Naralo Survey-2012


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A summary of the Naralo survey as distributed to the North American ALS

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Naralo Survey-2012

  1. 1. NARALO SURVEY Summary Results Oct 15 2012Glenn McKnight, Naralo
  2. 2. Milestones ● Idea ● Commencement ● Rollout ● Project completion on July 31st, 2012 ● 22 questions ● 38 completed survey
  3. 3. Language of Survey- NARALO-EN: NARALO-ES: NARALO-FR:
  4. 4. What was the goal of the NARALO survey? ● Gain information/ opinions of the existing 24 ALS in NARALO ● Gather opinions and views of members
  5. 5. Who did the Research● Glenn McKnight and Beau Brendler created the survey with consultation to the NARALO community for feedback on questions● Survey was distributed to Naralo List using Survey Monkey● Process documented on the NARALO WIKI● Matt stopped the poll on July 31● Glenn McKnight completed the analysis and presentation
  6. 6. Types of Questions● How endusers use the Internet● Awareness of ICANN● Role and Function of ICANN● ICANNs strengths and weaknesses● Issues and Concerns
  7. 7. Survey ResultsNARALO-EN: 35 people took the survey, 24 ofthose 35 completed the entire survey.NARALO-ES: no change - 2 people took thesurvey, 1 of those 2 completed the entire survey.NARALO-FR: no change - 1 person took thesurvey, the person completed theentire survey.
  8. 8. Question Five Open-Ended ResponseExamples of types of answers: ICANN DOES....●Monitoring assignment and use of domain names.●The Internets address and number resources●Maintaining the Domain Name System and IP numbering● system .
  9. 9. Question Six22% believe accurate personal information isntrequired to complete a domain registration
  10. 10. Question 9 and 10A significant number (56%)were offered a service upon registration to keep their informationanonymous and 26% purchased the extra service
  11. 11. Questions 11 and 12A significant number 82% believe that the internet is risky while 77% know of someone who has been a victim of Internet Theft
  12. 12. Vast majority would not go to ICANN for help on Internet Fraud
  13. 13. Reality vs PerceptionTypical of surveys when people are asked aboutactual risks of the Internet the perception doesnt match the actuality
  14. 14. Icann Performance ( Highest to lowest )1) Managing Internet Resources 2)Internet Governance 3) Policy Development 4)Internet Policing
  15. 15. ICANN Areas Needing Improvement 1)Public Relations- 72% 2)Internet Policing-68% 3)Internet Governance 35% 4)Policy Development-39%5)Management of Internet Resources - 39%
  16. 16. ICANNs Future Involvement1)The Future of the Internet 72% 2)Bridging the Digital Divide 55% 3)Investigation of Criminal Activities 50% 4)Research on Internet Activities 50% 5)Supporting Charitable Causes 33%
  17. 17. Analysis Good● Survey Monkey is a good tool for the convenience of survey distribution and analysis● Survey offered in English French and Spanish● Lots of time for participation
  18. 18. Analysis: Negative● Very low participation- Only 38 participants● No proof that ALSs completed survey● Wide variance in answers● 30% drop off at 50% completion● Unclear on the next steps or followup
  19. 19. Recommendations● Longer period for survey review and completion● Mechanism to vete the observations into the ICANN ecosystem●
  20. 20. Contact Information Glenn McKnight ● ● ●Internet Crime Blog