algorithm which picks correct phone numbers from text strings and modifies them into machine dialable format (adds std code on landlines, if required). Automated it in an excel tool to be used on incremental data.De-duplication of  A leading private sector Insurer was having troubles managing their data  The client was able toRecords on a Multi warehouse (DW) because there was no unique identifier at client level. Every know exactly how many new acquisition was a new relationship at DW level. customers it hadProduct FinancialPortfolio  Developed a de-dup algorithm by using matching algorithms like levenshtein  As a result of customer-to- distance, soundex, metaphone etc. Created a new client level UID. account mapping, they are able to make better informed business plansIntensity  A multinational bank’s cards collection business needed help to identify • The collections unit wasOptimization for a optimum reach out intensity/ channel at bucket and segment levels. able to reduce their  Using statistical and econometrics techniques on historical data, we devised costs by 15% for theCards Collections optimum channels and intensities at bucket and segment levels. same collectionCampaign revenues. Copyright © Gmid Associates. 24
  24. 24. Case Studies: MIS/ Dashboards Copyright © Gmid Associates. 25
  25. 25. Clientele Our Partners Copyright © Gmid Associates. 26
  26. 26. Mudit Chandra Sales and Marketing Head Gmid Associates Mobile Number +91-98107-96148 Email Web www.thegmid.comThank You Copyright © Gmid Associates. 27