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  1. 1. It all starts when your mom asks you to baby-sit Tommy, your littlebrother. You don’t want to, but you have no choice if you want tosee friends later.The two of you go for a walk. You stop to give directions to anelderly couple in front of ‘the castle,’ an old, dark, scary lookingplace that everyone tries to avoid. When you turn around, you seeTommy running through the front door! Continue…
  2. 2. You run up to the door and knock. No one answers. You knock oncemore … no answer.Then you hear loud shrill laughter.“Tommy!” you yell.The door is unlocked, so you runin … Click on the door to enter.
  3. 3. Click on this door Click on this door toto enter the attic. enter the basement. Tommy is in here somewhere and you have to find him. Ahead of you are two doors. It looks like one door goes up into the attic and the other down into the basement. Which one should you go through?
  4. 4. You decide to enter the door to the attic. You go down a longhallway and come to two small tunnels. The left one goes up andthe right one goes down. Which do you choose?
  5. 5. You decide to enter the door to the basement. You go down stairsand come to two identical hallways. Which do you choose?
  6. 6. You get trapped in a room. Then you crawl through a tunnel andfind a gold coin. Then end up at the front of the house. Click onthe coin.
  7. 7. You come out of a chimney. You come to two doors. One is madeof wood and one is made of stone. Which do you choose?
  8. 8. You get trapped in a room for the rest of your life with an old man.He that look like he has sat in the room forever. Then he tells youa story about and how it got haunted by invisible spirit. Click onthe house to get to the front of the house.
  9. 9. You go down the hallway and enter a small room. There twoknobs that open doors. The right knob is brown and the left knobis blue. Which do you choose?
  10. 10. You go in the room and get impaled with spikes from above youonce you step in the room. Then lay there for ever.
  11. 11. You see a window open. You look out the window and see a ladder.You go down the ladder and get to the front of the house byclicking the window.
  12. 12. You see Tommy sleeping in a pile of pillows nice and comfortable.He looks very happy sleeping with a mischievous smile.
  13. 13. You get trapped in the room when you go in and the door locksbehind you. Then get shot from out of nowhere. Story Map- Delete