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Building a state omk program 2011
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Building a state omk program 2011


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DOD/USDA Conference Proceedings 2011

DOD/USDA Conference Proceedings 2011

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Welcome to our session on “Building a State OMK Program through Today’s Technology”. My name is Georgene Bender.OMK Project Director with Cliff Lewis, OMK State Coordinator and Lou Doughtery, Florida National Guard Youth Coordinator
  • We will focus our presentation on our use of BLOGS, WEBINARS AND ONLINE REGISTRATION.
  • How many of you have a website?How many of you have a blog?Websites, if you don’t control them can be limiting. We have found the blogs are great way to connect and keep in touch with our military youth.
  • Blogs have subscribers who get emails when information is added or updated. They are known as followers.
  • Webinars are a great tool to connect and inform. We have basically used them for camp orientation since our campers are from all over the state. We do a 1 hour webinar one week before residential camp for youth and parents. We do about 4 per year and are in our 3rd year. The webinars are growing in popularity.
  • We use elluminatelive, but there are many other web conference systems. Our system shows Who is on lineChat conversationA whiteboard for writing, powerpoint slides, pictures and much moreUsually had one person as the main speaker and one that helps monitor chat questions or help settle tech issues.
  • You need to schedule a room with your conference system and get a URL to then send to your audience. If you use the Eventbrite registration system, you can send an email burst to all with this information very easily.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Bender, G.M., Doughtery, L., Lewis, C. (April 2011). Building a State OMK Program through Today’s Technology. Workshop presented at 2011 DOD/USDA Family Resilience Conference, Chicago, IL
      Building a State OMK Program through Today’s Technology
    • 2. Overview
      Building and using blogs
      Webinars to bring groups together
      On-line registration for events
    • 3. Blogging
    • 4. Blogging
      “Why blog? We have a website.”
      OMK website:
      is limiting
      no control for states
      OMK page on 4-H state website:
      one of many programs
    • 5. Blogging
      Blog: a blend of the term web & log
      Maintained by an individual regularly
      Interactive – allowing reads to comment
    • 6. Blogging
    • 7. Blogging
    • 8. Blogging – Our Uses
      Main blog
      Updates on programs
      Links to registration for programs
      Special blogs each camp
      url given to parents only
      Photo, video updates
    • 9. Webinars
    • 10. Webinars
    • 11. Webinars – Set- up
      Schedule a room with your web conference system
      Send link to room to participants
      If you registered with EventBrite, you can
      send a burst email to all with the information
    • 12. Webinars – Prep
      Welcome Screen
      Instruction on how to use system
      Map of State or Region
      Slide show, video, program
      Polls, Quizzes
    • 13. Webinars – Prep
      Map of State or Region
    • 14. Webinars - Sample
    • 15. On-Line Registration
    • 16. On-Line Registration
    • 17. Eventbrite Featuresemail: Password: 1Flomk
      Account payment
      Customized marketing design
      Collect customized information
      Reports convertible to database
      Individual/collective emails & invitations
      On-line Check-in
      Check-in sheets
      Name badges & more
    • 18. Questions????