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Getting started with_master_of_education_e_portfolios

  1. 1. Getting Started with ePortfoliosWhat is an ePortfolio?An ePortfolio is an electronic collection of work that demonstrates a person’s developingcapabilities. The term is also used to describe software designed to support a process of collectingwork, selecting exemplary items, reflecting on progress, and setting goals for the future. You canuse your ePortfolio to consider what you’re learning throughout your program, save things you wantto refer to at a later date, get feedback on your work, and share your accomplishments with others.What is Digication?Northeastern University Online (NU Online) uses a Web-based software system called Digication asits ePortfolio platform. View an introduction to Digication ( tolearn more about this platforms capabilities.To access your ePortfolio account, go to andenter your Northeastern username and password.Creating Your Master of Education ePortfolio After you login, click on the green “Create ePortfolio” option located in the top right corner of your ePortfolio home page.In the Master of Education Program, you willuse one ePortfolio to save and present workfrom all of your courses. This allows you andothers to see the “big picture” of what youhave done so far and where you are headed inyour learning.Select the “Master of Education ePortfolio”template, give your ePortfolio a name (forexample, “Gail Smith’”), and jot down yourePortfolio web address for future reference.Scroll down to select required settings and, ifyou wish, customize your ePortfolio’s“Theme” (e.g. colors and icon).While you are enrolled in the program, pleaseset your permissions to “Private withinNortheastern University” so that only yourclassmates and professors can see it. You willalso have access to your ePortfolio aftergraduation, and at that time feel free to setyour permissions to the public view.Set your ePortfolio to “Allow Tags” because this makes it possible for you to find things that arerelevant to a particular course or assignment.
  2. 2. Getting Started with Your Master of Education ePortfolio | Page 2Finally, be sure to click on “Create New ePortfolio,” after which you will be able to enter yourePortfolio and edit it.The next time you login, you will see your ePortfolio in the “My ePortfolio” section of yourhomepage. All you need to do is click on the icon to enter and edit it.How do I work within the Master of Education template?Each section of your ePortfolio includes instructions for how to edit it and suggestions for thingsyou might want to include in that area.Home is the place for you tointroduce yourself. Goals is the areato communicate your reasons forpursuing the M.Ed. degree and howyou plan to use what you learn tofurther your personal andprofessional life goals. To edit apage, click on the “Edit” tab, typetext and add images as you wish,click save, and then go to the“Publish” tab to make your workviewable to others.My Program is the area you will useto post work samples and reflections on what you are learning in each of your courses. You willcreate a separate sub-page within the My Program area for each of the courses you take. To do this,first click on the “Add/Edit” tab in the left-hand box add sub-section pages. The template alreadyincludes several generic sub-pages. You can change those pre-made links, giving each the name ofone of the courses you are taking. To add information to a course page, such as a reflection on whatyou learned in the course and a sample of the work that you’ve done, click on the “Edit” tab locatedin the top of the right-hand box.When you are satisfied with your changes, remember to make your work viewable to others byclicking on the “publish” tab and publishing the revisions.How can I get additional help?There are number of ways to learn how to use Digication:1. Download the Digication Help Guide for instructions and screenshots describing how to use the software ( If youre logged into your ePortfolio, click the “Help” tab in the upper right corner to access help and users’ guide materials.3. Visit the Digication Help Desk ( to request support. A representative from Digication will be in touch with you shortly to help you resolve the problem. You may also want to brows forums in the Knowledge Base to see if someone else has already received an answer about the same thing.