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Naralo slideshow


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The NARALO presentation

The NARALO presentation

Published in: Education

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  • 1. Welcome toNARALO North American At Large Organization *
  • 2. What is NARALO? *
  • 3. What is NARALO/At-Large• NARALO stands for: North American Region At-Large Organization• At-Large by itself refers to the community of Individual Internet users all over the world• At-Large Structures refers to those organizations that represent individual Internet users. • NARALO is the only region that allows single individuals to be represented by themselves *
  • 4. What is NARALO/At-Large Regional Organizations• ICANN At-Large Structures are organized in five (5) geographical regions • APRALO: Asian Pacific Regional At-Large Organization • NARALO: North American Regional At-Large Organization • LACRALO: Latin-American/Caribbean At-Large Organization • AFRALO: Africa Regional At-Large Organization • EURALO: Europe Regional At-Large Organization• All these organizations are represented by the At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) • ALAC is the organization that provides advice to the ICANN processes • There are three members representin each region • Each region appoints/selects two representatives to participate in this committee • The NomCom selects the third member *
  • 5. Do you want tohelp shapeICANNs future? *
  • 6. NARALO consists of the civilsociety organizations, non-profitsand individuals to represent therights of Internet users across theregion, from Hawaii, to Nunavut,to San Juan. *
  • 7. At-Large (individual Internet usercommunity) for the North Americanregion, providing news, key resourcesand interactive features for informationsharing for individuals and end-usergroups in the North American regioninterested in ICANN and shaping thefuture of the Internet. *
  • 8. How does NARALOfit into the ICANNEcosystem? *
  • 9. We represent their views in thebottom-up, consensus based,multi-stakeholder ICANNpolicy development process *
  • 10. What At-Large RegionalGroups Do? *
  • 11. Each At-Large Region holdsmonthly meetings to developis own view on current policyissues and provide input to At-Larges policy-making. *
  • 12. Together, At-Large:■ Actively contributes to ICANN policydevelopment■ Draws ICANNs attention to emergingissues■ Ensures that ICANN serves allstakeholders, from commercial toindividual Internet users■ Encourages greater accountabilityand transparency *
  • 13. What NARALO Does? *
  • 14. NARALO participates in policydevelopment:■ Internationalized Domain Names■ DNS Security and Stability■ The WHOIS database■ Registrant Rights andResponsibilities. . . And many more . . . *
  • 15. NARALOAchievements *
  • 16. NARALO has been front andcentre of At-Large from itsbeginning, but is proud to beone voice of many in At-Larges uniquely diverseconstituency. *
  • 17. NARALO was:■ The first Region to enable andempower individualmemberships■ Part of the first constituency toinsist on multilingual interpretationfor its meetings■ A major promoter of a supportprogram for developing countriesapplying for Generic Top LevelDomains *
  • 18. NARALO has worked closely withother ICANN constituencies to:■ Develop a balance betweenorganizational domain naming rightsand free speech■ Define objection processes for newGeneric Top Level Domains *
  • 19. WHO WE ARE? *
  • 20. ORGANIZATION Garth Bruen, Chair Darlene Thompson,Secretariat 22 ALS MembersNARALO only comprises organisationsand individuals located in Canada, the UnitedStates, and Puerto Rico *
  • 21. Amongst the types oforganizations that can join us are:■ Professional Societies■ Academic and ResearchOrganizations■ Community Networking Groups■ Consumer Advocacy Groups■ Internet Society Chapters■ Computer User Organizations■ Internet Civil Society groups *
  • 22. ALSs At Large Structure Organizations
  • 23. What is NARALO/At-Large Current Members• America At Large • ISOC Colorado• Association for Community • ISOC New York Networking • ISOC Puerto Rico• Canadian Association for Open • ISOC Quebec Source • ISOC San Francisco Bay• Coalition Against Unsolicited • Knujon Commercial E-Mail • N-Cap• Communautique • Pacific Community Network• Foundation for Building Association Sustainable Communities • People who…• Greater Toronto Area Linux User • Telecommunities Canada Group • The Albert Community Network• Association Association• Web405 • The intellectual Property &• Youth Helping Youth Inc dba Technology Section of the
  • 24. How you can be involved?Provide publiccommentAttend monthlymeetingsRun for office
  • 25. If you are an organization or individuallocated in Canada, the United States orPuerto Rico and concerned withInternet-related issues, YOU can helpinfluence the operation, growth anddevelopment of the Internet bybecoming part of the North AmericanAt-Large Organization (NARALO). *
  • 26. Diversity MattersNARALO hasbrochures inEnglish, Frenchand Spanish
  • 27. To Join go toNARALO.ORG *
  • 28. Submit the Interest Form
  • 29. Get Contacted! ICANN Staff and NARALO officers will contact you to: * Add you to the mailing list and Skype chat * Complete application details * Explain the due diligence process *
  • 30. Track your status *
  • 31. To Learn More,Please Scan *